Thursday, November 30, 2017

November 2017, So Thankful

Good morning, it's the end of a very thankful month for a lot of folks. You see friends and family start off on Facebook or some other platform sharing the things they're thankful for, every day.

Every Thursday Rebecca shares the things she has been thankful for the past week. I love reading her list(s) and while I would love to join in every week lets be realistic because even with this list sometimes 10 days went by and I had to look back at my schedule to see what I would have been thankful for.

Since today is the last Thursday of November I thought I'd share my entire month of thankfulness!

1. Bursts of energy. Dishes, dinner and breakfast prep made me feel really productive and then I conked out early to bed.

2. Church friends.

3. Work. Busy day, but that makes the day go faster.

4. Family. Having a great weekend with the family, even when we're working.

5. Worship in the new chapel, the violin playing and all the natural light coming in. Very serene.

6. Love when all the family is home for an evening dinner, even when it's just leftovers.

7. Last official young adult ladies group, so thankful for the new friends I've made.

8. Quiet time. A place and time to be almost by myself. Also for walks with the old Boom. We didn't go far but he loves his walks.

9. My parents.

10. Mexican food!!! Love trying new places in the Bay Area.

11. Lazy Saturdays.

12. Family adventures.

13. Let it go. Crazy busy at Disney on a Monday and our family really didn't let the rude people get to us.

14. Coffee on MY Monday lol.

15. Boomer. We left for our walk this evening and there were dogs on both sides of the walk we usually take so we went a different route and he was just loving all the new scents lol.

16. Sleep. I went to bed early since I got up early.

17. Anticipation. I leave for Charleston tomorrow with a friend and all the planning has me so excited!

18. Early mornings and easy road trips.

19. Exciting new touristy things and Pinterest. I wouldn't have found all of the places in Charleston without it, or it would have been harder.

20. Vacationing near the Holidays and getting to see special things that aren't up year round.

21. Scenic Routes and multiples ways to get home. We hit major traffic delays, but the map apps kept us moving!

22. Spending time with my little and really good, heartwarming movies.

23. Simple Thanksgiving with the family.

24. Black Friday shopping online and getting to see an old friend at an old haunt while she was in town. Also, gorgeous sunsets and celebrating UCF Football wins!

25. Trying new places with old friends while they're visiting.

26. New church groups and getting my bible back.

27. One more day of vacation before I have to go back to work and spending those days off with Mom.

28. Having an awesome back up at work so I don't come back to chaos!!

29. Coworkers that talk you off the ledge.

30. Smooth commutes and early start times that help avoid a large chunk of the traffic.

What are you thankful for this week, month, year or today?


  1. So many good things to be thankful for! Im honestly thankful for 2017. I had a rough past few years and this year was just what my soul needed.

  2. Bursts of energy give me life. As do easy commutes but they been scarce recently!

    So much good for you here.

  3. Yes to Mexican food. Always. :) So much to be thankful for!!!

  4. So much to be thankful for! And Mexican food... always <3

  5. This is such a sweet list & a great reminder that there is always so much to be thankful for!

  6. I love you did a monthly list!!!! So much to find - & how easy to find something in every day!!!
    Sleep... isnt it crazy how we never want to go to bed early but when we get some good sleep, its the most amazing thing?


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