Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Yay! I know this is Nadine's jam and Kathy's jam but I totally missed it last week the last TWO weeks and I'm finally showing up to the party. #partyhard

More Coffee Less Talky

I have given up online dating, when you meet two too many creeps and you're more of a homebody you realize you just need to get out more. #hellohappyhour

I made a list of FIVE things I want to do while I'm off for the Thanksgiving weekend since I'm off five days and I want to be super productive.

1. Purge Craft Room which has been on my Black Friday list for months and it's a group effort so hopefully it gets done quickly!
2. Apartment Tour (This involves cleaning, staging and pictures/video before the Christmas decor goes up!)
3. Blog Makeover (I've started this, but it's nowhere near done.)
4. Blog Prep for posts like book reviews and upcoming yearly favorites lists.
5. Add red to my hair because the pink is fading and it's Christmas season!

I'm trying to declutter my place and one of the things I still haven't purchased is a napkin holder. I'm torn between these two. One is twice as much, but oh so cute! #decisionsdecisions

Utensils | Pineapple

I finally found a peppermint item that was not all that, the Breyers Peppermint Cookie ice cream but then I gave it another try this time adding chocolate syrup and it's not that bad. #secondchances

I went to the Derm yesterday because I had a worse case of acne this month and it's still hanging on for the third week, boo. She gave me a coupon and I thought it was a $35 off so when I looked up the price and the cheapest I found was in the $200+ I was seriously thinking I didn't need it that bad but I looked at the coupon again and it says not to pay more than $35. Thank you coupon people and the nice Derm I saw yesterday! #ionlybuythingswithacoupon #thatsnottrue

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow and spending time with family and friends!! As long as the weather holds like it's supposed to we'll get to eat outside and I've even heard there will be cranberry margaritas and s'mores! #winningallaround

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Anything you need to get off your chest?


  1. awesome coupon deal! hope the treatment helped/will help. adult acne sucks balls :(

    thanks for linking up!

  2. I need to re-org my closet this weekend too - it's getting out of hand!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I love a good coupon. Glad you looked at it again

  4. I am attempting to declutter over this break too, but its not going too well, haha! I hope you have a great holiday!

  5. OMG. The stuff from dermatologists is always SO EXPENSIVE! Yay for a great coupon!! Enjoy those smores for me... and don't forget to relax a little too!! ;)

  6. I like the pineapple napkin holder! That reminds me, I need a butter dish.

    Cheers to a good coupon. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Can't wait to see some red in your hair and an apartment tour!

  8. I had that same coupon for pay no more than $35 BUT that is if your insurance covers it. Which mine did not. I mean, wtf do we even have insurance if it doesn't cover what you need???? I hope that same thing doesn't happen to you. I ended up not getting it because holy expensive!

    I love that pineapple napkin holder! Best luck on your list of stuff. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. good luck getting all your stuff done! i want to get a lot of blog prep done, some reading, and some sleeping. haha!

  10. Yay for coupons! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  11. Cranberry margarita sounds good, as does your to-do list for the weekend!

  12. The pineapple one is cute. I think a cranberry margarita while doing your chores is a better idea.

  13. I love the pineapple napkin holder! Super cute. Thanks for linking up.

  14. Good luck with the home pictures! I always feel so much pressure to make sure everything looks good when I show my place on my blog. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  15. I have a friend here that always has me laughing about her online dating experiences. She recently shared a meme with me. It had a picture of a guy behind bars (in jail) and it said something like, "His online profile said he lives in a gated community and that he hasn't been with a woman in years."

  16. Yes to the closet re-org an the blog re-design. Definitely on my to do lists as well!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving <3

    Green Fashionista


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