Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Florida Weekending Before the Holidays

Happy Tuesday!! It's basically my back-to-work Monday and what a fabulous Monday I actually had.

On Saturday I headed up to Jax to see S and spend some quality time with her before the busy Sunday and Monday we had planned. She took me to a local taco place, TacoLu Baja Mexicana and on top of delicious chips and salsa, they had a tarty margarita that portions of the proceeds go to help a little girl that is on her second fight with cancer and they had very interesting tacos.

I tried a bang bang shrimp taco, pretty typical, a chicken taco, also normal and a little bland to me. Then there was the adventurous one; steak with brie and grapes on a taco and it was delicious!

We headed to a Holiday in the park kind of thing that is very popular in the little towns around me, but the one near Jax this weekend was a bust. We did however discover a Minions lawn ornament display that was fabulous!

Sunday I got to try out the church S has been going to and really getting involved in. I could definitely see why she liked it and would want to go back next time I'm in Jax.

Then we headed over to eat lunch before the Jags game. She told me about a new'ish chain restaurant similar to Panera called Newks. I had a lobster bisque soup and a pesto chicken sandwich. The sandwich was a little dry, but full of flavor so not really a complaint just an observation. Apparently they're opening one up in Clearwater, cool!

S thought she bought tickets in our tried and true section, but alas she got end zone tickets and they were great seats except it was 75+ in Jax with the sun shining right at us. We left just before half time and then they won, go figure. Even if we knew they were going to kick butt we weren't going to sit miserable for two more hours and get more sweaty. #truth.

There was this cute bus we saw on our walk back to the car.

After the game we stopped at her apartment to pick up our luggage and then it was off to Lazy Moon because it's only in Orlando and they have our favorite pizza.

At Universal, we stayed on site for a very reasonable hotel rate and saw that they had a lazy river!!!!! I do not get in public pools as a general rule, but this I was up for. Only, we didn't bring our suits and I should know better because S always wants to do hot tub'ish things.

We looked around the hotel gift shop and after deciding I wasn't spending over $100 on a bathing suit I convinced her Target was a better option and she thanked me multiple times, lol. I ended up with a super cute tankini for a fraction of the cost!!

Monday morning we had early park admission BUT we didn't want to go to Islands of Adventure first, so I said we should head and get in line for Universal because we wanted to ride the minions ride without an hour wait. Well, we did still wait for about an hour, but that was waiting for the park to open in general. It was cute, and then we headed over to the Shrek ride, again without a wait and both of these were new for me. I also finally rode the HP dragons ride. S said I scream bloody murder on rides...they're scary and it makes it more fun.

Fun Fact: The Hulk ride was one of the original rides at Islands of Adventure and is all sorts of torn down right now. It's due to reopen BIGGER and BETTER sometime in Summer 2016.

We also had more time to take pics of each of us disappearing into the wall at the train station like HP, but my pics didn't turn out so stellar. I did get some great pics of Grinchmas, which was fabulous. Another time we stood in line for about 30 minutes, but the good seats were totally worth it. All in all, getting up early made for a very successful day.

At Grinchmas they had a dog that looked just like Max from The Grinch with Jim Carey! I was in awe and the dog was sooo cute!

Oh! We also waited around, sitting on a bench this time...for the super heroes to come out on their motorcycles and each of us got a pic with a Marvel character.

I'm going to try and participate in #12DaysofOrnaments with S, so make sure you're following me on Instagram for that and join along if you want!!

Currently -

Watching: Christmas Movies (The Grinch and Christmas Vacation)
Reading: Hard Beat by K. Bromberg
Listening: Gamble by Kristen Ashley

How was your weekend?!


  1. What a wonderful weekend and only a little jealous you were in Jax for it! I wonder if my friends have heard of Newks (I haven't) so I'll be trying it out next time I go home! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So much good stuff in this post! Before I read, I was like are there grapes on that taco?! haha They look delicious, as do the drinks! But so jealous you were at a football game and universal all in the same weekend!

  3. I need to join in with the ornament hashtag :)
    What a fun weekend - any place that has a Wolverine is a good weekend :)
    I cant believe bathing suits are still for sale down there. You'd never find out, even on clearance racks, here.
    I'm not a fan of public pools either. ...ewww...

  4. What a fun weekend! The food and drinks from TacoLu Baja Mexican look amazing!
    xx Emily
    Martinis & Bikinis

  5. That margarita looks delish. Love the minion lawn blow up. How is that dog not running all over the place. Looks like a fun trip!

  6. The pizza looks right up my alley...the drinks and tacos too. Really fun weekend!

  7. What a fun weekend! We have a Newks!!! They have a Sherry dressing that I am obsessed with!!! That pizza looks amazing. Mmmmm. Weird tacos sometimes fail me, that one sounds really interesting.

  8. I love Bobby Bones, and the fact that you have a Pimpin' Joy tee! I keep wanting to try Newk's and have yet to.

  9. Such a fun weekend! Yay for a Jags game even if it was super hot in the sun, and for Universal! Isn't it a bummer that The Hulk has been shut down, I bet the new one will be amazing though. And YES to lazy rivers <3

    Green Fashionista

  10. oh i love that the proceeds were going to that little girl, how lovely. that adventurous taco sounds delicious!
    we were so sad that the hulk was closed when we went, we're planning on going back once it has opened! we didn't ride the minions ride, but we loved the HP dragons one.. we rode it like 6 times hahaha.


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