Thursday, June 29, 2017

First Weekend of Summer 2017

It was a hot one but a good one! This is later than I wanted but getting back into the groove is taking some time, lol.

Friday I got off early and headed for the land of Disney! While I've been to Disney many times before this was my first time staying on property.

I did the online check in thing and you're supposed to get an email when your room is ready and be able to skip check in lines, yay!! Well, I decided to test this out (am I the only one that does that?) and didn't check in when I got there, just looked around and read my book. I waited until a few minutes after 3:00 and with no email went ahead and stood in the line that thankfully wasn't long. They told me my room wasn't ready but could move me to one that was. Now I know not to wait, just ask when I get there.

We stayed on property to take advantage of Extra Magic Hours, special for Pandora until 1:00 am. Totally worth it, we got to all the things with no more than an hour wait without a fastpass for the Flight of Passage which I've been referring to as Flight of the Banshee, lol. Disney and the Imagineers did such a great job making it an immersive experience as soon as you step into Pandora.

Their ordering process in the Disney app for the restaurant in Pandora is bar none my new favorite. We didn't have to do anything except confirm we had walked in and our order was ready when we walked up to the counter.

Before we did Pandora I did put us on a sunset Safari ride and we got to see some awesome wild life. While I haven't done this another time of the day, I would definitely recommend doing it in the evening hours before the sun goes down. There were only a few animals we didn't get to see.

We also saw the Rivers of Light from really good seats. Kim had seen this previously from crappy seats, so she suggested getting those fastpasses if you can. It's not something I would see every time I go, but if someone new visits with me, I'll take them.

Saturday was rough since we were up late with Extra Magic Hours and then our neighbors were young guys that were laughing and carrying on until 4:00 am.

Luckily I had planned for us to stay until check out time so our first FP+ wasn't until 11:30-12:30. We did our few fastpasses, had lunch at the SciFi Dine In theater which was fabulous!

I even caught the storm troopers marching through on our way out. I couldn't focus on my pic because there was a guy that kept dodging me thinking I was trying to take a pic of him...have you ever heard of a selfie dude?

How was your weekend? What do you have planned for this upcoming weekend?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Goals

I wanted to post these goals for the last half of Spring, but Summer will just have to do. Yay, goals!

You guys, I'm a lazy bum when it comes to taking care of my body and as my age goes up my waistline has continued to creep.

BODY GOALS - Exercise 30 minutes 4 times a week - right now I'm doing maybe one day of 30 minutes and that's obviously not going to cut it. With my wrist tendinitis, I'll have to stick to lower body exercises. I'm thinking maybe a squat challenge or something. I might even try 50 miles in July. I liked doing that and tracking!! I just need to find an app that tracks continuous and lets me post on my pics. Do you know an app that does this?

Eat all the things.
Not sure how I'm going to go about this goal. I've done pretty good cold turkey, but not recently or only having carbs/sweets before 2PM but then ice cream happens. I need to eat a lot more salads. This is a work in progress as I haven't settled on what will actually work. As I've gotten older my self control is out the window.

Hello, you must have fun during the Summer. I have a couple of trips with friends to Orlando and Jacksonville planned but not much else. My calendar is scarily wide open and as a planner that's driving me a little wild. However I've had weekend plans get cancelled quite a bit the last couple months so there's something to be said for planning.

Prayer Journal! I purchased this but haven't written in it. While in Costa Rica I kept a journal, and that included prayer but I need to be more intentional back home.

Teehee, I'm early but I'm linking up with Steph and Sara.
Life According to Steph

What are some of your goals for Summer?