Thursday, June 7, 2018

May 2018 Recap - What's New With Me

This is the first month I have really stuck with blogging about once a week. I would say at least, but I think one week there were no blogs to be posted, lol. I have enjoyed dreaming about content and also getting back into making my YouTube videos.

Blogger comments are still down, I think. I've been doing a test comment and checking "Notify Me" so I can still see comments. If I don't get back to you it's because Blogger hasn't gotten their act together.

I participated in several Instagram Stories daily challenges and really liked it. I feel like Insta Stories are more like the old Instagram, instant. Little planning, no aesthetic necessary and sometimes crappy pics, lol.

I discovered that I love cucumber and tomato salad with a little bit of oil and apple cider vinegar as a healthy, easy side at work.

I finally, and maybe for the only time rode Tower of Terror!!

We figured out what we were doing for my sisters 30th Birthday, 30 days in June, turning 30 = a gift a day!

I drank ALL. THE. MARGARITAS. Can you tell it's my favorite drink?!

I started Harry Potter and got to see a friend that moved out of state. Also, need to finish 1st before book link up next week.

I explored Ponce de Leon Springs with friends and ate at the Old Fashion Sugar Mill Pancake House. It was delicious, but no AC I would suggest going during the colder months.

I played Bunco for the first time and showed a friend how to play Settlers of Catan!!

Maddie Poppe won American Idol!!

I enjoyed the Keys to the Kingdom tour and boy did I learn a lot about Disney World!!

Watched the Royal Wedding, recorded. I like to sleep in a little on the weekends!

Finally, Boomer made some appearances. Mostly in the house because he's an old man.

When I sat down to write this, this was the first time I wasn't sure what I was going to say that's why there are more pics than explanations. Hopefully it wasn't TL;DR for you.

I'm going to be doing a blog post and YouTube video for Summer favorites. Feel free to post along with me, I plan on doing a link up on the first day of official Summer, June 21st!!

So tell me, what is new with you?!


  1. Blogger is on my nerves.....
    I need to find a Bunco group - I hear how much fun it is for ladies night :)

  2. I'm don't think my blog is acting right either... This might explain some things.

  3. I am planning to re-read Harry Potter series this summer! I love margaritas but tequila and I are not friends and so I can usually only have one!

  4. I have never played Bukco before, sounds like fun! That protein shakes turning into margaritas is hilarious!

  5. ugh this blogger comment thing is driving me nuts. i have been on and off blogging for like a year and now that i'm trying to be fully on, this is when it happens. rage!
    i agree about instagram stories - i share things there that i definitely used to post on my feed. i rarely post on my feed anymore because it feels like it needs to be perfect. stupid.
    omgosh, tower of terror is my favourite ride, hands down. could ride it all day!

  6. If I can keep it straight, I might join you for summer favorites.

  7. Aww, Boomer is so cute! Is he yours?
    YES for old Instagram. Some people are so professional and fancy with it and I'm like... it's just social media, who cares?! *Throw up blurry, crappy picture.*


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