Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Things I've Done...In My Sleep

I have been doing things in my sleep since I was in 5th grade. Sometimes it's little things like The stories I have aren't little things they're all pretty out there and apparently something had to happen again for me to share my stories.

Sorting laundry...in my sleep.
This is the first incident I remember having someone tell me about. In the house we lived in at the time we used my parents bedroom for sorting our laundry. Imagine your child coming into your room in the middle of the night and sorting their laundry. You try to talk to them, no response. After a little time they leave and go back to bed. #weirdolaundrysorter

Answering the phone...in my sleep.
I was lucky enough to have my own phone and phone line (that I shared with the dial up internet connection) in middle school, before cell phones were mainstream. Anyway, I woke up one morning, I'm assuming it's the weekend and my "boyfriend" at the time was supposed to have called me but when I looked over ah the receiver my handset was missing.

I sat up, stretched and heard coughing below me?? There was my handset! I picked it up and hesitantly said "hello." It was my boyfriend!!!! Apparently he HAD called and I talked to him for maybe 5-10 minutes. He told me I stopped talking, assumed I had fallen asleep and he STAYED ON THE LINE. #ridiculousmiddleschoolers

Showering...in my sleep.
Yeah, so this is the only one I can remember having an out of body experience with. It was high school and the cheerleaders were changing up our practice schedule to accommodate those that wanted to go out for volleyball or something after school. Small school, some kids did it all!

At this point we were living in a rental that was only 1,000 SF all five of us and the bathroom was right next to and across from all the bedrooms but nobody heard me take a shower in the middle of the night. I remember getting in and all of a sudden my clothes feeling heavy. So, I forgot to take off my clothes. I don't remember if I washed anything or just drenched myself but I do remember getting out, hanging my clothes on the side of the tub and wearing my wet underwear back to bed. The next morning my mom asked about the wet clothes on the side of the tub and it all came back.

I don't think I was the only one having a problem with the early morning practice so it didn't last long. #doesnthandlechangewell

Eating...in my sleep.
This one I'm not sure exactly what happened but here's the story. 11/16/17 SEVENTEEN years after the last known incident - I woke up for my early morning bathroom run, ugh! When I got back in bed I was tossing and turning but then I felt something crusty under my ankle. Was it dirt? A cookie? I wasn't sure but in the semi-dark I saw a spot on my sheet so I jumped up and ran over to the light. There was a large section of my ankle covered by crusty brown stuff. Poop? After grabbing a paper towel and getting it wet, I wiped off my ankle, smelled it and was thankful it was chocolate. Chocolate?! What the crap. There wasn't any wrapper or anything else other than brown chocolate spots on my ankle and at the foot of the bed on my fitted sheet!

When I retold the story to my coworker she said she has woken up with food in her hand and a taste in her mouth before. I'm hoping that's what I did, midnight chocolate snack and I didn't have some random piece of chocolate hanging out in my bed for who knows how long. #chocolatemakeseverythingbetter

I'm sure there are other instances but when I was retelling them for friends this week these are the only ones I could remember enough about to share.

Have you ever done something random in your sleep?


  1. haha answering my phone in my sleep is par for the course. Happens often.

  2. Haha this is hilarious! When I was younger I think I talked in my sleep. Sometimes I feel like I am in a sleep daze all day at work. But I am pretty sure that is just my brain wanting to shut down and be elsewhere. hahaha.

  3. This is the funniest thing!!!! I do good to even breath when I sleep much less do anything else.

  4. Oh my gosh that is crazy!! I've never done anything like that in my sleep (that I know of!!). My husband went through a phase about 3 months long where he did all kinds of crazy things in his sleep. One night I woke up and he was looking all over our room for a Cheerios box!! It was funny but a little scary! It was the weirdest thing and he hasn't done it in a while, thank goodness!


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