Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and didn't let it spill over into your blog like I did, haha!


Thanksgiving shenanigans were had after I got my place all cleaned up and organized in the morning. We ended up doing some Post Thanksgiving Day shopping around 8:00 Thursday night and the crowds had died down substantially!


Some organization took place. I had a lot of scrapbook paper to go through. I took a pic but my phone doesn't have it...does that happen to anyone else? I do have a pic of the craft room before, but not after. My blogging game was obviously strong this weekend.


I spent the morning finishing up going through stuff from high school and then hung out with A while he was in town. We did quite a bit during our time together, all over Tampa and Pinellas before calling it quits.


We had brunch at church, yum although someone made something that messed with the tummies a little bit. Then I gathered all of my Christmas stuff from my parents so I could start putting things up this week! I also managed to use the last bit of daylight and get my apartment tour photo/video shot.

I think I mentioned that I had a rather unappealing online dating incident and that led to a friend sending me this story...suffice it to say I might have to revive my tumblr so I can reblog the sh*t out of this blog!

Reading: Reapers Fall Accelerate
Listening: Adele's 25, no judging
Watching: Season 2 of Law and Order: SVU

What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. I need to clean up my craft area - aka my kitchen table :) haha
    I bought Adele's new CD but havent even put it in yet.. I cant stop listening to my Christmas CD's :)

  2. So jealous of that beach photo - although it's going to be 60 here this weekend and I'm pretty excited for that!! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Sounds like such a good Thanksgiving weekend! I wish I could have gone to the beach like you!

  4. I'm looking to do a lot of organizing this weekend, just a weekend behind your!

  5. Well of course in England we don't celebrate this, but I'm an definitely jealous of what you and everyone else has been up to!


    Happy December! // I'm doing a BLOGMAS feel free to have a read!

  6. I need the organizational bug to bite me bad!!! I have so many areas to go through! So ummm who is A? I feel like I am watching an episode of PLL. Hehe. Hope you are still enjoying Accelerate!!! I loved that book!

  7. Look at you double fisting those drinks! Sounds like it was a great weekend!!

  8. i'm listening to Adele's album too! I really like Hello (I hadn't heard it before I bought the album) but don't love anything else as yet, but I really haven't listened to it that much.
    That ice cream!


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