Thursday, April 6, 2017

What's New With Me

I read this on Kristen's blog every month and I always think I NEED TO LINK UP WITH THIS, but obviously I never have, until now.

It's that time of year, lol and this time I'm actually moving back to my parents house. My sister and I are moving into my parents house because they bought land to build a house a little north of us and have a farm with things like mini cows!!! Those are far off BUT I'm excited for all the things coming their/our way. We'll unfortunately all be sharing space while the house is built, BUT I'll be saving money and maybe pay off my student loans finally!!

Young adult and small group
I used to go straight home pretty much every night after work. This was good and all but I wasn't really building relationships or growing in my walk with God. I think I started small group in the Summer and then the young adult group in the Fall and I really didn't start making connections with friends from the young adult group until THIS semester. Building friendships as adults is awkward to me, IDK. We've done some things outside of group like a ball game and bike rides to dinner, I'm absolutely loving it and it's so good for me, too!

Books and Reading
I finally got back into reading. They aren't anything to "write home about" but I've really been enjoying the Harlequin Inspired Romance books. I also got rid of 75-100 books before the move and I don't miss them one bit. I finally ordered a prayer journal and can't wait to start that. Definitely after the big move on this weekend.

One of my friends moved back to Florida. She's over in Orlando, so even though it's not back home it's close enough I've been able to spend A LOT of time with her. We have done Sea World, Disney and several other fun things since she's been back. I will be sharing those at some point once I get settled but if you want to keep up with stuff like that Instagram is the best place. I'm not even great about posting there, but I'm trying to be better!

That's about all folks!

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