Thursday, May 3, 2018

March and April 2018 Recap - What's New With Me

Since I missed March, I'll throw in what I did. The majority of it happened my Birthday weekend which I recapped here.

Scrapbook Shop Hop (formerly Treasure hunt)
I've talked about this before on the blog, but haven't done it in a couple years due to circumstances. This year we did it over two days, the "local" ones on a Saturday and all the farther away ones on Monday. Here's what I got. On Saturday we had to drop my dad off at the airport early so we started our day off at Mini Doughnut Factory and OMG if I'm ever down there and having a treat day I'm totally indulging again.

I didn't take a pic of all the stuff I bought, but I tried to keep to around $5-$10 at each store and I got some great stuff that I'll be using on my cards this year!

Primaverafest is a local fundraiser for at risk youth and each year it grows and grows. I love the mission behind Primavera and look forward to seeing where they help in the future! They had lots of alcoholic drinks, that's a majority of the money raised but they also had other vendors like this fresh fruit drink guy. This was a lime drink that definitely hit the margarita spot without the alcohol!

Homemade Pizza with my young adult group. It was delicious and I was so sad I didn't have more room in my stomach, lol!

I got to try out Besito with my sister! I've been making a list of all the Mexican places Nichole aka Casa de Crews eats at and trying them whenever I can get to Tampa on my days off. I'm such a creature of habit, but I love trying new things when someone else I trust has eaten there. Besito was definitely a place I'll be going back to.

I received my first Curology order and my doctor was impressed with the progress my face is showing in just a few weeks!!

Boomer received his first Chewy order. Since he's now 14 he wasn't eating his solid food or the solid with soft on top so we switched him to the Senior canned food and he was LOVING it until a couple weeks ago. His doggy dementia is strong...there was food in his bowl (I put it there while he was outside) and he wouldn't eat it. So we put his bowl back on the counter grabbed a fork and his container, fake scooped some in there and put it back down - he gobbled it right up.

He also celebrated 14 years!

We celebrated Easter but didn't take any pics of us in our pretty dresses!! And I finally used my letter board I got for my Birthday! I never know what to put on there and/or I forget to use it. I need to make plans!

I saw Cinderella at the Theater. We bought the tickets before Thanksgiving, so this has been in my planner for so long. It was great, so many talented individuals and I love that they keep the spirit of the theater. Where can you go now that you don't have your phone out taking pics or recording? Breath of fresh air for sure!

Dapper Day was a success! I had a great time dressing up and participating in Dapper Day at Disney World. The weather was even gorgeous for Saturday at Magic Kingdom. I'm working on a more in depth post but here are a few pics.

This month won't be nearly as busy, I'm hoping, but I'm looking forward to Memorial Day and some time off at the end of the month!!

How was your month?


  1. Party like a pineapple? LOL!

    I need to make home made pizza again. It's been too long!

    Your dog is adorable.

  2. Love love love the last photo. Super cute dresses.

  3. Girrrrl, I love Besito! I'm glad you finally went, and enjoyed it. Also, can we talk about the homemade pizza? Looks so good (notice I liked the food recaps most, sorry! ha)

  4. I saw Cinderella recently, too, and I loved it!

  5. ahhh yes i think that's why i love the theatre, though to be fair i've not gone to that many shows, but it's so refreshing to be totally present and have no one on their phones or anything. i'd love to see cinderella. the food at Besito looks delish, i'm like you, a creature of habit but i'll try something new if someone i trusts liked it lol

  6. I'm still cracking up at the "Party Like a Pineapple" sign. Maybe I've been partying wrong and didn't know it? LOL!

    I feel the same about the theatre experience where no one is videoing it or Instagraming the performance (breath of fresh air, indeed!). It's a nice respite from the ever present plugged in society we live in.


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