Thursday, October 6, 2016

What's NEW with ME?!

What's New With You

It always amazes me when months go by on this blog and I haven't posted. I mean when you go from posting almost daily to not posting the time just flies!

I dyed a "panel" of my hair pink again. My hair was longer this time, which made the experience a little different. My sister does it for me to save all the money and she does a pretty good job, good enough I trust her, lol. I'll share a pic soon on Instagram, I promise.

Speaking of Instagram I slacked all over the place this year.

I'm listening to The Best Yes! by Lysa TerKeurst. A friend of mine has had some BIG decisions to make and recommended it to me as I'm struggling with some decisions of my own.

Said friend is now permanently living in Florida (back from Hawaii after 5 years) and I am soooo excited! All of the fun times we've been having have been so fabulous!

I finally got around to reading It Ends With Us and it was SOOO good! Hoover is one of the authors that CONTINUES to surprise me and I just love reading her words. She's also not big on describing the intimate scenes and as a reader of romance I appreciate that.

Living with my sister is going great! Our neighbors downstairs fight so much more than we do (we've only had two major incidents) and we feel pretty good about ourselves, lol. They DID leave is a passive aggressive note on our door about how we sound like elephants stopping around, their spelling not mine and flush too loud - that wasn't on the note but the community forum. I let the complex know I've recorded a few of their fights and you can clearly hear expletives between 11 pm and 3 am. Unless you're perfect don't complain about your neighbors. I mean the guy next to us constantly drops things and falls? but this is apartment living until I have enough saved for a house.

Hurricane Hermine came through and we got some days off work! Now it's Hurricane Matthew and coming in off the other coast so it shouldn't affect us too much on this side. I did have to reschedule Halloween Horror Nights for tonight to the end of the month. The crowds will be worse, but better to be safe than sorry when your friend lives on the other coast and would be out driving in the hurricane!

I did 14/21 of the 21 day fix with the new Country Heat and I loved it! Sometimes life just gets to be too much and I can't do it all.

I FINALLY found a young adults group at a church so I can make more friends since almost all of mine have moved away. Being old and making friends is hard work. I remember moving when my dad was in the Army and it wasn't nearly as hard to make friends in school.

I shared this awesome chocolate chip cookie in a mug on Facebook and we tried it out so it's legit tasty.

I was on schedule to pay off my credit cards this month, but it's looking like next month and I'm okay with that, still on schedule for the end of the year so that's awesome! I think my last "lately" post I talked about NOT being able to pay it off BUT then I found out I wasn't 0% anymore and got my booty in gear.

What have you been up to?!


  1. girl congrats on the credit cards! that is so awesome. i was supposed to have mine paid off by the end of the year but it is definitely not gonna happen. i am hoping for before i turn 30, but who knows. fingers crossed. that's february next year so not much more time lol.

    um, your neighbours sound absolutely horrible. i can't believe they'd complain about things like that and then argue all hours of the night. how rude.

  2. OH NO... neighbor drama. That is crazy that they're leaving notes & putting things on forums. Legit crazy.
    I love the 21 day fix program. So good for you!
    OHHH - I love a good mug sweet treat!
    Good to see you back

  3. YUM totally craving that chocolate chip cookie in a mug! And ooooh apartment life, I remember dealing with everything from fights/noise issues to people fighting about parking. Congrats on almost paying off your credit cards - AWESOME :-D

  4. So fun that your friend is moving back to Florida-- and you're so right about trying to make friends as an adult, not as easy as it used to be! I've been on the hold list for that Hoover novel forever, but hopefully will get it sometime this month.

  5. Apartment life...there are always people who complain about everything. And if you ever don't live on a top floor you think you have elephants that live above you. People need to get over themselves.

    It is so hard to make friends as adults. I have been here for six years and I still feel like I hardly have any friends that live around here that I can hang out with. It's rough.

  6. Hey girl!

    I'm glad you found a group, that helps in the friends making friends department.

    Are you kidding me with "flush too loud?" Stop it right now. Like you make the toilets work? Besides, you're right, you have to allow for some noise in apartment living.


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