Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday Favorites January 2020

Happy Friday!! Linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci today!

I couldn’t let January 2020 pass without putting up a post on the good ol’ blog and thought a Friday favorites was a fitting way to catch up with everybody!

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Favorite Book -
Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham
Listened to the audiobook because it was read by the author and it made me want to start watching Gilmore girls. I’m pretty sure I watched the four 90 minute movies they did as a come back and started at the beginning of the show but only made it one episode in. I just don’t like the Lorelei/ Emily attitudes and always find something I’m more interested in. It was fun to see young chad Michael Murray since we’ve been seeing him on hallmark a lot.

Favorite new find - erasable pens!! Pilot Frixion, you can find on Amazon and they come in fine and extra fine, with click and without. The ink erases with heat, so beware I was reading a review that leaving notes in a hot car could make them disappear. It’s not been hot enough in Florida to confirm this theory.

Favorite makeup - milani luminoso blush. It gives the cheeks such a nice overall color and glow. Reminds me a lot of the too faced sweetheart blushes that I have raved about and used for years but drugstore.

Favorite fashion - Leopard print sweater in grey (similar) that I've been rocking during this chilly weather Florida has been having. I found mine at Beall's outlet, so check your discount stores.

Favorite dog item - Leia loves her bully sticks and I love that it keeps her busy while being only one ingredient and yes, I'm aware what that ingredient is. We love the Paw Love brand found in Target and Publix and these Bones and chews from Chewy.

Favorite show - Cheer, even though I wasn't a competitive cheerleader and couldn't tumble, it really reminded me of the good, the bad and the ugly side of cheerleading, lol.

Favorite music - Kelsea Ballerini I’ve been loving her song This Ain’t High School and Homecoming Queen

Favorite funnies - I haven't even seen The Mandalorian yet because I'm holding off on getting Disney+ until I really don't have anything to watch, so Summer probably. Anyway, all of the baby yoda memes that I find relatable are hilarious! I can't stop.

What's been a favorite of yours recently?? Let me know in the comments!!