Friday, December 4, 2015

Family GIft Ideas 2015

Happy Friday!! Love that I had two short weeks in a row! I've been a slacker and haven't even put up a tree at my place, or listened to Christmas music. Not going to lie, it's making me feel a bit like scrooge. I did send off a Christmas gift swap gift this week and will be sending off another one this ASAP so I'm not completely out of the holiday loop, PLUS I have totally been participating in the Holiday shopping.

I normally do a Monthly or weekly favorites round up and I thought I'd share my favorite gifts for my family members. I'm pretty sure none of them read this, and even if they do...surprise!!

Dad // Outdoorsy, Computer Geek, Macho Man

Months ago I picked up a UCF Star Wars shirt for my dad.

When we were at the Junior League Christmas Shop I found one of the Yeti Colster holders to send with my dad on his deep sea fishing trip...and then I forgot to give it to him so automatic Christmas gift, lol. I'd love to get one of the coolers, BUT at $200+ it's just not practical.

Mom // Crafty, Makeup Maven

I can always get my mom something crafty and this year I got her some embossing folders. This isn't the exact one, but she likes patterns so she can make cards.

I also ended up getting her one of the Naked on the Go kits from Ulta before they ran out and while they had triple points, score!

Sister // Harry Potter Fan, Mid 20's

I don't think this shirt is available anymore, so I snatched it up months ago and I hope she loves it!

I also got her another shirt (because clothes are cool) and this is one I'm thinking we'll do some sibling pics in and J can borrow one of mine. They're the #pimpinjoy shirts that Bobby Bones Show is known for to benefit several charities, including cancer and kids.

I'm also gifting her the portable charger I got in my FabFitFun box since I already have one.

Brother // Former Starbucks Barista, Music Maker

This dude is a little harder to shop for. He's always saving his money for something so tossing in some dough is a good gift to help him buy a piece of equipment. I also got him one of the Starbucks mugs from the Original store in Seattle when we were there.

Boomer // Stuffed Animal Enthusiast

I ordered a poop Emoji stuffed toy for the Boom, lol. He's a stuffed toy junkie and I love it! Similar.

What do you get for your family members?

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  1. I got everybody those Colsters this year! They are fantastic! Thanks for checking out my blog, and I will be at the Christmas parade in Dunedin for sure :)

  2. You have everyone covered and then some - I feel like my parents are really hard to buy for!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. We don't have a tree yet either, and it's making me slightly sad, haha. So many good ideas- I love that HP t-shirt!

  4. I love that Harry Potter shirt! These are great gift ideas!

  5. haha - my niece loves stuffed animals - I'd love to get her that poop emoji one :)

  6. Loving all your gifts! I need that HP tee in my life - amazing!

    Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  7. Such cute ideas!!! I got a huge bone for my mom's dogs to share. She refers to them as "the girls" just as she did Tracy and I when we were younger hahaha. I am not sure what I am getting my sister yet. I think I am coordinating with her husband based on what he gets her. And I am not sure with my mom yet either. She loves everything which makes it just as hard as not liking anything somehow.

    My dad is getting a gift card. He is the worst to buy for!

  8. My dogs love their poop emoji. Mae is obsessed with it. LOL

  9. Ha! I bought a friend of mine the poop emoji pillow for Christmas. I know she's going to get a big kick out of it.

  10. I wish I was all set like you!! My family is so hard to buy for!! Love the Star Warr shirt!! =)

    Have a great weekend & a wonderful holiday season! Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  11. HAHA that poop emoji! Hilarious! Great, unique gifts. Love all your ideas! Hope you had a great weekend and are in the Christmas spirit now (I'm....... slowly getting there....)

  12. I got my brother the Hug a Hater t-shirt from Pimpin Joy. He loves funky t-shirts.


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