Friday, June 1, 2018

Monthly Goals | June 2018

Good morning and Happy Freaking Friday AND the first of June. This is an exciting month, both my brother and sister celebrate birthdays, my parents celebrate their anniversary and I have at least one Disney trip planned, so all is looking up in my little world.

I have been setting monthly goals for myself the last couple months but only in my planner, so I thought I would share them here to keep myself more accountable.

  • No buying clothes until I lose 15 lbs or legit need something. I have clothes that fit and since I want to lose the weight and not be this size forever it makes sense not to invest in more clothing at this size.
  • Must film and publish 2 videos before buying more makeup. You guys, the makeup addiction is strong right now and the more YouTube beauty I watch, the more I add to my list of things to try. Thank goodness I'm really into drugstore right now because I can get a lot for what I would pay for one price at Sephora.
  • Exercise 90 minutes a week. Can be broken up or all at once, lol.
  • Blog once a week. I've been trying to keep to this and if I pre-start a blog post I tend to do better about keeping a schedule for myself.
  • Try 3 new recipes. I'm always pinning and never seem to try them all.
  • Read at least one Netgalley book. I'm only 3 deep and one doesn't come out until July, but I'm at least 1 behind. I'm also doing 2 bible studies and reading through those books so this might not be a huge month for reading.
What's on your goal list? Do you do monthly or seasonal goals?


  1. I have so many Netgalley books sitting on my shelf it is shameful! I have got to read them faster! I am averaging one a month right now. Oops. I feel you on the clothes front, I am in the same boat. Might be why I am obsessed with shoes right now instead lol. If you try out some yummy recipes, make sure you share them! I am always looking for new ones.

  2. I think the blogging goal is totally attainable! I also love your reading goal! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I'm constantly doing that with recipes too - SO MANY pinned - SO FEW ever tried ;)

  4. i think i have actually tried 1 recipe for every 100 i pin hahaha. i'm a little behind on my netgalley books and really hoping to catch up or even get in front soon!


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