Monday, September 3, 2018

Cozy September

Good morning, happy Monday! What a better way to welcome September than with a Q&A all about being COZY. Thanks to The Blended Blog for the questions as always!

Slippers: Yes or No?

Yesss! I've even had the open toe, flip flop kind due to the mostly warm weather in Florida.

What is your favorite blanket?

I have a zebra snuggie knockoff, so soft!

Thin or thick pillow?

I have a contoured pillow, but between these two - thick.

Favorite warm beverage?

I love rich hot chocolate, not that packet stuff but also a good mocha with coffee in it!

Robe: Yes or No?

Ummm, sometimes yes. I have 3 of them but hardly wear them.

Favorite comfort snack food(s)?

Chips and dip!

Movies or TV series binge?

TV Series Binge

Actual PJ's or leggings?


Cozy up on the couch or a chair?

I prefer the couch.

Hoodie, t-shirt or sweater?

It's usually a little too hot for hoodies, so I don't have any at the moment. It's currently all about the light weight sweaters.

Now it's YOUR turn, leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

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