Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer Goals 2016

Life According to Steph

I haven't done a Seasonal Goals link up ever I don't think. I used to do them monthly and then when life took over and I didn't accomplish anything that was no fun so hopefully I can cross off some things for this Summer.

These really aren't in any particular order but numbering seemed natural.

1. Pool party with a fun float like the flamingo or donut!!

2. Get a tan - for the past couple of Summers I haven't laid out as much as I wanted to in the FL sun.

3. Movie outside - Clearwater has an awesome set up Friday and Saturday nights on the beach. I want to take advantage of it more.

4. See a baseball or softball game

5. Tie Die something

6. Go fishing

7. Go to a Farmer's Market, Flea Market or Festival

8. Complete a 30 day challenge (squat, summer body, food, etc.)

9. Make a Summer playlist

10. Go to an Amusement park or theme park

11. Visit the library - I use a lot of their digital books every month but I haven't been in a couple years.

12. Wear different earrings - I have a few pairs but end up wearing the same everyday. I changed it up today already!

13. Visit grandparents

14. Unpack and organize my room - we have a goal for the apartment...Labor Day.

What are some of your goals this Summer?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Book Review: The Lessons by Elizabeth Brown

Question: What happens when a thirty-year-old virgin hires a sex surrogate to take care of her "little problem"?

Answer: Lots of laughs and tons of heat. You'll be left wanting a Dr. Ryan Andrews of your own.

Warning: This story contains mature humor, a lot of cursing, and of course, sexual situations. It’s intended for adult readers who enjoy that kind of thing.
Sexual Surrogate (Definition): A sexual surrogate, sometimes called a surrogate partner, is a member of a sex therapy team consisting of client(s), supervising therapist, and surrogate. Some couples attend sexual surrogacy sessions together, while some people (either single or in a couple) attend them alone. The surrogate engages in education and often intimate physical contact and/or sexual activity with clients to achieve a therapeutic goal. - Wikipedia
Dual POV with no cliffhanger.
Stand-alone book 1 in The Off-Limits series.


I thought the independence that Natalie starts off with was awesome. Moving to a new city, starting a new job and putting yourself out there are all things that can be difficult to some and doing them all at once was definitely the way to go for her. The connection she had with the guy at the library was on point and then the book went downhill from there for me.

Luckily the author and story kept me engaged and I continued to read it. I did want to see how the story panned out. I just didn't think the story was as strong as it could have been and a lot of the situations people would find humorous were either lost on me or irritating more than comical to the story.

I thought it was edited well and Ryan was good book boyfriend material. There is a second book that involves Ryan's little sister AND best friend. I'm adding that to my TBR and maybe it'll be like other companion novels that end up being better than the first book for me!

Are you a reader? Check out my other book reviews here. Also make sure we're friends on Goodreads!!

I was provided with a copy of The Lessons in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tampa Margarita Festival 2016

Instead of focusing on all the rain blanketing the state of Florida, lets look back at my experience at the Tampa Margarita Festival. It's been going for a few years and each year gets bigger.

Tampa Margarita Festival

Tampa Margarita Festival is getting a lot of negative feedback from irate customers and I'm happy to say even though there were problems with our adventure they wouldn't keep me from coming back. With 13,000 people in attendance long lines are to be expected, and our wait to get in was maybe 30 minutes. It didn't look like the VIP line took long if you got there early but I saw a lot of complaints that the VIP line to get in was taking just as long as our general admission line that was only about 30 minutes.

We did Uber down there, back after dinner and then back to my friends and with parking costing $20 I would definitely suggest it was the way to go because out rides only cost about $7 each way. I did see that people found cheaper parking in the Poe garage, which is where they suggest you park. It would have been nice to have a designated drop/pick-up zone for those that did Uber.


We arrived between 12:30 and 1:00, getting our wrist bands topped up at 1:15 according to my welcome email. They used RFID wristbands which you load money to in minimum of $5 increments. One of the biggest complaints was that if you didn't use all of your money and wanted a refund you would be charged $3.50. For couples that could be a loss of $7! I've done the ticket thing where you don't get ANY money back, but at least you can combine tickets. You had to stand in line to top them up, apparently there was supposed to be a way to load them through a website on your phone but I saw some people saying they couldn't get that to work.

I was one of two at my first tent that got charged twice for my first drink. It was a delicious red Sangrita and I should have just taken the two I was charged for and moved on with my day but I wanted to be able to try more than one kind of margarita!! I ended up waiting about 30 minutes to get the money refunded to me and while I was waiting they were very apologetic and even gave me a koozie. They didn't have to do that and I know it was a long hard day for the workers there that kept the show running.


After I got my refund, we stopped by two food tents to get a taco and some nachos. The nachos were delicious, totally worth the money and because I'm not in the habit of taking pictures of everything I forgot to take pics of my food, lol. The first taco was $5 and only came with the meat, lettuce and cheese. No few chips on the side, a little disappointing because across the way where I went to get the nachos for $10 with pulled pork, pico, cheese, etc. my friend got two tacos and a few chips with cheese sauce for $10.


Each margarita started at $7.25 from what I could see. It would have been nice to know this ahead of time to calculate and fill your wristband accordingly. Waters were $2.50 each and I ended up buying four total. Two at the beginning and then two to use up my wristband money at the end!!
I only tried three different margaritas.
Red Sangrita
Ocean Blue Run Rita - vanilla rum, pineapple juice and classic marg ingredients. This one is the teal color everyone kept commenting on while we were walking around.
Summer Breeze Margarita

My favorite was the Ocean Blue Rum Rita and I'm going to try and replicate it because the mermaid color was just gorgeous and the sweet deliciousness has stayed with me all week!

The Shade and Seating

I didn't think there were near enough shaded areas. What they had got crowded quickly and if it wasn't for this concrete arena area near the river we wouldn't have had a place to relax.

With the lack of shade and seating, I did end up almost passing out...not from the drinking, but from the heat. I do outside things quite a bit like Universal and Disney BUT I usually stop in shops with air conditioning frequently. I was a little shocked they didn't have a medical tent with that many people there. They did have EMTs but if they came to check you out they were going to send you in an ambulance to the thank you when all I needed was some shade, a seat and to bring my body temperature down. We ended up sitting on the grass in the shade between two vendors where I quickly warmed up the water bottles we'd recently purchased with my body heat. The staff was pretty accommodating while I struggled with the heat and now I know to take one of those mini electric fans.

I was not compensated or given free tickets for this event. I spent $15 for a General Admission ticket at Walgreens and saved $10 from the door price!! Cheapest tickets was definitely the way to go and I bought them the morning of!!! I tried winning tickets on every blog giving them away but none of them panned out so I was glad I could still get the cheap tickets the morning of.