Thursday, December 7, 2017

What's New With Me - November 2017

Yay, it's the last month of the year!! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are always my favorite part of the year apart from my Birthday in March.

What's New With You

All about the Organization
When I decided to start blogging on the regular again, I wanted to do a blog overhaul and the more I thought about it I realized I wanted more than just the design to change. I wanted to be more intentional with old posts, do some "spring" cleaning and what not. This included taking a look at my labels and I had 250+ labels and taking the suggestion from this post:

  • No more than 20 TOTAL Categories or Labels per blog
  • No more than 3 Categories or Labels per post
  • Do not use more than three words per Category or Label
  • Never have a Category or Label with no posts related to it

While I've been going through old posts I'm seeing old giveaways, places I've reviewed that are now closed and I'm wondering how to treat these posts. Do I get rid of the giveaway? Still doing research on cleaning up the blog and it's quite interesting.

I went to Charleston for four days with a friend of mine. We went the weekend right before Thanksgiving and it really was the perfect time to go because we got to see Christmas decor and even do a Christmas light tour but there weren't the Holiday crowds, win!

I'll be writing one more post about all the touristy things, but you can read about all the food I ate on our road trip here.

Disney at Christmas (in November)
Thanks to my dad, we were able to get discounted Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party tickets but that means you go when it's less likely to be busy aka nowhere near the actual Holiday. It was still quite busy and we won't be going back but we enjoyed our time there, together.

I read some good books and finally got around to reading November 9 this month! I'm pretty sure I had started this book, but I didn't remember most of what happened, only some parts of the beginning. It was good!

Planning out 2018, already
Strawberry Festival tickets go on sale today and I'm hoping to score some Reba tickets!! *crosses fingers* I'm also looking at new places in Tampa and Pinellas county I want to try. After visiting Charleston I'm like "we have a lot of great places to eat, too" so I need to be trying all of those with friends!

Plus I'm planning on when I'll visit Disney while my pass is still good!

Tried a new local restaurant
Since I visited a lot of new restaurants on my road trip, I thought I'd mention that this one is local to Clearwater and was sooo delicious! Since it's Mexican, we have to talk about their chips and salsa game being top notch. I also tried one of their specialty margaritas and it wasn't bad but the main dish, a seafood enchilada was amazing and huge! Very much worth the money. If you're in Clearwater and don't want to do Frenchy's or palm Pavilion I suggest trying Marina Cantina. If you make a reservation you can sit on the patio but the inside is quite nice as well. I know this first pic is blurry but I didn't realize it until it was too late.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with Friends and Family
November always brings out the thankful vibes and I shared what I'm thankful for in one big ol post last week. Thanksgiving this year was easy, UCF won and I got to see a couple friends that were in town to visit family. This included the beach, Frenchy's sunset and trying out another new restaurant that didn't stack up, but the reviews for The Little Lamb were very good so A and I decided it needed to be tried for dinner for a full review.

Black Friday Sales - from my house
I bought A LOT of stuff during all the sales. Some for me like makeup, a blanket/comforter and socks. More for others, we adopt a family every year and I love getting them the stuff on their list knowing it's exactly what they asked for. Giving gifts is definitely one of my love languages.

I put up my pink Christmas tree at work this year.
I don't think I did it for a year or two because when I had one at home I also put up and decorated, plus had to take down it just wasn't as much fun to do it at work, but since I'm living with my family again I didn't have my own tree to put up.

What did you get up to in November?


  1. Oh man, I've been blogging a few years now...since 2012 I guess...even the mere thought of spring cleaning my blog is daunting! But it would probably be a good idea!

  2. I plan to go back and clean up old posts but every time I read a really old post I cringe haha. I do plan on getting to it though. Im still working on cutting down categories but Im getting better at streamlining. I will say I dont think blogging is one size fits all though and so I say do what you think is best for you :)

  3. The thought of cleaning up my blog or old posts is so daunting that I just ignore it lol. I have had the same design for like two or more years too. Meh. I am in too deep. I think it would be so fun to see Very Mickey Christmas at Disney this time of year!!! My friend and I try to make it a point to try out all the new restaurants that come to our area, it is fun exploring in your own city. Love your pink tree!

  4. Cheers to organizing and Christmas at Disney. I bet it is os very festive. I LOVE your pink tree, I have one very smilier.

  5. Aw, I like your pink Christmas tree. Giving gifts is totally a love language of mine. I've always been that person who loved giving people things - even if it was something I'd handmade as a kid! It can be difficult not to spend too much though. LOL I don't really think much about my old posts because I have ten years worth, but I AM trying to figure out how to do things for the future that will help.


  6. I 100% need to clean stuff up - labels are a MAJOR one for me.

  7. glad you liked November 9! it's on my list, i got it from the library and then i think it was rally cheap on book outlet and i needed a few more dollars to get free shipping so i threw it in my cart lol.
    i occasionally get a wild hair about cleaning up old posts and categories, but for things like old giveaways or stuff like that, i just ignore them i guess.
    your pink tree is so pretty!

  8. Love your pink tree!!!
    & always jealous of your Disney time but especially at Christmas!!!

  9. I love your little pink Christmas tree! We do the same thing with eating out-- love to go to new places when we travel, but so quickly fall into routines of not trying new places around us. I've been meaning to go through my labels on my blog too- it seems so overwhelming though!

  10. I always get into a mood with blog organizing. It seems like such a good idea and I have the best of intentions... and then I get overwhelmed and fail. I never know what to do with certain posts either, lol.


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