Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2016 vs 2017

If 2016 was the year of...me, then 2017 is the year of...better me?

I did what I wanted this year. I didn't want to blog (much), so I didn't. I stopped reading in favor of binge watching shows like Criminal Minds and SVU. I tried out meal things like Blue Apron and I paid over $100 for a ticket to see the Jaguars lose; I won't be doing that again even if Blake Bortles was a good quarterback for UCF.

In 2017 I want to focus on my health and that includes moving more (words from my doctor) meal planning/prepping and not spending frivolously. Let's look a little closer at some categories.

Frivolous Spending - Mindfulness and Intent

Makeup: I don't wear makeup everyday to work right now, so I definitely don't need to be buying it on a regular basis. I want to get rid of things I don't use and I don't want to buy ANY unless I run out. The only thing I foresee running out of would be foundation, but hopefully not anytime soon.

Books: Since I've stopped reading as much, I don't see this being a problem, but I'd really like to not buy any books this year. *gasp* I know, but I really want to use the library and borrow from friends, etc.

Clothes: After donating bags of clothes, I put away some clothes that if I lost about 10 pounds I would fit into. I told myself if I don't lose the weight in January I probably won't be losing the weight anytime soon and I will get rid of them. Currently, I just bought clothes I feel comfortable in right now, so for the next 25 pounds I have clothes. If I lose even more than that I'll be closer to a size I can find at second hand stores easier and that's where I'll look first.

Amazon: It's so hard when it's at the touch of the fingers and here in two days, lol. At least until March 1st I can't buy anything off Amazon. Anything.

Gifts: I want to minimize the "stuff" in my life and I want to do the same for others. I'm still trying to decide how this will go and I'm leaning toward experiences instead of things.

Things I AM Spending Money on:
Pedicure - In FL this is something I just don't want to give up and it's something I look forward to.
Time with Friends - I have a couple weekends already scheduled and I'm debating putting a spending limit on those outings.
My Little - BBBS encourages no spend events, but I also budget $$ each month to use for my times with her.

Food and Exercise

Better Eating:
I really need to set a schedule where I plan, shop and then prep so that's my first goal.
Friday - Meal Plan, I can do this on my breaks at work before the weekend.
Shopping in between. I'm not sure yet when I'll want to shop. Either on my way home Friday after work or ...
Sunday - Meal Prep, this is going to be harder. A lot of times I end up spending Sunday at my Parents and I need to be intentional about leaving with enough time to do some serious meal prep.
Any pointers for food prepping or shopping you've found that work?

I have the 21 day fix Country Heat and I like it. We have crazy people below us and I feel like I can't give it my stomping all and I'm sure other reasons behind why I stopped I just need to get back into it dang it!
I have been trying to get in 15-30 minutes of walking at work while enjoying this nice weather we've been having. Especially since it won't last long. :(

One last thing:
You guys, I only posted on Instagram 42 times this year! You could almost fit all of those posts in one screen, if you had a really large screen but my point is my reference for looking back on the year is minimal compared to years before it and I need want to get back to sharing. We went to the Manatee Festival in Crystal River and I took pictures but I didn't share it, didn't even blog about it but it's on my list because if you're ever down this way in January you should totally go and see the manatees!

Here's one of the pics I got on my phone, it was super cloudy when we headed out but we still had a great time.

Whew! That was A LOT but now I'm ready for the new year, just a couple weeks late.

How about you?! What are you looking forward to this year?

<3 Heather


  1. I'm just in shock you've stopped reading so much. Funny how things change.
    GIRLLLL - Amazon is SOOO easy to just click & get in 2 days. I drop money mindlessly there.
    Good for you moving more. Do the things you enjoy.

  2. Online shopping in general gets me, not just Amazon. It's just so easy!

  3. i'm trying not to buy books this year as well. i'm using the library and other free avenues, i love books obviously but i was wasting so much money.
    i'm not good with prepping on one day for the whole week - i can do lunches, but i won't do dinners, but i will at least plan them out to cook on the day.
    hope 2017 is a good year for you :)

  4. Ok I need to hear more about this manatee festival - LOVE! Sounds like a fabulous year, where you focused more on you which is so important. Cheers to an amazing 2017 <3Green Fashionista

  5. Welcome back! And if you even want to swap Kindle loans, let me know!!! We have the same taste in books (I'm reading Sawyer Bennet's latest right now)!

  6. Amazon is so dangerous, lol!! I love that you're doing BBBS... and that seems like a good thing to budget for... and I love that you treat yourself to pedicures. That's definitely worth the splurge, too. :)

  7. I love that you focused on what you wanted to this year! I try to get most of my books from the library or netgalley, I rarely buy one. I've been planning, shopping and meal prepping on Sunday's for about 4 years now and it's just part of my life and routine that I don't even think about it. You'll get used to it and won't know how you lived before!


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