Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Favorites

I love Summer and couldn't wait for the season to officially start, but living in a place that basically has Summer almost all year long I have gotten used to watching the official dates, lol.

There are several different topics, feel free to talk about one, a few, all of them or just one! Elaborate or simply mention them. I want this to be super easy!

Accessories - at first I was just going to do sunglasses, but then I remembered I also love hats to keep the sun off my face and the rain out of my eyes!! I buy hats anywhere and everywhere depending on what's available. Sunglasses I mostly buy at TJ Maxx ever since I lost a pair of Michael Kors at Disney and nobody turned them in. You still get get nice brands at great prices just like the other things they sell.

Shoes - Flip flops all the way for me! Did you have a good National Flip Flop day yesterday?! Almost every job I've had has been casual enough to allow for flip flops, thank goodness! Several years ago I picked up a pair of flip flops on a BOGO and ever since then, when mine are in need of replacing, I get the latest ones that appeal to me. The last couple seasons it has been the Lola flip flops and they're still available at least at Shoe Carnival. And on BOGO 50% off right now! In case you don't follow me on Instagram, I shared on my stories that Old Navy is having their solid-color flip flops on sale for $! this Saturday, June 23rd.

Outfit - Rompers and dresses, especially with pockets. I have this dress from Amazon and I love it! My rompers are from Lilly Pulitzer or Torrid.

Lip color - this really could be any lip product. If I wear a color it'd be a bright pink like Punta Cana from Cargo this wears well throughout the day, even through meals. Most of the time I like a natural lip with either gloss or balm and I love it to have SPF. Neutrogena has a good gloss with SPF 20, not sticky yay!

Nail polish!! - One of my favorite things to accessorize with! Bright neon pink, specifically Poptastic from Color Club.

TV Show - SYTYCD Mondays on Fox 8/7 Central or current season on Hulu, The Last Ship in it's 5th and final season on TNT, usually Sundays, seasons 1-3 on Hulu and Great Food Truck Race Now in Season 9 with seasons 5-6 on Hulu. The last two shows are later in the Summer, think end of July or August.

Movie - Summer Catch, Fever Pitch or Camp Nowhere...need I say more? If you haven't watched all of these, without good reason you must add them to your watch list! Unfortunately nont of them are on Netflix or it looks like any of the subscribe channels, sad.

Food or drink
- Food is definitely all the grilled food. We get this pretty much all year, not just because we live in Florida. I remember when we lived in the midwest, my dad got out there under the porch and fired up the grill!

Drink is definitely H20. Either in a tumbler if I'm sitting around the house or office. Insulated water bottle like the S'Well bottle or Iconiq for on the go!

Candle - I don't have a specific candle, but during the Summer I like Tropical scents, definitely coconut and beachy scents. Waikiki Beach coconut. Cucumber coconut water I found at Target in a pineapple ceramic decor!!

Whew! I think that's everything, but I want to hear all about your favorites so link up below or join me on another social platform!!

FYI, If you're not able to participate on here, make sure to check out Instagram and Insta Stories (template in my highlights!!) on Thursday, June 21st, but feel free to join in all Summer long. Living in Florida you can imagine Summer is one of my favorite months!

If you participate somewhere else, either tag me @mylittlehea or tell me how to learn more about you!

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