Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dapper Day Weekend

Today is all about Dapper Day and Disney, BUUUUUUT you also need to check out the Doodle for Google contest going on and cast your vote!! So many amazing artists.

You guys, dressing up for Dapper Day at Disney World has been one of my absolute favorite things during my time as an Annual Passholder. I first heard about Dapper Day from a friend of mine that had AP passes before but never made it to Dapper Day so she told me when she bought her AP that she wanted to plan the weekend. Unfortunately I already had plans during the Fall one, so we penciled it in for Spring before I had anything else planned.

What is Dapper Day?
Back in the day when Disneyland first opened, visitors would wear their Sunday best to the parks and several years ago after seeing pictures from Disneyland in the mid 1900's decided it would be fun to recreate those looks. It's grown to include several of the parks across the world but the Disneyland one still seems like the best in my opinion because they have a convention you can attend, also.



I knew I wanted to do one day more dressy, so I figured the first day when we were doing Magic Kingdom and I could just refresh my hair for the next day. I can't tell you how many dresses I tried on, ordered from Amazon and sent back before finding this gem. Color scheme was also important since I wanted to be dapper Disney but also my own style.

Dress / Shoes / Belt (similar)

I initially planned on wearing curly hair, but I forgot my curling iron...dope. And I wanted to wear my sparkly converse but I didn't bring socks so I just wore my sandals both days and let me tell you these things have taken me all over the parks.
Top / Skirt / Shoes / Sunglasses

The cupcake was a dark chocolate and delicious!!

If you're planning on going to Dapper Day, make sure to check out their site or get on their email list because they'll email out a group reservation number for you to check on prices and book a hotel room on site for a discount. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. It's a moderate resort and we chose it because it had transportation via boat to Disney Springs and we knew we were going to want to do at least one night at Disney Springs.

We did a mini photo shoot around the property and I think the photos came out super cute!

Friday night we rode the ferry and met up with a friend of ours at Disney Springs Bongos Cuban Café for food, drinks and street dancing! Sarah decided to wear another dapper dress for the evening and posed with another light pole.

While the prices at Bongos were a little high, the drinks were strong and the fresh catch fish I had were well on point! I would totally eat there again, but I know there are so many places I have yet to try it'll probably be a while.

Have you ever dressed up from a different era?


  1. I actually didn't know there was a day like this at Disney, but it sounds so fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. How fun! Your outfits are so cute!!! I had never heard of Dapper Day, but I love this idea of it.

  3. SO much fun! I love playing dress up, and add in Disney and it's the best of both worlds! Loving all your looks especially the polka dots <3
    Green Fashionista


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