Monday, December 3, 2018

TBB Asks Holiday Edition

Good morning, happy Monday! I still can't believe it's the first Monday in December?!

When the ladies over at The Blended Blog posted the questions this time I knew I had to jump right in and participate. This is one of my absolute favorite times of the year and I know it is for many others as well!

Candy Canes: Yes or No?

Yesss! I love peppermint EVERYTHING, so bring on all the candy canes.

Christmas morning, early riser or sleep in?

We're early risers, and even the grown up kids that sleep in all the time are morning people on December 25th!

Did you shop on Black Friday? Yes or No

Online only. Ever since I've been able to get the same deals from the comfort of my bed, no way am I getting out of the house, lol!

Christmas tree up in November? Yes or No

Yes, we always put it up the day after Thanksgiving.

Do you get Holiday ideas from Pinterest?

Uh, yeah! I've been known to look up Holiday things all year round and pin too, so make sure you're following me! There's also a Facebook group that I follow and they're all about ALL the Holidays, I love it!

Christmas Glam or Ugly Sweater?

Depends on the invite.

Stocking stuffers wrapper or unwrapped?

Wrapped!! More work, but so much joy watching every piece unwrapped.

Traditional or modern Christmas songs?

Both! Silver Bells comes to mind as a traditional, but I'll belt out Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas anytime!!

Fruitcake? Yes or No

Blech! No, just no. I wish I could as it's so traditional I just can't.

Is your Christmas shopping finished?

No. I still have some office stuff to get, but family is mostly taken care of.

Is there snow in December where you live?

Not since 1989 I believe. The Tampa area gets cold, but rarely below freezing.

Classic show: A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph?

Rudolph for sure. We watched both as a kid, but I loved the Claymation of Rudolph.

Now it's YOUR turn, leave me your answers in the comments below! I can't wait to hear all about your Christmas traditions and favorites!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

New With Me | Fall 2018

I'm looking at the calendar wondering how it's already November. I love this time of year, as I've seen a lot of people do and can't wait for the cooler weather to stick around!!

New With Me

Linking up with Kristen.

I attended the Summer of Rum festival with my friend, Teresa and we had a blast hanging out in the sponsor tent, sipping on all the included drinks, including water to stay hydrated. The variety wasn't bad for all inclusive, our favorite was recommended by the bartender of Ginger Beer with Appleton Rum, spiced rum gave it a nice kick! Dinner was catered from Pollo tropical which was a nice surprise since it's one of my favorites and we got there early enough to snag great seats in the shade. I don't know why I always try to wear my hair down during the hot months in Florida, it's always too dang hot!

Vlogust started with a bang and I stayed strong until the 19th, then it just felt like I wasn't posting the content I had planned, so I stepped back and the relief felt so good. I moved into a room where I was setting up a nice filming spot and then my sister needed a place to stay so unless I do some vlogging, I don't expect to have any new videos until after the first of the year.

We had to put Boomer down, and one of the hardest things has been going on walks without him since that was the one thing he enjoyed up until his last day.

Tried out HelloFresh and when I went to order for the next month they were already repeating recipes I had tried or skipped the previous month, cancelled.

Binged all 10 episodes of 9-1-1 Season 1 and now that all the Fall shows are back we have a lot to watch every week, PLUS all the Hallmark movies!!

Went on my first cruise! It was fun, but I was bored by the second sea day, so it has been suggested I try a 3 night out of Miami on Royal Caribbean that has two stops and no sea days, score.

I ended up with either food poisoning or a stomach bug the Friday after the cruise and broke my streak of not having thrown up in over a decade. Then I ended up with either allergies or a cold for almost a week and sounded like death, lol. Hoping to get back to my old self right about now.

We're doing Universal this weekend, taking advantage of the Florida passholder extra six months promo they have and I'm so excited! While I've been to Universal Studios for HHN, I haven't been to IoA since 2015? Can't wait!!

What have you been up to recently?

Monday, September 3, 2018

Cozy September

Good morning, happy Monday! What a better way to welcome September than with a Q&A all about being COZY. Thanks to The Blended Blog for the questions as always!

Slippers: Yes or No?

Yesss! I've even had the open toe, flip flop kind due to the mostly warm weather in Florida.

What is your favorite blanket?

I have a zebra snuggie knockoff, so soft!

Thin or thick pillow?

I have a contoured pillow, but between these two - thick.

Favorite warm beverage?

I love rich hot chocolate, not that packet stuff but also a good mocha with coffee in it!

Robe: Yes or No?

Ummm, sometimes yes. I have 3 of them but hardly wear them.

Favorite comfort snack food(s)?

Chips and dip!

Movies or TV series binge?

TV Series Binge

Actual PJ's or leggings?


Cozy up on the couch or a chair?

I prefer the couch.

Hoodie, t-shirt or sweater?

It's usually a little too hot for hoodies, so I don't have any at the moment. It's currently all about the light weight sweaters.

Now it's YOUR turn, leave me your thoughts in the comments below!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

2018 Sephora Appreciation Sale - What I Bought So Far

It's the morning most people get to place their 15% off Sephora orders or head to the stores to partake in the Sephora Sale. Instead of doing a what's on my list, because we all know that changes I thought I'd share with you the order I placed this morning around 3:20. I initially set my alarm and then decided nothing was limited edition enough to sell out and I'd be disappointed, but when the dog had a rough night I was already up and restless.

These are affiliate links and I make a small amount of commission off them at no extra cost to you, thank you if you choose to use them.

L'Occitane Mini Hand Cream - This is for my mom. She's almost out and we really haven't found a good dupe, so if you have a fav hand cream with Shea leave it in the comments below. Also, I initially purchased a set of these during one of the last sales and returned them because they only want good reviews, so purchasing this hurt my heart a little.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette - This was rec'd by several of the Youtubers I watch and a in real life friend swears by the ABH palettes. I thought this would be a good every day palette to start with. Have you tried any of the ABH palettes? I'm also on the hunt for a good gold shadow, either in a palette or single for my sister for Christmas. Have a fav? Leave it in the comments below!!

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask - This has been on my wish list for a while, but the Laneige one took first dibs. I love that one, but I also see people recommend this so I'm interested to se if one is truly better than the other or if it's a Friends vs. Seinfeld scenario. I also love that this comes in colors to wear during the day, which I do with the Laneige one, it gives a nice healthy glow to the lips.

Stila Glitter and Glow Eye Mini Set - This is the one gold thing I got my sister so far, hopefully she's not reading this, lol! I don't think she does. It gets pretty good reviews and I love that it's an affordable set.

Sephora Collection Cream Blush in Crazed and Confused - This was a rec from Thataylaa during her cheapest at Sephora video and when I'm doing no makeup makeup look, I love a cream blush.

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm Travel Size - I wanted to try this out because I'm not loving the cleansing oils and this is supposed to also be gentle on the skin and take everything off, crossing my fingers!

Tatcha Smooth Poreless Obento Box - Everybody is talking about the Silk Canvas Primer and that has been in my cart/wish list for weeks BUT when I saw this with a full size Water Cream and only a little bit more $ to get travel sizes of the Primer and a Cleanser I thought it was a good way to try them out. I've had the Rice Powder a couple times and thought it was very gentle, so I have high hopes for the rest of this brand. Have you tried any of the Tatcha brand?

Sephora volume Mascara in Teal - I used to wear the Maybelline blue mascara when I was a high school cheerleader and then I ended up with the Too Faced Nikkie Tutorials purple mascara and loved it, it wasn't too over the top. The L'Oreal Mauve or Maroon they've been advertising is on my list next time I go to Walmart. I think I'm also going to pick up the Maybelline blue and I've been told they also have a purple. Colored mascara everywhere!!

I spent a little under $200 with my 15% discount which was my budget for this sale and I earned $5 with eBates so make sure to use the ebates link when you mnake your purchase, they're giving 3% cashback right now for Sephora. When I told my mom I thought my total was high, she guessed over a grand, so I thought $200 wasn't too bad with a couple of expensive products, lol. (referral link)

Tell me, what's on your list or did you already make your purchase?

Friday, August 24, 2018

Summer of Rum Festival Giveaway

disclaimer: I was given two General Admission tickets to giveaway and sponsor passes for the Summer of Rum Festival 2018.

Good morning and happy Friday!!

I'm sharing all of the reasons to make plans for the Summer of Rum Festival and giving away TWO (2) General Admission tickets!! Giveaway ends 8/29 so I can get the tickets to the winner on time!

Important things to know
The festival spans over two days with varying times and different musical acts. There are two ticket options including general admission and VIP. You can learn more about the different options here.

Sept. 1st - 12pm to 11pm
Sept. 2nd - 11am to 9:30pm
Curtis Hixon Park - Downtown Tampa

Ticket prices will go up this Sunday at 6:00pm

2-Day GA Tickets - Now: $22 / Sunday: $27
Saturday GA Ticket - Now: $17 / Sunday: $22
Sunday GA Ticket - Now: $15 / Sunday: $20

Saturday VIP Ti cket - Now: $75 / Sunday: $85 <~ 90% SOLD Sunday VIP Ticket - Now: $65 / Sunday: $75 <~ 80% SOLD

Two headliners, including a Saturday performance by Sugar Ray (which I'm most excited about) with songs like Every Morning, Fly and Someday. On Sunday you'll be entertained by The Wailers, a reggae band formed by bassist Familyman Barrett & remaining members of Bob Marley & the Wailers.

With over a dozen drink stops, over 30 rum brands and 45 drinks already listed on the menu, you'll find something for every taste at this year's Summer of Rum Festival. Prices range from $4-$7. What drink are you looking forward to?


It's been a couple years and it was a different drinking festival but I have attended the Margarita Fest put on by the same company and while it had its issues, we had a blast and recommend going if you're looking for a good time with friends, a place to try new drinks and enjoy this great city we live in.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

All about Parties!!

I love parties, and especially all the planning that goes on behind the scenes. Here are a couple posts I've done about parties.
Birthday Brunch
Favorites Party

Favorite Birthday party as a child. . .
I don't know how old I turned, probably six or seven, but my mom roped off part of the living room and filled the floor with blown up balloons. I can still see all of the kids, myself included, jumping around and kicking the balloons with the sun streaming in through the sliding doors. I did a throw back Birthday edition and you can see some of my Birthday parties from back in the day here.

Do you like to entertain?
Yes, absolutely!

What kind of parties are your favorite?
Definitely theme parties. Color, season, sport, if I can theme it, I just have so much more fun with it. In fact any party I throw ends up with a theme. It really helps bring everything together.

Big or small parties?
Both. I love small, intimate dinners and big gatherings with lots of friends from different groups.

Favorite thing to do at parties?
Plan!! I love seeing everything you planned come together and all the smiley faces as guests enjoy!

Party food favorites?
Appetizers, chips and salsa, margaritas!!

Favorite flavor of Birthday cake?
Chocolate with white frosting.

Most of the time, yes. Depends on the theme, what I can find and if they "fit".

Best party song?

Gosh, one of those crowd songs like the chicken song or macarena? I don't really have party songs unless it goes with the theme.

Do you like to dance?
Yes! We're planning a sleepover at a friends house after she moves in and a dance party has already been requested!

Thanks so much to TBB for hosting these great link ups!!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

New With Me & Monthly Goals | August 2018

It's Thursday, it's August already and soon we'll be buying Fall decor since it's already in the stores. I love this time of year, all but the traffic that comes with back to school in Tampa.

New With Me

Linking up with Kristen. Other than the girls trip I shared about here, I had a week with the house almost to myself and was reminded why I don't live alone. I want alone time, but then when everybody is gone I get bored and end up taking half a dozen naps.

We found out this month that my brother was moving to Brooklyn with his girlfriend, so we spent a lot of time with them and they left yesterday. Excited for him because he's so musical that it's a great scene to be in, but also hoping he can make enough money to cover his half of the rent. He already has a job with his Starbucks transfer, but he'll need a side gig to do more than make rent, obviously. I'm looking forward to making a future visit since I haven't been since 2004! This also means I started watching Gossip Girl again, lol.

My sister's Haiti mission internship was kind of on hold with the political turmoil, riots and general unknown since the host missionaries were in the states for awhile. She's still going as planned and I'll be without both my siblings which will be weird.

I have been pre-planning / filming my VEDA or Vlogust content and it's finally here!! First video went up yesterday and I'm enjoying checking out the different people participating. VEDA is Video Every Day in August and some people call it Vlogust. I posted a poll on Instagram yesterday, thanks to all the voted I ended up going with Vlogust and I'm excited to see how this month goes! You can follow along on YouTube here.

August Goals

  • Lose 5 lbs. I'm leaving this on here. It's going to happen. I'd like to see 7 pounds and that would put me in a lower range than I've been in a while.
  • Finish 2 books. Since I'm doing a video everyday I don't see a lot of reading, but I want to finish at least 2 that I've already started.
  • No sweets during the week.
  • Post 31 videos and complete VEDA!
  • Get to 150 subscribers on YouTube. You can follow me here if you're not already subscribed!!

I don't have too many goals since my main focus is Vlogust this month, but I want to see some other accomplishments as well and am looking forward to this month!

July - How I did

  • Lose 5 lbs. I've been able not to gain, but I really need to see some loss.
  • I don't know what I was thinking, vacation and losing weight don't really go hand in hand...will be back at it again in August.
  • I'm going for 90 minutes of exercise a week again, because walking at lunch just started last week.
  • Committing to walking 30 minutes at lunch made for more than 90 minutes a week, not going to up it just yet, just sticking with what's working. I'm walking with WIFI and watching YouTube so if you have favorite Youtubers let me know!!
  • Finish 4 books.
  • Josh and Hazel, Unsub and harry Potter #1!!! Definitely helped that I had 24 in 48 readathon and vaca!!
  • No sweets during the week, except vaca week.
  • This almost happened...I did really good the first two weeks and then the week of the 23rd I didn't resist.
  • Post 7 YouTube videos this month. My normal Friday posts and 3 bonus videos.
  • Since I'm doing VEDA, which is video Every Day in August, I decided to stick with 1 a week through July and prep for that.
  • Update YouTube and Blog headers and headshots.
  • Did YouTube because I needed a VEDA one, but didn't get to Blog!

What's on your goal list? Do you do monthly or seasonal goals?

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Travel | Estero, Naples and Fort Myers, Florida

Happy Tuesday, Friends!!

I recently got back after another Florida staycation where we stayed at my friends' family rental so the lodging was free which is always the best, right?! This is a list of all the fun things we found to do in the area. Background - I am slightly familiar with Fort Myers as mom and I have done a scrapbook crop weekend down there a couple times in the Estero area and visited the outlet but that was awhile ago.

I did Vlog while we were there and you can watch that below!

Things We Did

Sanibel Outlet Mall
This outlet mall has a very Florida/Key West vibe and I did drop some money at the Coach outlet. It wasn't on my list, but sometimes you just can't pass up a good deal.

Coconut Point
This shopping center wasn't new to me, but I certainly visited more than the craft store this time, lol. They have a little bit of everything from high end stores and department stores to a theater. We stopped by Five Below just to browse and all came away with some fun stuff including this peanut butter chocolate kettle corn that has become a fan favorite. We also got to try out some new dining places, but those are mentioned under Things We Ate.

All about the Beaches
Our Beach day was spent at Sanibel island and we ended up finding parking with no problem and stayed for about four hours. The wind was such a welcome addition to the heat and even though I didn't get in the water it was a great time.

We did not have a beach day at Fort Myers, but we did walk the strip. It started off a little questionable, but eventually turned out to be a fun time. The evening ended at Loni Kai where they have giant table swings. If you're in the area, definitely head up to the roof and check it out!

Played Games at the house!
Phase 10 and Rummy were the card games of choice.

Face masks!!
I love to take face masks for girls weekend, especially if they don't usually mask up because good times tend to follow.

Pool time!
I didn't take ANY pics of this, was just enjoying the large pool on a lake with hardly any people in it.

Trader Joe's
This was funny because we were staying right near Tamiami Trail and I remember going to Trader Joe's before we had one in Tampa in Naples or Bradenton, both which are off Tamiami. I got excited when I was planning the trip and then realized it was 30'ish minutes away so it wasn't like the nearest grocery store. We did end up stopping and Kim had never been to one. I will say the Naples location was NOT the one I had been in before and it's HUGE! All of the other locations I've been to have always been so small. I loved it and we got to enjoy the ice cream sandwiches!

Places We Ate

The Shrimp Shack - Fort Myers
Service was GREAT here and the food was good. Would go back for sure.

Loni Kai - Fort Myers
The cheesecake was good, but their downfall is that I asked for a bottom shelf margarita because I'll drink them all and was served/charged for $11.25 margarita in a small glass. I'll make sure to clarify from now on that they're bring me the cheap stuff. I drink better at home.

Nervous Nellies - Fort Myers was recommended by one of the shop guys and while the food was good, the service was seriously lacking. The view was pretty amazing right on the intercoastal I believe.

Buca di Beppo - Naples
Chain restaurant that was the Birthday girl's choice. We went after lunch and this was the other place there were hardly any people there, we were one of two tables. We got a nice in depth tour, the main dish was great (I had the chicken parm) but the house salad was drenched in dressing. It was just meh to me.

Stone Mountain Creamery - Estero
We went here to try somewhere new for National Ice Cream Day. They ran out of regular waffle cones so I had to pay $1.50 more for the dipped cone and it was terrible, I should have gone with the bowl but I love cones!! Ice cream was good, but how can you really mess that up?!

Burgerim - Estero
This was a late night run for us. We headed to Coconut Point for Five Guys but since we have that chain I though I had seen a different burger place. When I pulled it up on the map it took us not to where I thought it was and we almost missed it with the janky directions but found it and the food was good!

Mr. Tequila Mexican Restaurant - Naples
Margarita was mixed so well that I couldn't finish it.

Cancuns Bar and Grill - Estero
This place gets good reviews and was EMPTY when we went after lunch rush. This wasn't the only place that happened, so I'm guessing it was because it's not season and all the elderly folk are up North/lunch and dinner early.

Duck Donuts - Estero
We actually went here for breakfast twice and you didn't find any of us complaining. The hot fresh donuts that you get to pick your toppings on are worth the wait.

We're already talking about going back, and this is the same group of girls I have the cruise booked with so lots of fun coming up!!

Have you ever been to the Fort Myers / Estero area?

Friday, July 27, 2018

Monthly Favorites | July 2018

Happy Friday and it's Monthly Favorites day!! Some of these are affiliate links.

Boom Chicka Pop Peanut Butter and Chocolate Kettle Corn
We found this on vacation at Five Below for $3.50, but it looks like you can also order it from Walmart a little cheaper.

Bai Bubbles Coconut Lime
Also a vacation try...I have tried other flavors of this because it's low in calories and carbs thanks to the sugar alcohol instead of sugar, but had not tried the coconut lime. Mixed it with tequila and LOVED IT!!

Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation has been the best for my oily skin this Summer.

While I don't spend full price on GlamGlow masks anymore, I definitely will take them as freebies and have been loving this SUPERMUD® CLEARING TREATMENT for spot treating!

I finally found the brunette Batiste dry shampoo on sale and in stock. Loving it for my brown hair.

Dove spray deodorant. I switched to spray deodorant this year and while I started with Degree, Dove can be found at TJ Maxx and other discount stores for 2/3 the price and I do not like to pay full price, so score!

My favorite book isn't out yet, but you should add Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating to your Goodreads if you like romance. Super cute friends that go on double dates and set each other up but should really be together. It comes out September 4th!

Did Not Like

This was the first month, at least in a while I had a couple things that just didn't work for me.

Neutrogena Cleansing Oil - burned my eyes!! It's supposed to be great for taking off all makeup, including waterproof but it's not as gentle as it needs to be for me. I finally got my Hada Lobo from Japan and that will hopefully be making an appearance in the loves list at a later date.

Dove Dry Shampoo...this makes my hair feel so dirty. I was trying A LOT of different kinds, wanting to give a round up review because what I really want is the Living Proof $20+ dry shampoo but I don't want to continue to pay for it.

I hope you guys are having a fantastic Friday!!

Linking up for Friday Favs with Amanda and High Five for Friday with Bright on a Budget, Becky, Cup of Tea, and Della Devoted!!!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Favorites

This isn't a monthly favorites, that comes at the end of the month...this is just a collection of random things I'm LOVING this week and all the things I'm looking forward to with vacation starting tonight!

1. Vacationitis
It really brought me back to Senioritis this week when all I could think about was going on vacation Friday, lol. I was able to focus only so I could get everything done. Still have the work day to get through, but come on 5 o'clock!

2. Not feeling obligated to finish a book and post for Show Us Your Books Linkup. I didn't finish one dang book this month and that's ok. I read a lot and with the 24 in 48 coming up next weekend AND vacation I'm hoping I can break my no book streak, lol.

3. That it was cold enough to wear a sweater at the office. Every year it seems that our AC breaks upstairs at work and we're just miserable. I needed a sweater two days this week and I was only there four.

4. Spending Monday with my mom instead of doing all the YouTube filming I planned to. Living with five people makes it difficult to get enough quiet that I can film. I had a lot of plans for Monday but when mom mentioned she was feeling like doing something out of the house I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to spend it with her.

5. These funnies . . .

Linking up for Friday Favs with Amanda and High Five for Friday with Bright on a Budget, Becky, Cup of Tea, and Della Devoted!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

What I Bought on Amazon | June 2018

Hello and Happy Tuesday!! Today I wanted to share with you What I Bought on Amazon during the month of June. Tanya has started a linkup and I can't wait to see what everybody else has been buying! If you want to see what I bought and L O V E D over the first half of 2018 I made a video all about it here. These links are Amazon Affliates and may generate a small percentage of the sale toward this blog. All items can be looked up separately as well.

Let's start with things you wear and this gorgeous, tropical one-piece swimsuit that I first saw from Lindsay. Ordered June 1, delivered June 10th. I'm around a size 16 right now and the XXL fits perfectly. There are no under wires, so if that bothers you this may not be your suit, but for around $10 I wasn't worried about it. I'm most excited to wear it with jean shorts I think it'll look so cute!

With Birkenstocks making a comeback I wanted something for the beach and cheap but still with good support and found the Gizeh! My mom prefers this fit over the leather in this style because the toe thing isn't a different material. I ended up having to go down two sizes and am in a 36 which is 5-5.5 US sizing. I also ordered the traditional Arizona style but did not like them as much as the leather or metallic ones.

If you have a S'well bottle or another bottle with the same top I suggest you try out the Iconiq straw lid that pops up. I have owned the shorter version for over a year and still use mine. They finally came out with one for the taller bottles and I got it this month!!***Edited to add the only time I've had issues with leaks is when it's closed overnight and pressure builds up. It was sitting on the counter and there was water that had collected under the bottle.

This cleansing oil was recommended by one of my new favorite youtubers, Dr. Dray and while I ordered it in June I still haven't received it. I didn't realize I could pay a little more and get it prime, so I'm still waiting on customs probably, lol. Also, did you know you can purchase Japanese beauty products in Japan at Epcot? Had I known that I would have stopped there while I was in Orlando!

These twist ties were a gift for Father's Day and my dad was excited about them, but has yet to use them. Thataylaa recommended them on her Amazon Favorites video recently and I loved the concept.

Have any of my ladies tried the menstrual cup instead of tampons? This was requested by my sister since she'll be in Haiti for over a month and wanted to not have to worry about tampons. She originally wanted the Diva cup, but this was half the price AND the reviews were slightly better in my opinion.

Another thing recommended by Thataylaa were these under eye masks and if you watch my Instagram Stories you might have seen me try these out. Since I've only done them once I can't say they're magical but I did like the cooling effect and thought my under eyes looked nice the next morning.

This battery charger was a necessity for my current vlogging camera because I can't seem to find my original. It was the cheapest option and works just fine for what I needed. The travel plug and international converter are just an added bonus.

I was organizing my Alex Ikea drawers and instead of throwing all of my socks and underwear in the drawer I wanted smaller compartments and organization so I found these. They were easy to fold back the pieces to fit in my dimensions.

This was a gift for my sister. We have a smaller one and I didn't realize I was ordering for the Plus, but it'll give her extra room for whatever. I'm pretty sure Kristen was the first to introduce me to something like this.

These next two items are definitely nerd alert. I needed more room to deal with my video files for YouTube and my dad happened to have an extra SSD drive but it didn't have a case since it came out of a larger machine. It fits nicely in this.

Speaking of more room, my MacBook Air had been moving slow and giving me hassle even after moving files off it and we found this option to clone the current drive onto a much larger drive and now I have a lot more room and it goes zoom, zoom. It was easy enough for me to do the cloning process myself. I did however have him do the hardware swap.

If you have a smart watch with a glass face and you're clumsy you might need some added protection. We've tried out these cases and have gone back to this at my mother's suggestion and the fact that mine ended up with weird white rub marks on it.

The last thing I ordered on Saturday around 1:00 and on Sunday around 1:30 it was delivered without my request or extra money. It was this toothbrush holder divided equally into three as there are three people sharing our bathroom right now and two were sharing the same hole in the holder.

Prime day is July 16th, I've purchased everything from lightning cables to clothing during Prime day so make sure to check out their deals!

That's all for my Amazon purchases in June. Did you buy anything from Amazon this month? Or even online?

Monday, July 2, 2018

Monthly Goals | July 2018

July Goals

I had six things on my list last month and really only made two of them happen. Yes, I'm disappointed in myself, but I'm looking forward to July and changing some things up.

  • Lose 5 lbs. I've been able not to gain, but I really need to see some loss.
  • I'm going for 90 minutes of exercise a week again, because walking at lunch just started last week.
  • Finish 4 books.
  • No sweets during the week, except vaca week.
  • Post 7 YouTube videos this month. My normal Friday posts and 3 bonus videos.
  • Update YouTube and Blog headers and headshots.

I'm excited about what July holds, lots of time to work on me, the things I love and have some fun!

June - How I did

  • No buying clothes until I lose 15 lbs or legit need something.
  • Meh. I only bought TWO shirts right at the beginning of the month and a swimsuit for our upcoming beach trip.
  • Must film and publish 2 videos before buying more makeup.
  • Fail, major fail. The beginning of the month was BAD. I'm pretty sure I spent all of my extra money this month on makeup.
  • Exercise 90 minutes a week. Can be broken up or all at once, lol.
  • I have no idea how I did, need to figure out a way to track. I did start walking at lunch last week, so I probably got 90 minutes the last week, lol.
  • Blog once a week.
  • Done. I was super proud of myself for continuing to blog at least once a week. I don't have any kind of schedule but that's ok. Pass with flying colors! I did more than one a week and I want to see this continue!
  • Try 3 new recipes. I'm always pinning and never seem to try them all.
  • PASS - Warm Taco Slaw, Cauli-tato Salad, Low Carb Chicken Cordon Bleu!
  • Read at least one Netgalley book.
  • I requested a few this month and didn't finish one so now I have even more!! doh!

What's on your goal list? Do you do monthly or seasonal goals?

Friday, June 29, 2018

Monthly Favorites | June 2018

Happy Friday!!

Hopefully you've enjoyed this week of Summer. I'm really looking forward to the weekend but it's one of my favorite days because I'm sharing all of my favorites from this month with you!! Make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube if you want to see me talk aka ramble about these on there. That video will be going live tonight around 9 PM EST.

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer - this blurs my pores so good. It's creamy and lasts a long time. I bought the travel size as part of a duo on Sephora, for $3 more you get a travel size setting spray, too!

Laneige Lip Mask - I mentioned this being on my list in a Sephora Sale post and while it's great for a night mask, I love it for a daytime gloss as well. I just hate that I have to put it on with my finger!

Too Faced Peach Beach Blush I love this blush and only use it during the Summer months because it gives such a natural bronze/blush glow on the cheeks.

Honestly, I don't like to do a lot of Prestige makeup brands in one monthly favorites, but they just happen to be stand out products this month...let's get started.

Accessory - Round Straw handle and shoulder bag. Tif from the blog Bright on a Budget had the Free People bag and linked to similar ones on Amazon, so I snatched it up because I knew I would get a lot of use out of it during the Summer.

Food - Cauli Potato Salad - OMG so good.

Thataylaa is my favorite Youtuber. She posts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6 PM Pacific and it's like when a TV show comes on at a certain time, I try to watch it as soon as she posts if I can. Sunny calls it the Oprah effect.

Papermate Profile Elite Pen - The pink is amazing, bright but solid on white paper. Writes so smooth.

Song - Jordan Davis Singles You Up

Show - So You Think You Can Dance, of course. I look forward to this show every Summer! So far the stand out performance to me has been . . .Season 2 winner Benji showed up with his current dancing partner because she's entering the competition. Nicole Clonch so good, here it is on youtube!

Linking up with Amanda for Friday favorites and Tif for High Five for Friday!!

Wishing you THE BEST weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Favorites

I love Summer and couldn't wait for the season to officially start, but living in a place that basically has Summer almost all year long I have gotten used to watching the official dates, lol.

There are several different topics, feel free to talk about one, a few, all of them or just one! Elaborate or simply mention them. I want this to be super easy!

Accessories - at first I was just going to do sunglasses, but then I remembered I also love hats to keep the sun off my face and the rain out of my eyes!! I buy hats anywhere and everywhere depending on what's available. Sunglasses I mostly buy at TJ Maxx ever since I lost a pair of Michael Kors at Disney and nobody turned them in. You still get get nice brands at great prices just like the other things they sell.

Shoes - Flip flops all the way for me! Did you have a good National Flip Flop day yesterday?! Almost every job I've had has been casual enough to allow for flip flops, thank goodness! Several years ago I picked up a pair of flip flops on a BOGO and ever since then, when mine are in need of replacing, I get the latest ones that appeal to me. The last couple seasons it has been the Lola flip flops and they're still available at least at Shoe Carnival. And on BOGO 50% off right now! In case you don't follow me on Instagram, I shared on my stories that Old Navy is having their solid-color flip flops on sale for $! this Saturday, June 23rd.

Outfit - Rompers and dresses, especially with pockets. I have this dress from Amazon and I love it! My rompers are from Lilly Pulitzer or Torrid.

Lip color - this really could be any lip product. If I wear a color it'd be a bright pink like Punta Cana from Cargo this wears well throughout the day, even through meals. Most of the time I like a natural lip with either gloss or balm and I love it to have SPF. Neutrogena has a good gloss with SPF 20, not sticky yay!

Nail polish!! - One of my favorite things to accessorize with! Bright neon pink, specifically Poptastic from Color Club.

TV Show - SYTYCD Mondays on Fox 8/7 Central or current season on Hulu, The Last Ship in it's 5th and final season on TNT, usually Sundays, seasons 1-3 on Hulu and Great Food Truck Race Now in Season 9 with seasons 5-6 on Hulu. The last two shows are later in the Summer, think end of July or August.

Movie - Summer Catch, Fever Pitch or Camp Nowhere...need I say more? If you haven't watched all of these, without good reason you must add them to your watch list! Unfortunately nont of them are on Netflix or it looks like any of the subscribe channels, sad.

Food or drink
- Food is definitely all the grilled food. We get this pretty much all year, not just because we live in Florida. I remember when we lived in the midwest, my dad got out there under the porch and fired up the grill!

Drink is definitely H20. Either in a tumbler if I'm sitting around the house or office. Insulated water bottle like the S'Well bottle or Iconiq for on the go!

Candle - I don't have a specific candle, but during the Summer I like Tropical scents, definitely coconut and beachy scents. Waikiki Beach coconut. Cucumber coconut water I found at Target in a pineapple ceramic decor!!

Whew! I think that's everything, but I want to hear all about your favorites so link up below or join me on another social platform!!

FYI, If you're not able to participate on here, make sure to check out Instagram and Insta Stories (template in my highlights!!) on Thursday, June 21st, but feel free to join in all Summer long. Living in Florida you can imagine Summer is one of my favorite months!

If you participate somewhere else, either tag me @mylittlehea or tell me how to learn more about you!