Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What I Bought on Amazon | June 2018

Hello and Happy Tuesday!! Today I wanted to share with you What I Bought on Amazon during the month of June. Tanya has started a linkup and I can't wait to see what everybody else has been buying! If you want to see what I bought and L O V E D over the first half of 2018 I made a video all about it here. These links are Amazon Affliates and may generate a small percentage of the sale toward this blog. All items can be looked up separately as well.

Let's start with things you wear and this gorgeous, tropical one-piece swimsuit that I first saw from Lindsay. Ordered June 1, delivered June 10th. I'm around a size 16 right now and the XXL fits perfectly. There are no under wires, so if that bothers you this may not be your suit, but for around $10 I wasn't worried about it. I'm most excited to wear it with jean shorts I think it'll look so cute!

With Birkenstocks making a comeback I wanted something for the beach and cheap but still with good support and found the Gizeh! My mom prefers this fit over the leather in this style because the toe thing isn't a different material. I ended up having to go down two sizes and am in a 36 which is 5-5.5 US sizing. I also ordered the traditional Arizona style but did not like them as much as the leather or metallic ones.

If you have a S'well bottle or another bottle with the same top I suggest you try out the Iconiq straw lid that pops up. I have owned the shorter version for over a year and still use mine. They finally came out with one for the taller bottles and I got it this month!!***Edited to add the only time I've had issues with leaks is when it's closed overnight and pressure builds up. It was sitting on the counter and there was water that had collected under the bottle.

This cleansing oil was recommended by one of my new favorite youtubers, Dr. Dray and while I ordered it in June I still haven't received it. I didn't realize I could pay a little more and get it prime, so I'm still waiting on customs probably, lol. Also, did you know you can purchase Japanese beauty products in Japan at Epcot? Had I known that I would have stopped there while I was in Orlando!

These twist ties were a gift for Father's Day and my dad was excited about them, but has yet to use them. Thataylaa recommended them on her Amazon Favorites video recently and I loved the concept.

Have any of my ladies tried the menstrual cup instead of tampons? This was requested by my sister since she'll be in Haiti for over a month and wanted to not have to worry about tampons. She originally wanted the Diva cup, but this was half the price AND the reviews were slightly better in my opinion.

Another thing recommended by Thataylaa were these under eye masks and if you watch my Instagram Stories you might have seen me try these out. Since I've only done them once I can't say they're magical but I did like the cooling effect and thought my under eyes looked nice the next morning.

This battery charger was a necessity for my current vlogging camera because I can't seem to find my original. It was the cheapest option and works just fine for what I needed. The travel plug and international converter are just an added bonus.

I was organizing my Alex Ikea drawers and instead of throwing all of my socks and underwear in the drawer I wanted smaller compartments and organization so I found these. They were easy to fold back the pieces to fit in my dimensions.

This was a gift for my sister. We have a smaller one and I didn't realize I was ordering for the Plus, but it'll give her extra room for whatever. I'm pretty sure Kristen was the first to introduce me to something like this.

These next two items are definitely nerd alert. I needed more room to deal with my video files for YouTube and my dad happened to have an extra SSD drive but it didn't have a case since it came out of a larger machine. It fits nicely in this.

Speaking of more room, my MacBook Air had been moving slow and giving me hassle even after moving files off it and we found this option to clone the current drive onto a much larger drive and now I have a lot more room and it goes zoom, zoom. It was easy enough for me to do the cloning process myself. I did however have him do the hardware swap.

If you have a smart watch with a glass face and you're clumsy you might need some added protection. We've tried out these cases and have gone back to this at my mother's suggestion and the fact that mine ended up with weird white rub marks on it.

The last thing I ordered on Saturday around 1:00 and on Sunday around 1:30 it was delivered without my request or extra money. It was this toothbrush holder divided equally into three as there are three people sharing our bathroom right now and two were sharing the same hole in the holder.

Prime day is July 16th, I've purchased everything from lightning cables to clothing during Prime day so make sure to check out their deals!

That's all for my Amazon purchases in June. Did you buy anything from Amazon this month? Or even online?

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