Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Favorites

This isn't a monthly favorites, that comes at the end of the month...this is just a collection of random things I'm LOVING this week and all the things I'm looking forward to with vacation starting tonight!

1. Vacationitis
It really brought me back to Senioritis this week when all I could think about was going on vacation Friday, lol. I was able to focus only so I could get everything done. Still have the work day to get through, but come on 5 o'clock!

2. Not feeling obligated to finish a book and post for Show Us Your Books Linkup. I didn't finish one dang book this month and that's ok. I read a lot and with the 24 in 48 coming up next weekend AND vacation I'm hoping I can break my no book streak, lol.

3. That it was cold enough to wear a sweater at the office. Every year it seems that our AC breaks upstairs at work and we're just miserable. I needed a sweater two days this week and I was only there four.

4. Spending Monday with my mom instead of doing all the YouTube filming I planned to. Living with five people makes it difficult to get enough quiet that I can film. I had a lot of plans for Monday but when mom mentioned she was feeling like doing something out of the house I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to spend it with her.

5. These funnies . . .

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