Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Favorites - November

Happy Friday! I hop you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now Christmas is around the corner. Hopefully you've started Christmas shopping...I'm almost done because I don't want to go to the mall too close to Christmas, lol. I missed sharing my favorites the last month or two but I finally got my act together!

I got this Bliss Micromagic scrub in ONE of my subscription boxes and OMG it's fabulous. My skin feels so smooth after using it and it has a minty smell to it, perfect for the winter blues.

I mentioned this TooFaced Primer in my Sephora VIB reccomendations post, but I think it needs to make an appearance on my favorites list. I've seen some of my favorite beauty Youtubers using the Marc Jacobs coconut primer and though I haven't used that I would guess they're similar as this is made of the coconut water, too. I'm adding the Marc Jacobs one to my someday shopping list or wish list addendum.

Triscuits have always been a little too dry for me to enjoy, but I recently saw a cute ad on Facebook to put a spoonful of cottage cheese and a slice of tomato on top of a Triscuit. #gamechanger It adds just enough moisture AND it gives you extra protein!

I've been trying out a lot of perfumes recently and one of my absolute favorites recently has been Prada Candy. I chose to buy it in a roller ball because I'm sure I'll be on to a new scent soon with my Sephora favorites purchase!!

Since I waited to post this I can add these amazing margaritas that I had yesterday. If you like all things tart, this was a great margarita combo - Cranberry Margaritas. I'm pretty sure I added more lime juice to mine, but it was absolutely delicious.

I actually went out to the sales at Target, Ulta and Walmart and bought some stuff. Target had so many things 40% off. I even got one of the Ugly Sweater kits for $15 and that's about what I would pay putting mine together. I got my apartment all sparkly for company and to take pictures when the sun is nice and bright sometime this weekend, now it's onto the craft room at my parents house so I can get creative!

What's on your agenda for the weekend?!

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  1. I really love the bliss products. I've only used them when I'm at the spa, but I love the way the smell!!

  2. Ohhh I need to smell that perfume!!!! And check out that Bliss product! I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hope you had an amazing time with family. I love triscuits, and the sweet potato ones are my favorite.

  4. Love Prada Candy! It smells so good.

  5. ooh good idea putting the cottage cheese and tomato on the triscuits. yum!

  6. I am totally trying that Triscuit recipe and want to get my hands on the Bliss scrub!


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