Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 The Year Of...

Make sure you check out my post on Becca Dorr today as I put together a list of parties you can have in 2016 that don't happen every year!!

Last year I had lots of goals and resolutions. Some I surpassed and others I barely made a dent in. This year I intend to focus on a few things that I believe will lead to a multitude of change.

The year of ME.

I turn 31 this year.

Isn't that supposed to be when your body no longer bounces back, so I need to focus on being the best me I can. No more binge watching/reading because I'm lazy...unless I've done some working out, healthy eating or design work OR blogging for that matter. You know, just a few areas I am looking to improve upon in 2016.

Preparing for the FUTURE

After reading this article I decided my entire year of no spending really could make a huge change if I do six months of a shopping cleanse and then the last six months are buckling down and trying to save every penny.

I want to buy a house that I can make mine with more than just paint, like built in book cases and freaking window boxes!

Apartment living is nice and has shown that I bask in the laziness since I don't have to do anything like yard work or DIY projects to make things so pretty.

While I was writing this my girl crush shared something on Instagram that really hit home and reminded me of why I just love her.

You all know by now that I'm not one for making resolutions. I am, however, a big believer in setting intentions. My friends @iamhertribe hit the nail on the head so perfectly today that I'm going to go ahead and repost what they wrote, and wish you all an incredible, focused, narrow & deep, beautiful year ahead. Put your action where your heart is 💗 ・・・ Be easy on yourself. Don't rush to write down half-hearted resolutions + force accelerated change on your life, all in effort to make the January 1st mark. Now is a time for reflection. For pausing. For learning. For letting go and transcending. What is heavy? What is light? What would you like to see shift? Create an intention, a positive calling, your own personal spark of magic that will manifest itself. All rooted in loving self, then back it all with your action. #iamhertribe

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And now I have girl crush song stuck in my head.

What are you looking to improve in 2016?


  1. You are going to ROCK this year!

  2. Thats a great goal u can do it :)

  3. I absolutely love this! & Sophia Bush is amazing, love her I no longer make resolutions, I have goals that I want to accomplish..biggest one for me this year is finishing my book!

  4. You'll do awesome this year! I think after a month or so, the shopping cleanse will come natural. Once you start only buying things you NEED, it becomes habit.

  5. that is a fabulous quote - so true. good luck on the spending less, saving more - you can do it!!

  6. I support the homeownership idea.... even though we've been renovating for 6 months and I desperately miss my house/forget that I have one. ;) I'm hoping to read more in 2016... personally and professionally!


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