Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Favorites - November

Happy Friday! I hop you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now Christmas is around the corner. Hopefully you've started Christmas shopping...I'm almost done because I don't want to go to the mall too close to Christmas, lol. I missed sharing my favorites the last month or two but I finally got my act together!

I got this Bliss Micromagic scrub in ONE of my subscription boxes and OMG it's fabulous. My skin feels so smooth after using it and it has a minty smell to it, perfect for the winter blues.

I mentioned this TooFaced Primer in my Sephora VIB reccomendations post, but I think it needs to make an appearance on my favorites list. I've seen some of my favorite beauty Youtubers using the Marc Jacobs coconut primer and though I haven't used that I would guess they're similar as this is made of the coconut water, too. I'm adding the Marc Jacobs one to my someday shopping list or wish list addendum.

Triscuits have always been a little too dry for me to enjoy, but I recently saw a cute ad on Facebook to put a spoonful of cottage cheese and a slice of tomato on top of a Triscuit. #gamechanger It adds just enough moisture AND it gives you extra protein!

I've been trying out a lot of perfumes recently and one of my absolute favorites recently has been Prada Candy. I chose to buy it in a roller ball because I'm sure I'll be on to a new scent soon with my Sephora favorites purchase!!

Since I waited to post this I can add these amazing margaritas that I had yesterday. If you like all things tart, this was a great margarita combo - Cranberry Margaritas. I'm pretty sure I added more lime juice to mine, but it was absolutely delicious.

I actually went out to the sales at Target, Ulta and Walmart and bought some stuff. Target had so many things 40% off. I even got one of the Ugly Sweater kits for $15 and that's about what I would pay putting mine together. I got my apartment all sparkly for company and to take pictures when the sun is nice and bright sometime this weekend, now it's onto the craft room at my parents house so I can get creative!

What's on your agenda for the weekend?!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Yay! I know this is Nadine's jam and Kathy's jam but I totally missed it last week the last TWO weeks and I'm finally showing up to the party. #partyhard

More Coffee Less Talky

I have given up online dating, when you meet two too many creeps and you're more of a homebody you realize you just need to get out more. #hellohappyhour

I made a list of FIVE things I want to do while I'm off for the Thanksgiving weekend since I'm off five days and I want to be super productive.

1. Purge Craft Room which has been on my Black Friday list for months and it's a group effort so hopefully it gets done quickly!
2. Apartment Tour (This involves cleaning, staging and pictures/video before the Christmas decor goes up!)
3. Blog Makeover (I've started this, but it's nowhere near done.)
4. Blog Prep for posts like book reviews and upcoming yearly favorites lists.
5. Add red to my hair because the pink is fading and it's Christmas season!

I'm trying to declutter my place and one of the things I still haven't purchased is a napkin holder. I'm torn between these two. One is twice as much, but oh so cute! #decisionsdecisions

Utensils | Pineapple

I finally found a peppermint item that was not all that, the Breyers Peppermint Cookie ice cream but then I gave it another try this time adding chocolate syrup and it's not that bad. #secondchances

I went to the Derm yesterday because I had a worse case of acne this month and it's still hanging on for the third week, boo. She gave me a coupon and I thought it was a $35 off so when I looked up the price and the cheapest I found was in the $200+ I was seriously thinking I didn't need it that bad but I looked at the coupon again and it says not to pay more than $35. Thank you coupon people and the nice Derm I saw yesterday! #ionlybuythingswithacoupon #thatsnottrue

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow and spending time with family and friends!! As long as the weather holds like it's supposed to we'll get to eat outside and I've even heard there will be cranberry margaritas and s'mores! #winningallaround

Alanna & Company

Anything you need to get off your chest?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Christmas Wishlist 2015

With Black Friday being TWO weeks a few days away and lots of sales already starting I was asked by family and friends to put together my Christmas list this year.

This star tray from Pottery Barn. I have a spot for my keys on my counter as you walk in the door and right now I have a cute Hello, Fall tray so I need something to replace it with for Christmas! Even this Jonathan Adler zebra tray would make the perfect spot all year round.

This envelope clutch document holder from Sugar Paper LA is the perfect size for my Macbook Air and I held off buying it in blush because I was putting it on my Christmas list so I'm putting both colors here in hopes they'll have one left! Plus, black goes with everything!

I don't have a coffee table, but I have a cute shelf thing with books on it under my TV so this Kate Spade book would be a great addition.

There are a few more Kate Spade items on my list this year...much like the last few years, lol.

A phone case. I made it months without having one with no tumbles, BUT I finally dropped it and caused minimal damage this month.

One of the authors I follow on Social Media had been wearing earrings like this and I'd like to change up my earring game this year.

I added this pin to my GIFTS board on Pinterest and couldn't find that exact set, but maybe this one would be my style, too. I don't really have room for it right now, but would love to have a tea set!!

I have been doing a lot of weekend traveling and would really love to have a travel bag set aside so I don't have to pack and unpack all the time. I ordered the Urban Decay Naked On the Go palette during the Sephora VIB sale and would love to also have some nice travel brushes that stay in my weekend bag. So many choices and not sure which one is right for me since my favorite brushes from Too Faced don't come in a travel set.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

All of these have different price points as well as pros and cons. I hate making decisions!!

Even though I'm a little irritated with the Starbucks confetti ornament not being available on but all over eBay for 2x and 3x the price!! Rage!!!! I still like them and would really like this cute mug. It's totally me. FYI we found the ornament at a store, finally! Another mug I'd like to get my hands on is a gold monogram one such as this one from Anthropologie. I found a monogram gold at Michaels last year and I LOVE it, so it doesn't have to be this one specifically.

The Royal We was one of my favorite reads this year and I would love to have a physical copy of it for my next re-read! If only they sold copies with the cute ribbon and the book mark with the princes on it, lol!

Another book I haven't read that came out this year and I would like for my library is the 10th Anniversary Twilight Life and Death Dual Edition. I flew out to Seattle for a quick trip to meet Stephenie Meyer in Forks this past September, so anything new with Twilgiht usually tickles my fancy.

What's on your wish list this year?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Productive, Low-key Weekend and Sephora Haul

It's Monday but I get a free pastry from Starbucks today, so I'm that much more excited. Oh, and there's a Holiday with two days off this week so, there's that, too.

I know I kind of disappeared last week and I have way too many things to post but sometimes I just can't do everything and I'm okay with that, finally. So today I'm going to tell you all about my weekend and then at the end I'll share what I bought at the Sephora VIB Haul!!


Friday night I got home and after my sister and I ate out the night before, at the mall where we also saw the cute Santa mail display at Macy's. I try not to go to the mall around Christmas so I haven't ever seen this before!!

So we had tacos with our parents, watched an episode of NCIS and then jammed out in the car on the way back home. We got ticket to see The Dixie Chicks next August and are so excited!!

While we were watching Chicago PD on Hulu, I tried out the gold face mask and either I have a small face or my mask was stretched.

I had really creepy eyes that were like bugged out, I mean wasn't there a scary movie with someone that wore other peoples faces? I've obviously never seen it.


Saturday morning I slept in super late for me...10:00 am. I tried to be quiet while I ate breakfast and did some other things so as not to wake my sleeping sister. She was super thrilled I let her sleep so late and then I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and organizing my place. Shopping online is all fun and games until you have to dispose of the boxes, right?

Saturday evening I got to hang with S and her brother where my sister works. I love having her work at a kind of tourist place because it has a great atmosphere, is right on the water and really good food!! Sadly it was super dark so no pictures were taken.


I went over to my parents after church and helped get the Christmas stuff down. We didn't go through anything, and then after watching a recorded episode of NCIS made fridge oats for breakfast this week. This is a FitGirl recipe that we continue to use because it tastes great and is make ahead awesomeness.

I filled up my car before the prices go up for the Holiday and got my car washed. I can't remember the last time I washed my car and since it's supposed to be cold tomorrow morning I thought I would do it before the cold front comes in.

Boomer was present at my parents and my mom said he wasn't all about picture taking the night before with my brother. He loves the camera so I find that hard to believe.

Sephora Haul

Remember how I said I purchased the Flash shipping for $10 because there was no way I was going to become VIB Rouge??! Well, apparently I didn't realize how much I spent between my sister and I because really that has a lot to do with spending so much money this year. I would get her things as gifts or she would pay me back, I also bought a couple of bigger items this year including a Clarisonic and the Naked Vault that we split.

Three online orders and one trip to the mall since ordering the Living Proof dry shampoo would result in a ground shipment, lol. This also includes two other things from a previous purchase that I hadn't talked about yet.

1. D&G 3 L'Imperatrice perfume
2. Tarte Primer
3. $75 Sephora Favorites and I haven't tried anything except the Beauty Blender which I was going to order another one anyway!
4. Urban Decay Vault II (previously purchased)
5. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (previously purchased)
6. Supergoop Hand Cream
7. Sephora Eye Makeup Remover
8. Naked On the Run palette
9. Living Proof Dry Shampoo

1. $58 Perfume Sampler with cute little bottles, perfect for gift giving and then I get to pick my favorite scent of the lot and get a full size.
2. Drybar Lemon Drop Detangler because my brushes were getting sad and my blow dryer happens to have bright yellow so it looks awesome in my bathroom!

Not pictured came in after I did my photoshoot and video.

1. $3 Hair ties. These are my favorite and I thought would make good gifts, too.
2. Tarte 12 Hour foundation is my sisters favorite right now.

I go into more detail and some blabbering in my Youtube video :)

How was your weekend?!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Behind the Pic - Fly over State of Kansas

June 2014 was my first Jason Aldean and my first Country Superfest. The only reason I even got this good of a pic is because it was raining when the concert started and pretty much chaos getting in.

See, you're not supposed to bring in cameras with separate body/lens but I didn't read that until the next day when we were headed back, lol. Granted my camera bag is a satchel with the camera strap and was under my poncho so you couldn't really see it but that's also a little scary that they weren't checking closely just because of the rain.

Now, onto why I even took this particular picture. I'm sure it was a stroke of luck because it's a moving background and I had to get one with Kansas in it because that's the place I always think of as home.

This was the background during Fly Over States which talks about all of those states in the middle that most people probably don't give a second thought to unless they've been there or know someone from there. I'm sure I would be the same because most of the States I don't know someone from don't even register on my radar until I visit them and they're all on my list!

This was the concert I got THE best pics thanks to the rain.

Where's home to you? What's a song you feel a strong connection to?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekending Shopping and Seafood

I can always tell the Holidays are approaching because the number of events around the area I want to attend far outweigh the time I have to spend frolicking around with my friends.

This weekend I tried my hand at a Pinterest find, met some new craft friends, found some cool stuff at the Junior League Holiday shop and went to a seafood fest!


Friday night I decided ice cream was in order since it was on the way and they had peppermint Oreo blizzards, yum! Basically you should just start referring to me as Peppermint everything during this time of year.

Then I made it to JoAnns where they let us use their class room to try our hands at the fall bottle painting. I shared the idea on Friday and here's how ours turned out. The amount of coats we had to put on for a smooth coat and then I free handed my cursive was real life but not perfect so I'm debating spray painting and stenciling. Mine are the two orange ones and my mom made the ones on the far left, looking good!!


Saturday morning we headed out to the Tampa Bay Junior League Christmas Shop. I'm not sure that's exactly what it's called but it's what we do while we're there, lol. I found a gift for my dad, some stuff for me and did NOT find the one thing I actually had on my list...a UCF ornament. I could swear they had a ton two years ago when we went, I was reminded we didn't make it last year, but this year they only had the big state schools FSU and UF. Not even USF in Tampa!!

They always have such cute stuff and I think I need to make a candy cane lane sign!!

Saturday night the city my parents live in had their annual seafood festival so we headed down there. Ran into our neighbors, which was fun and got to try out some really great dishes. You had to buy ticket/tokens at the front in order to purchase any food, so I was paranoid about getting more tickets than we needed but we had just enough for everybody to get a meal and a drink. Perfection!

My sister and I shared a seafood platter that had coconut shrimp, alligator bites and some kind of fish I can't remember. Probably tilapia or something. Alligator to me tastes similar to chicken but the vendor was appalled I would even suggest that. Seriously, I have my palette and you have yours. Don't tell me what it tastes like to me! Like I was feeling myself getting fired up over this lady maybe even getting in a verbal fight with her, very surreal.


We got the angel tree set up and it's so simple, but so stinking cute! Love that we're doing a book theme and already grabbed my angel off the tree!!

How was your weekend?!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites - Hello Heidi

I'm definitely later than normal getting this posted because I was busy doing some online shopping at the Sephora VIB Sale. Not sure what to get? Check out my list I shared yesterday and your favorite bloggers they might have made a list of their own, too!!

Let's just see what is on my favs list this week!!

Favorite Craft Project

I'm headed to a Craft Meetup tonight and we're painting wine bottles like this.

I also remembered this one I saw Kerry post and I told my friend to bring some mason jars too.

Favorite Song

I feel like it's been a while since I've heard a Chris Young song and I'm absolutely loving this one.

Favorite Day

This is the second week in a row where I had something out of the ordinary happen after work, keep them coming universe! I had originally thought I would drive out to Brandon, which is way overcrowded so I was thinking not, but then ON Wednesday a friend of mine told me Heidi Swapp was going to be at Whim So Doodle which is a local craft/scrapbook store that I love. Tons of cute stuff and very inspiring place to walk around. I've been a fan/follower of Heidi for at least 10 years and she lives in Utah so I am always complaining in my head that she never comes to Florida.

She's been here for classes, but they always sell out before I can get signed up and THIS was a free meet and greet where they weren't turning anybody away!! They had prizes, snacks and Heidi gave a very moving talk at the beginning. Then we got to make a cute project with her Minc machine that foils stuff and I love! Finally we got to talk with her for a few moments, get a pic with her and a signature. Thanks so much to Heidi for taking the time to meet with us and Whim So Doodle for putting this event on!!

She was in town because she was live on HSN yesterday and talked about her 2016 planner and some other stuff. I decided this would be my planner for 2016 and already placed my order. Now I just have to wait for December to get it!!

The bundle is $39.95 plus shipping and if you add another qualifying item AND it's your first order...use code: 150136 to save $20 off $40!!

Favorite Funnies

Another busy weekend planned and I'll be sharing ALL about it on Monday, so I hope you have a fabulous one!!

What's on your agenda for the weekend?!

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