Monday, April 23, 2018

BBQ Bash and Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, Friends!!

I am exhausted and so glad I have a couple days I get to sleep in this week. We spent the last couple weeks planning a BBQ for my sister who is going to Haiti for 5 weeks. She'll be "interning" with a missionary family that's been there for a few years and one of her key parts is setting up a baking school/bakery to work with the local women. Since she'll be working with food, that's been one of her main fundraisers as well, so a BBQ with family and friends sounded like a good idea. God is good and she raised almost everything she needed well ahead of her June deadline so now what she raises can go toward supplies and setting up the bakery. He also kept the rain away until we had everything back in the house!!!

Invitations / Flyers
I looked on stock photo websites to see what they had available because I had some credits and after seeing what they did I decided to make my own to their likeness and use Vecteezy graphics like the pig!

Location, location, location
Since we were inviting a lot more than a typical BBQ we went ahead and booked a shelter at one of our local parks. We have several throughout our County but because we had people coming from all over we wanted one that was as close to centrally located as we could get with only scheduling this a month out.

We found all of the d├ęcor at Walmart and the Dollar Tree! We figured we wouldn't be able to find the table cloths anywhere but Amazon or Party City and were shocked when The Dollar Tree had exactly what we were looking for. I wanted to order this pig off Pier 1 but found this cute little pig in their Seasonal party stuff at a Super Walmart. Other than the flowers, we also had wet wipes, paper towels and salt/pepper packets at each table.

We know not everyone likes pig but we wanted to keep thing super simple so we didn't offer grilled meat or chicken. We did make a side of baked beans vegetarian so some of my sister's friends could enjoy a plate of goodies as well. The drink idea came from Pinterest, of course. The lemonade was super easy, just empty enough of the jug so it's not spilling out the spout and dump in a whole container of lemonade powder. For the tea we emptied a water jug into glass containers and made sun tea then poured them back in via a pitcher.

We almost didn't get any of these pictures, guys! After we had everyone served and were cleaning up I was like...did anybody take pics?! Mom and I snapped a few shots before everything went away and I'm so glad my brain was able to remember that we needed to document the weekend.

The rest of the weekend was really spent getting ready for this. Two days of go, go really tired us out. I'm definitely ready for my vacation this weekend!!

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How was your weekend?!


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  2. So glad it was a successful BBQ! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Glad you had a great BBQ. Love that pig sign.

  4. Good for you having a vegetarian side! :)
    Isnt it terrible when an event is over & THEN you think of pics. UGHHH

  5. Sounds so fun! Glad the weather kept up for you!

  6. Sounds like a great event! Congrats to your sister for raising most of her funding ahead of time, that is so awesome! I hope she has an incredible time and experience!

  7. Looks like a wonderful time.


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