Sunday, December 13, 2015

Book Review: What's Wrong With My Houseplant?

Synopsis: Houseplants add style, clean the air, and bring nature indoors. But they are often plagued with problems—aphids, mealybugs, mites, and thrips to name just a few. What’s Wrong With My Houseplant? shows you how to keep indoor plants healthy by first teaching you how to identify the problem. This hardworking guide includes plant profiles for 148 plants organized by type, visual keys to the most of common problems, and the related organic solutions that will lead to a healthy plant. This easy-to-navigate book is for anyone who loves and has struggled with their indoor plants—it will turn even the brownest thumbs green!


Growing up, I always made my fun of my mother and her black thumb. She has tried numerous times to have gardens, flower beds and various potted plants but most of them end up dead. A year ago when everybody couldn't stay healthy I started looking into plants that suck bad things out of indoor environments and put good air back out, thinking that might help a little and while I found some great plants I had a hard time keeping all of them alive.

What's Wrong With My Houseplant would have been great to have a couple months ago because all but one of my plants bit the dust, literally.

The book did a great job of giving insight to any and all problems you might come across while trying your hand at houseplant'ing. It even talked about really gross diseases and bugs that can creep in your plants waiting to destroy them.

Thanks to What's Wrong With My Houseplant? I am better prepared, even more so than what I could find on Google, when I go to buy my next set of houseplants.

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I was provided with a copy of What's Wrong With My Houseplant? in exchange for my honest review.


  1. this was fascinating! i've never heard of a book like this. as a black and charred thumb over here, i could totally use this.

  2. I should probably read this book because I'd love to have more indoor plants, but I rarely do very good with keeping plants alive either!

  3. I wish my house had better light so I could have more houseplants. I have a few plants that I have had for over 15 years but one of them really hasn't grown so I should probably figure it out.

  4. I have been dying to fill my house with plants and I just haven't gotten around to doing it. This book would be perfect once I get that going!


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