Friday, November 17, 2017

TGIF Favs 3

Good Morning and Happy last Friday before Thanksiving!!

Did you already buy your turkey? We have not, but our family goes over to a friends house and we bring sides so we don't need to get a turkey, nor do we have to clean up woohoo!

I thought I'd share my favorite things about Thanksgiving since I won't be posting next Friday.

1. Food! I love the homemade food everybody dishes out. Last year I started eating cranberry sauce with my stuffing (I never ate the sauce before) and it's a total game changer. We had a potluck at work this week with a lot of Thanksgiving foods and the bonus was the addition of spanish influence and it was probably one of the best potlucks I've been to.

What's your favorite potluck food to bring?

2. People. Being able to see people that I only see every so often, maybe only this once a year is always something to be thankful for.

3. Decorating for Christmas. We put our tree up the day after, usually after we've done some shopping. We also watch all the Christmas movies but Hallmark started early I feel this year so we're already watching those, lol.

4. Black Friday. All of the sales and now that I can buy most of my stuff on the internet and don't have to do the crowds is AMAZING!

5. The parade!! Cannot forget the parade. On my bucket list is to book a fancy vaca where I can stay on the parade route in NYC someday. Oh dreams.

What are your favorite things about Thanksgiving? Linking up with Amanda!

Friday, November 10, 2017

TGIF Favs 2

Happy Friday!!

I ALWAYS love Fridays, but I tend to love them more when the weekend is filled with all kinds of goodness to come!!

We're going to Disney!! Doing The Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, staying at the Polynesian, breakfast at Kona and then Magic Kingdom. Favorites this week won't ALL be Disney related, I promise.

1. I got our Disney Christmas ears, aren't they so awesome?! I cannot wait to wear them on Sunday!! Ulous has the cheapest ears but the quality doesn't look it and they're much more comfortable than the park ears that I've tried on that immediately squeeze my head.

2. The Sephora VIB Sale started today and I have so many things I want in my cart hopefully my budget is enough for it all!! I shared it late yesterday afternoon in case you missed it.

3. This Sangria was ahhhmazing. Seriously, perfectly light, Fall drink. I'm planning to make it for a party this weekend before we leave for Disney

4. Favorite Fall and maybe Winter decor. So simple and add a little fake snow or white chunky paint to look like snow for winter!

5. Always a funny and OMG this is soooo true!

What are you up to this weekend? Linking up with Amanda!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Fall 2017 Sephora In My Cart

I love seeing what people have on their lists. From stuff they're restocking to new things they want to try for a bargain. I'm a list maker and when you combine lists with sales it's just one big party.

When the Sephora VIB sale comes around I see and hear it talked about everywhere. I want to be frugal, but some things I just HAVE to splurge on. Just in case you haven't made your purchases yet I thought I'd throw my list into the mix! FYI all of these are affiliate links, thanks for supporting me!


THIS!! If you only splurge on ONE lip product or ONE item, I would suggest this. Ride or die, holy grail, whatever you want to call it I LOVE this stuff!! It moisturizes really well, enhances your natural lip color and the cap is magnetic so it won't come off inside your purse. I have like an 1/8" left and it's the perfect timing! I'm also getting one for my mom as a Christmas gift.

If that's the lip stuff I love, Lancome Teint is my favorite full coverage foundation. I have acne scarring and serious Rosacea on my nose and chin that I have to cover up. I'm not a fan of concealer so this stuff works to cover without having to add concealer and looks fabulous even after a 10 hour work day.

This is a restock, but with a new color. I love eyeshadow sticks because I don't have to whip out a brush, palette, etc. and the Clinique Chubby Eyeshadow stick being "chubby" does a great job covering the whole eyelid without having to use my finger to smudge it around. Sephora only has two shades and I'm disappointed I can't get my old faithful Bountiful Beige but it's good to try something new once in a while, right?

Want to try

I love the Sephora Favorite sets and this one looks to be a good one. I already love the setting spray and Laura Mercier setting powder, can't wait to try the primers. I like the Tarte primer but I keep trying others looking for the perfect one!

One of the youtube girls I like to watch for makeup just LOVES this stuff and I'm so bad about putting on lotion that I thought if I had something new to try I might actually use it? That's good logic right? Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum cream

She also mentioned this lip mask and while I still love my day/night stick I thought I'd try this out and see if I notice a difference.

Since I stopped wearing full face makeup to work I've been wanting to find a powder with good coverage to swipe on everyday if I want, just to cover up that dang red, ugh! I think I'm going to give Clinique and Tarte a try. I've loved other products from these brands and was a total Clinique snob at one time so I'm hoping one of these will become a fav!

What's on your Sephora VIB Sale shopping list?!

FYI if you're shopping online and you're NOT using ebates I highly suggest you check it out. It's $$$ for spending $$$ you are going to spend anyway so why not get paid to shop?! The only thing you have to do is make sure you click through ebates to get your shopping cart started. If you use my referral link I'll get $$ and you'll get $$ so it's a win win all around. You can get the ebates web plugin that will tell you when you're on a site and how much cashback % you'd get if you activate a shopping trip. If you have any questions at all, I'd be happy to help.

Friday, November 3, 2017

TGIF Favs 1

Happy Friday, friends!!

I'm exhausted this morning. Coming to the end of a sinus infection, thanks allergies and weather changes AND the Boom decided to get up at 4:25 this morning. I also could NOT fall asleep last night, finally had to take a Nyquil to quiet the thoughts.

This post may contain affiliate links. Clicking on them may lead to a purchase that supports this blog.

1. I know the insulated bottles and cups have been around for a while now, but I found the most amazing straw cap and now I can't live without it! When I went to Costa Rica I was looking for a cheaper, black s'well'ish bottle and found it in Iconiq. They also had the option of a straw cap and since 95% of my drinks I drink through a straw I was so on board. It's awesome and I hope they make it for the larger bottles soon!

2. I've been making my own oatmeal packets and loving it!! 1/2 C old fashion oats, 1 tsp chia seeds or more if I don't measure, 1 tsp brown sugar or coconut sugar or I've also been using a squirt of Agave, cinnamon to taste and 1 Tbsp Craisins or some fresh blueberries (put in on day of). Or add in sunflower seeds, sliced nuts. I put in just enough water to cover the dry stuff and microwave for 2 minutes. You can also do 1/3 C steel cut oats for 3 mins at 50% power.

3. I'm always struggling with my sunglasses case, the microfiber cloth and the amount of space I have in my small purse. When my friend pulled her glasses out in a case that also cleaned I was blown away and had to have one for myself AND to give to all my friends, lol.

4. In Florida, you can't really make it without your flip flops. Some people do but I am not one of them. I typically find a style or brand I like and continue with them from year to year. It used to be Nike but several years ago I discovered Roxy Flip Flops and now when my flip flops die that's the brand I start researching. I'm glad I found this Lola style that comes in black and tan after a major fail when I bought these. They were cute, but the weight of them hurt my feet if I wore them too long. Who knew flip flops could be too heavy.

5. Always a funny - Link to buy (not affiliate)

This weekend is very low key before next weekend. Sister is going to fix my fading color, we're having a ladies recipe night where I'm trying this recipe at recipe night. The theme is Thanksgiving foods!!

What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday, November 2, 2017

What's New With Me...June-October

What's New With You

Good morning!!

It's totally been feeling like "fall" in Florida for the last two weeks and while I love it, I kind of with it wouldn't be so drastic. 64 in the morning and 80's in the afternoon mean you're dressing for the morning and sweating if you're outside in the afternoon, lol. Does anybody else have drunk weather like this?

In other news... time flies. When months happen between posts I never know where to start and instead of juts jumping back in and writing I get out my planner, write down all of my ideas and schedule posts I'm "going to write" and then another month goes by hahahaha.

I've been doing a lot of Disney with friends and Family AND we're going back for "Christmas" next weekend and staying on property again. Can't wait!!

Boomer has been a regular character as he enters grumpy, old man territory.

I did fall things like food truck festivals, concerts, Halloween Horror Nights and corn mazes!!

We have been trying low carb high fat dishes like the fat head pizza crust. We've tried several since then because this one was a lot more work and we usually order pizza when we're tired or lazy.

I'm going to Charleston this month!! Any tips or suggestions you have would be fantastic. We're thinking of doing this evening tour the night we get there to get the layout of the town.

What have you been up to? Are you ready to decorate for Christmas or are you holding off until after Thanksgiving? We'll be doing Fall decor until Thanksgiving week.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

First Weekend of Summer 2017

It was a hot one but a good one! This is later than I wanted but getting back into the groove is taking some time, lol.

Friday I got off early and headed for the land of Disney! While I've been to Disney many times before this was my first time staying on property.

I did the online check in thing and you're supposed to get an email when your room is ready and be able to skip check in lines, yay!! Well, I decided to test this out (am I the only one that does that?) and didn't check in when I got there, just looked around and read my book. I waited until a few minutes after 3:00 and with no email went ahead and stood in the line that thankfully wasn't long. They told me my room wasn't ready but could move me to one that was. Now I know not to wait, just ask when I get there.

We stayed on property to take advantage of Extra Magic Hours, special for Pandora until 1:00 am. Totally worth it, we got to all the things with no more than an hour wait without a fastpass for the Flight of Passage which I've been referring to as Flight of the Banshee, lol. Disney and the Imagineers did such a great job making it an immersive experience as soon as you step into Pandora.

Their ordering process in the Disney app for the restaurant in Pandora is bar none my new favorite. We didn't have to do anything except confirm we had walked in and our order was ready when we walked up to the counter.

Before we did Pandora I did put us on a sunset Safari ride and we got to see some awesome wild life. While I haven't done this another time of the day, I would definitely recommend doing it in the evening hours before the sun goes down. There were only a few animals we didn't get to see.

We also saw the Rivers of Light from really good seats. Kim had seen this previously from crappy seats, so she suggested getting those fastpasses if you can. It's not something I would see every time I go, but if someone new visits with me, I'll take them.

Saturday was rough since we were up late with Extra Magic Hours and then our neighbors were young guys that were laughing and carrying on until 4:00 am.

Luckily I had planned for us to stay until check out time so our first FP+ wasn't until 11:30-12:30. We did our few fastpasses, had lunch at the SciFi Dine In theater which was fabulous!

I even caught the storm troopers marching through on our way out. I couldn't focus on my pic because there was a guy that kept dodging me thinking I was trying to take a pic of him...have you ever heard of a selfie dude?

How was your weekend? What do you have planned for this upcoming weekend?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Goals

I wanted to post these goals for the last half of Spring, but Summer will just have to do. Yay, goals!

You guys, I'm a lazy bum when it comes to taking care of my body and as my age goes up my waistline has continued to creep.

BODY GOALS - Exercise 30 minutes 4 times a week - right now I'm doing maybe one day of 30 minutes and that's obviously not going to cut it. With my wrist tendinitis, I'll have to stick to lower body exercises. I'm thinking maybe a squat challenge or something. I might even try 50 miles in July. I liked doing that and tracking!! I just need to find an app that tracks continuous and lets me post on my pics. Do you know an app that does this?

Eat all the things.
Not sure how I'm going to go about this goal. I've done pretty good cold turkey, but not recently or only having carbs/sweets before 2PM but then ice cream happens. I need to eat a lot more salads. This is a work in progress as I haven't settled on what will actually work. As I've gotten older my self control is out the window.

Hello, you must have fun during the Summer. I have a couple of trips with friends to Orlando and Jacksonville planned but not much else. My calendar is scarily wide open and as a planner that's driving me a little wild. However I've had weekend plans get cancelled quite a bit the last couple months so there's something to be said for planning.

Prayer Journal! I purchased this but haven't written in it. While in Costa Rica I kept a journal, and that included prayer but I need to be more intentional back home.

Teehee, I'm early but I'm linking up with Steph and Sara.
Life According to Steph

What are some of your goals for Summer?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

What's New With Me

I read this on Kristen's blog every month and I always think I NEED TO LINK UP WITH THIS, but obviously I never have, until now.

It's that time of year, lol and this time I'm actually moving back to my parents house. My sister and I are moving into my parents house because they bought land to build a house a little north of us and have a farm with things like mini cows!!! Those are far off BUT I'm excited for all the things coming their/our way. We'll unfortunately all be sharing space while the house is built, BUT I'll be saving money and maybe pay off my student loans finally!!

Young adult and small group
I used to go straight home pretty much every night after work. This was good and all but I wasn't really building relationships or growing in my walk with God. I think I started small group in the Summer and then the young adult group in the Fall and I really didn't start making connections with friends from the young adult group until THIS semester. Building friendships as adults is awkward to me, IDK. We've done some things outside of group like a ball game and bike rides to dinner, I'm absolutely loving it and it's so good for me, too!

Books and Reading
I finally got back into reading. They aren't anything to "write home about" but I've really been enjoying the Harlequin Inspired Romance books. I also got rid of 75-100 books before the move and I don't miss them one bit. I finally ordered a prayer journal and can't wait to start that. Definitely after the big move on this weekend.

One of my friends moved back to Florida. She's over in Orlando, so even though it's not back home it's close enough I've been able to spend A LOT of time with her. We have done Sea World, Disney and several other fun things since she's been back. I will be sharing those at some point once I get settled but if you want to keep up with stuff like that Instagram is the best place. I'm not even great about posting there, but I'm trying to be better!

That's about all folks!

What's New With You

Monday, January 23, 2017

Pink Chair Weekend

Good morning lovies!!

I didn't have a super busy weekend, in fact the one thing I had to do was take down my Christmas tree. Anybody else still have theirs up? Well, I decided if I could get that done in January, I didn't care when I took it down as long as it wasn't still up in February. Don't worry, I have a fake tree so it wasn't rotting in my house or anything, lol.

I got that taken care of Saturday morning, but Friday night I enjoyed one of the three kinds of salads I made this week. This one was actually shown as a breakfast salad, but it works for any meal and refreshingly delicious!

Saturday, after I took down and packed away my Christmas stuff I had another salad, this time with shredded buffalo chicken on top. This is a healthier version of buffalo chicken because it uses plain Greek yogurt instead of cream cheese like a lot of buffalo chicken dips. I drizzled a little bit of ranch on top and couldn't even finish it all. My stomach is finally shrinking, yay!

Saturday afternoon I got a mani-pedi and then I stopped at a local shopping center looking for some specific things and came across a pink office chair. I have an office chair, so I didn't immediately pick it up. It was $70 cheaper than a pink sitting chair I had looked at and contemplated buying but this was more useful since it was an office chair and I typically read in bed or on the couch. Even though a pink sitting chair would look fabulous next to my bookshelf I didn't see myself using it.

That night, after I had helped my dad with renovating their bathroom, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Since it was at Home Goods, I knew it could disappear at any time so we headed off to pick it up.

Sunday was church, a meeting about an upcoming Costa Rica mission trip I'm going on and more renovations.

I also spent whatever time I had trying to catch up with Nashville. I stopped watching it because it was unnecessary drama and I thought with CMT picking it up they might stop that. I'm still in season 4 so I don't know if that's true but Deacon sure reminded me what a drama queen he was and I almost stopped watching again but taking it one episode at a time I've been able to make it through.

Next weekend is a little more packed with my mom's Birthday and maybe Gasparilla. How was your weekend?!

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