Thursday, August 30, 2018

2018 Sephora Appreciation Sale - What I Bought So Far

It's the morning most people get to place their 15% off Sephora orders or head to the stores to partake in the Sephora Sale. Instead of doing a what's on my list, because we all know that changes I thought I'd share with you the order I placed this morning around 3:20. I initially set my alarm and then decided nothing was limited edition enough to sell out and I'd be disappointed, but when the dog had a rough night I was already up and restless.

These are affiliate links and I make a small amount of commission off them at no extra cost to you, thank you if you choose to use them.

L'Occitane Mini Hand Cream - This is for my mom. She's almost out and we really haven't found a good dupe, so if you have a fav hand cream with Shea leave it in the comments below. Also, I initially purchased a set of these during one of the last sales and returned them because they only want good reviews, so purchasing this hurt my heart a little.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette - This was rec'd by several of the Youtubers I watch and a in real life friend swears by the ABH palettes. I thought this would be a good every day palette to start with. Have you tried any of the ABH palettes? I'm also on the hunt for a good gold shadow, either in a palette or single for my sister for Christmas. Have a fav? Leave it in the comments below!!

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask - This has been on my wish list for a while, but the Laneige one took first dibs. I love that one, but I also see people recommend this so I'm interested to se if one is truly better than the other or if it's a Friends vs. Seinfeld scenario. I also love that this comes in colors to wear during the day, which I do with the Laneige one, it gives a nice healthy glow to the lips.

Stila Glitter and Glow Eye Mini Set - This is the one gold thing I got my sister so far, hopefully she's not reading this, lol! I don't think she does. It gets pretty good reviews and I love that it's an affordable set.

Sephora Collection Cream Blush in Crazed and Confused - This was a rec from Thataylaa during her cheapest at Sephora video and when I'm doing no makeup makeup look, I love a cream blush.

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm Travel Size - I wanted to try this out because I'm not loving the cleansing oils and this is supposed to also be gentle on the skin and take everything off, crossing my fingers!

Tatcha Smooth Poreless Obento Box - Everybody is talking about the Silk Canvas Primer and that has been in my cart/wish list for weeks BUT when I saw this with a full size Water Cream and only a little bit more $ to get travel sizes of the Primer and a Cleanser I thought it was a good way to try them out. I've had the Rice Powder a couple times and thought it was very gentle, so I have high hopes for the rest of this brand. Have you tried any of the Tatcha brand?

Sephora volume Mascara in Teal - I used to wear the Maybelline blue mascara when I was a high school cheerleader and then I ended up with the Too Faced Nikkie Tutorials purple mascara and loved it, it wasn't too over the top. The L'Oreal Mauve or Maroon they've been advertising is on my list next time I go to Walmart. I think I'm also going to pick up the Maybelline blue and I've been told they also have a purple. Colored mascara everywhere!!

I spent a little under $200 with my 15% discount which was my budget for this sale and I earned $5 with eBates so make sure to use the ebates link when you mnake your purchase, they're giving 3% cashback right now for Sephora. When I told my mom I thought my total was high, she guessed over a grand, so I thought $200 wasn't too bad with a couple of expensive products, lol. (referral link)

Tell me, what's on your list or did you already make your purchase?

Friday, August 24, 2018

Summer of Rum Festival Giveaway

disclaimer: I was given two General Admission tickets to giveaway and sponsor passes for the Summer of Rum Festival 2018.

Good morning and happy Friday!!

I'm sharing all of the reasons to make plans for the Summer of Rum Festival and giving away TWO (2) General Admission tickets!! Giveaway ends 8/29 so I can get the tickets to the winner on time!

Important things to know
The festival spans over two days with varying times and different musical acts. There are two ticket options including general admission and VIP. You can learn more about the different options here.

Sept. 1st - 12pm to 11pm
Sept. 2nd - 11am to 9:30pm
Curtis Hixon Park - Downtown Tampa

Ticket prices will go up this Sunday at 6:00pm

2-Day GA Tickets - Now: $22 / Sunday: $27
Saturday GA Ticket - Now: $17 / Sunday: $22
Sunday GA Ticket - Now: $15 / Sunday: $20

Saturday VIP Ti cket - Now: $75 / Sunday: $85 <~ 90% SOLD Sunday VIP Ticket - Now: $65 / Sunday: $75 <~ 80% SOLD

Two headliners, including a Saturday performance by Sugar Ray (which I'm most excited about) with songs like Every Morning, Fly and Someday. On Sunday you'll be entertained by The Wailers, a reggae band formed by bassist Familyman Barrett & remaining members of Bob Marley & the Wailers.

With over a dozen drink stops, over 30 rum brands and 45 drinks already listed on the menu, you'll find something for every taste at this year's Summer of Rum Festival. Prices range from $4-$7. What drink are you looking forward to?


It's been a couple years and it was a different drinking festival but I have attended the Margarita Fest put on by the same company and while it had its issues, we had a blast and recommend going if you're looking for a good time with friends, a place to try new drinks and enjoy this great city we live in.

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Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

All about Parties!!

I love parties, and especially all the planning that goes on behind the scenes. Here are a couple posts I've done about parties.
Birthday Brunch
Favorites Party

Favorite Birthday party as a child. . .
I don't know how old I turned, probably six or seven, but my mom roped off part of the living room and filled the floor with blown up balloons. I can still see all of the kids, myself included, jumping around and kicking the balloons with the sun streaming in through the sliding doors. I did a throw back Birthday edition and you can see some of my Birthday parties from back in the day here.

Do you like to entertain?
Yes, absolutely!

What kind of parties are your favorite?
Definitely theme parties. Color, season, sport, if I can theme it, I just have so much more fun with it. In fact any party I throw ends up with a theme. It really helps bring everything together.

Big or small parties?
Both. I love small, intimate dinners and big gatherings with lots of friends from different groups.

Favorite thing to do at parties?
Plan!! I love seeing everything you planned come together and all the smiley faces as guests enjoy!

Party food favorites?
Appetizers, chips and salsa, margaritas!!

Favorite flavor of Birthday cake?
Chocolate with white frosting.

Most of the time, yes. Depends on the theme, what I can find and if they "fit".

Best party song?

Gosh, one of those crowd songs like the chicken song or macarena? I don't really have party songs unless it goes with the theme.

Do you like to dance?
Yes! We're planning a sleepover at a friends house after she moves in and a dance party has already been requested!

Thanks so much to TBB for hosting these great link ups!!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

New With Me & Monthly Goals | August 2018

It's Thursday, it's August already and soon we'll be buying Fall decor since it's already in the stores. I love this time of year, all but the traffic that comes with back to school in Tampa.

New With Me

Linking up with Kristen. Other than the girls trip I shared about here, I had a week with the house almost to myself and was reminded why I don't live alone. I want alone time, but then when everybody is gone I get bored and end up taking half a dozen naps.

We found out this month that my brother was moving to Brooklyn with his girlfriend, so we spent a lot of time with them and they left yesterday. Excited for him because he's so musical that it's a great scene to be in, but also hoping he can make enough money to cover his half of the rent. He already has a job with his Starbucks transfer, but he'll need a side gig to do more than make rent, obviously. I'm looking forward to making a future visit since I haven't been since 2004! This also means I started watching Gossip Girl again, lol.

My sister's Haiti mission internship was kind of on hold with the political turmoil, riots and general unknown since the host missionaries were in the states for awhile. She's still going as planned and I'll be without both my siblings which will be weird.

I have been pre-planning / filming my VEDA or Vlogust content and it's finally here!! First video went up yesterday and I'm enjoying checking out the different people participating. VEDA is Video Every Day in August and some people call it Vlogust. I posted a poll on Instagram yesterday, thanks to all the voted I ended up going with Vlogust and I'm excited to see how this month goes! You can follow along on YouTube here.

August Goals

  • Lose 5 lbs. I'm leaving this on here. It's going to happen. I'd like to see 7 pounds and that would put me in a lower range than I've been in a while.
  • Finish 2 books. Since I'm doing a video everyday I don't see a lot of reading, but I want to finish at least 2 that I've already started.
  • No sweets during the week.
  • Post 31 videos and complete VEDA!
  • Get to 150 subscribers on YouTube. You can follow me here if you're not already subscribed!!

I don't have too many goals since my main focus is Vlogust this month, but I want to see some other accomplishments as well and am looking forward to this month!

July - How I did

  • Lose 5 lbs. I've been able not to gain, but I really need to see some loss.
  • I don't know what I was thinking, vacation and losing weight don't really go hand in hand...will be back at it again in August.
  • I'm going for 90 minutes of exercise a week again, because walking at lunch just started last week.
  • Committing to walking 30 minutes at lunch made for more than 90 minutes a week, not going to up it just yet, just sticking with what's working. I'm walking with WIFI and watching YouTube so if you have favorite Youtubers let me know!!
  • Finish 4 books.
  • Josh and Hazel, Unsub and harry Potter #1!!! Definitely helped that I had 24 in 48 readathon and vaca!!
  • No sweets during the week, except vaca week.
  • This almost happened...I did really good the first two weeks and then the week of the 23rd I didn't resist.
  • Post 7 YouTube videos this month. My normal Friday posts and 3 bonus videos.
  • Since I'm doing VEDA, which is video Every Day in August, I decided to stick with 1 a week through July and prep for that.
  • Update YouTube and Blog headers and headshots.
  • Did YouTube because I needed a VEDA one, but didn't get to Blog!

What's on your goal list? Do you do monthly or seasonal goals?