Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Behind the Pic - Fly over State of Kansas

June 2014 was my first Jason Aldean and my first Country Superfest. The only reason I even got this good of a pic is because it was raining when the concert started and pretty much chaos getting in.

See, you're not supposed to bring in cameras with separate body/lens but I didn't read that until the next day when we were headed back, lol. Granted my camera bag is a satchel with the camera strap and was under my poncho so you couldn't really see it but that's also a little scary that they weren't checking closely just because of the rain.

Now, onto why I even took this particular picture. I'm sure it was a stroke of luck because it's a moving background and I had to get one with Kansas in it because that's the place I always think of as home.

This was the background during Fly Over States which talks about all of those states in the middle that most people probably don't give a second thought to unless they've been there or know someone from there. I'm sure I would be the same because most of the States I don't know someone from don't even register on my radar until I visit them and they're all on my list!

This was the concert I got THE best pics thanks to the rain.

Where's home to you? What's a song you feel a strong connection to?


  1. What an awesome photo and such great luck to get YOUR state!! I actually went to that concert when he came to Boston! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Dont you love when you snap it & you get the perfect picture when pictures are moving behind? I did that a concert I went to - it is still one of my favorite pics.

  3. I was at the same concert! Holy rain, but so much fun! I loved that Jason Aldean came back out the next night on stage with Luke Bryan (my second husband)!

    Green Fashionista

  4. That picture is amazing!!! I love Fly Over States and I always picture driving along I-70 through Indiana, Illinois and Missouri when I hear the song. I lived in MO for a quick stint when I was younger. My original home is PA, I lived the longest in GA and now AL is where I call home. A lot of these states (or maybe all) are fly overs for most people I suppose.

  5. I really like that song. Massachusetts will always be home, I couldn't stay away even after leaving for college.

  6. thanks for linking up! that is AWESOME! I what a great pic and the timing!! i was born and raised in GA but lived in KY, FL, and TN as well.


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