Thursday, May 31, 2018

Monthly Favorites | May 2018

When the end of another month comes I'm always shocked at how fast it went by and think to myself "how is it the end of (insert month) already?!" and I know I'm not alone in this because I see it across Social Media. May was a good month of busy and laid back weekends. I got to try out a few things and these are my FAVORITE things from the month of May!

Nike Socks - yes, we're talking about socks but if you like no show socks and haven't found a pair that won't fall into your shoe, listen up. These look good with tennis shoes and Converse, come in a multitude of colors and feel light and comfy. I've been able to find these at Kohl's most successfully, but not all the time, so keep checking if you're intent on getting them and sometimes they even go on sale.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation - You guys, I do not usually turn to drugstore makeup, especially for foundation but I wanted to try out some products and this has been a standout product. I mean at $5 I wasn't expecting much, but it's done better than the two $10+ L'Oréal foundations I've tried.

Elf Lip Exfoliator - I was looking at trying out a couple lip scrubs from Lush or Mac to combat dried lips. Not that mine are bad, but when you wear matte lipstick you NEED hydrated, smooth lips. Anywho, I received this Elf one in the shape of a lipstick, no pot to stick your finger in, from the $10 Walmart Beauty Favorites Lip Box and I'm so glad I didn't waste my money on the other ones. The price point of $3 is CHEAP, the sweet flavor is nice and it gets the job done.

Walmart Beauty Box Favorites - think Sephora favorites boxes, except these are drugstore brands. You get around $30+ worth of stuff for $10. The lip box I purchased was mostly full size with maybe one travel or trial size. I have only been able to find them at Walmart Supercenters, and don't believe the online out of stock claim if you're near a Supercenter. They had several available. Six options, Lips, Eyes and Glow for beauty and Natural, Curly and Refresh/Renew for hair. I feel like this could have been it's own post, lol. The eye box has a mascara that a lot of people say is a dupe for BTS mascara. the mascara alone is $9 at Walmart ($10 most other stores), so for $1 you get 5 other items.

Jana Kramer Whine Down Podcast - I finally found a podcast that I wait for every week. I mean I can't relate to everything since I'm not married, but I just love how relatable and real Jana Kramer seems whenever I've listened to her in interviews. This podcast is no different.

Tequila by Dan + Shay
- This song has been on MAJOR repeat this month. There are several other Dan + Shay songs that have ended up on repeat in the past, so this one is no different. Their CD drops June 22nd and I can't wait to hear the other songs from this album.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara - Serial killers are my jam and you could definitely tell that from my reads this month. I loved the way this story read so smooth you would think it was a fiction novel and not non-fiction. With the capture of the killer around the time the book came out there was a lot of buzz and I think this lived up to the hype.

American Idol - as far as TV shows go, I'm usually all about the night time drama Chicago shows, Criminal Minds or SVU but the last few episodes of American Idol on ABC drew me in. Our family had a six degrees of separation with Maddie Poppe, so we started tuning in to see her and I just loved her sound and am so glad she won. Can't wait to see what she comes out with. Some of my favorite covers she did were Bare Necessities, Nothing Compares 2 U and If It Makes You Happy.

What things stood out to you this month?!


  1. ooh i will have to check out those nike socks. i like champion socks (i think that's the brand) from amazon but they are not no show. i don't wear converse though, i look like ronald mcdonald in shoes like that.
    i'll have to try that wet n wild foundation - i just googled and they are cruelty free which i did not know! now i want to try it even more. i've heard amazing things about the elf lip exfoliator. i am very intrigued by the walmart beauty boxes...

  2. I am in the market for some new socks, I will check them out. Adding that podcast to my list! That is awesome the WnW foundation is a win over the other more expensive ones!

  3. LOVE LOVE Maddie Poppe and was so glad she won. She has a really unique voice.
    I love me some Dan + Shay too. Been listening to their old CD on my way to work every morning lately.
    I'll Be Gone in the Dark... yassss. It's on my desk right now to read soon. I'm a true crime junkie so this is so up my alley.

  4. Good stuff! I didn't think I could love the Tequila song any more than i already do....then I saw the video! ��


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