Wednesday, November 4, 2015


We're doing a themed angel tree at church this year and I'm so excited that it's BOOKS!! So I've been pinning all of the book Christmas tree decor and ordered some library pockets to put the angels info in. I can't wait to make book paper garland and buy all of the books for my little angel.

I'm a lazy bum on most nights and then there are those rare moments where I get an awful lot done. I need more of those stolen moments.

I'm trying not to buy a bunch of things this month because of all the shopping that I'm sure I'll do for Christmas and I want to be able to buy some cool Christmas decor for my apartment.

Speaking of my apartment, now that I've been in it for six months...I might be getting around to doing a walk through with pics and video during one of these Holiday breaks.

I cringe when I see or hear specific words like boo, bae, on fleek and basic. And when I say cringe, I really mean fly into a mini rage inside my head.

On the flip side, I like words and phrases like Fri-Yay, All the feels/things, and shortening phrases like fab, fav, etc.

While I was looking into words that are commonly used because I can't remember them all I came across this list and it's kind of interesting. I think this one is my fav.

I'm going to my first blow dry bar experience after work tomorrow and really only found one "what to expect" post. I'm also wishing I had longer hair because those seem to be the girls that really benefit from this multi-day blow out. And the girls with curly hair. Probably why I've never gone to one before. This one is a blogger event, sponsored by Scottie Facial Tissues. I'll be sharing all about it Friday!!

I missed doing a monthly favorites in October on the blog and both September and October on Youtube. This month most of my favorites were beauty products so then I think I should just do a beauty favs. #indecisive

I think I'm going to have to stop getting Owlcrate after the first of the year. As much as I love the books and extra goodies it's sooo hard for me to read a "real" book right now that I haven't even started the book from September!

If you're a romance reader, there's a really cool kickstarter going on for the first and only Romance only bookstore in the states, The Ripped Bodice. I'm anxious to see this take off since you know I love a good romance!

The first round of voting started on Goodreads Choice Awards for 2015, have you voted for your categories yet?

I just signed up for a blogger Christmas gift exchange. I got kind of bummed out when the last Instagram one I participated in I didn't receive anything and the last two I sent to didn't post the boxes I sent so I have no idea if they liked them. I mean, not even a thank you @mylittlehea or anything. It really made me think they were just ungrateful little shits. Even when I receive something that isn't cool like a box of $1 spot items I still say thank you.

With all of that off my chest, I hope I just had a bad streak and won't be doing any Instagram ones again. The blogger ones I've done have been much better and if you see any while you're perusing blogs, send me the link as I miss doing them!!

The outlets were kind of a bust. I found a red plaid shirt at Gap Factory and it wasn't on sale at all. Even with my 15% discount coupon it was going to be $45. I walked away. #patsselfonback

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  1. Ahh I can't think of Christmas yet. I have so much things to do before then! Thanks for linking up.

  2. oh man.. that's a bummer about the gift exchange. I've always had good luck with them but I'm sure theres always those people that aren't team players :(

    I've gotta save your pinterest board - I so loved your pumpkin - cant wait to see what you do for Christmas!

  3. Book paper garland? Sounds fabulous!!! I hate boo, bae, on fleek and basic too. Ughhhh. Cant wait to hear about your dry bar experience! I haven't found anything at the Gap outlet is so long that I honestly quick going in to my local one. I stick to Loft, Coach, J Crew, Banana Republic and sometimes Old Navy. Our outlets are small and that is really all we have haha.

  4. haha some of those words make me rage too! i call KC boo as a joke, but not in a loving way. i still don't understand on fleek.
    i participated in one blogger exchange thingy... it was a book one.. and the girl sent me an ARC that she had already read, and I sent her books that I bought her. I was so mad that I said nope, no more, ever.

  5. That's so bad about not getting thanked for your exchange boxes! I mean how easy is it to do these days with social media. Hopefully your blogger Christmas one goes much better! And I'm with you on the boo, bae etc, but still liking all the short and sweet/blogger chatter like FriYAY and fab!

  6. I need more evenings of getting stuff done instead of being a lazy bum. After dinner on weeknights, the couch usually owns me :-P

    Green Fashionista

  7. Ugh Bae really annoys me too. I can't believe they didn't post or thank you, so rude! I have been lucky being paired with awesome girls but it is hard to shop for some people too. Stresses me out. I have so many physical books I haven't read yet thanks to Kate I am trying to get through them all. Remind me to stop requesting more books from NetGalley!!

  8. Heather! I need to know where you got that African soap you sent me. I finally broke it out yesterday and some people need to get it for Christmas. I assemble some of my favorite things for gift ideas!

    Wah I hate Fri-YAY.

  9. Ugh... the gift swap... some people are just assholes!!!!!!

  10. Fleek is my number one most despised word. It beat out moist after years. ITS SO BAD. The gift swap is a bummer, I never get that. Even if a person fell into a place where they weren't able to blog/Instagram you know a person's blog and can reach out to say thank you. Simple kindness people!


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