Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Orlando Weekending - Universal, Halloween Horror Nights and FOOD!

It's always hard for me to do these weekend posts when my weekend extends to Monday because I either leave Monday off or I don't get to it until after some book thing on Tuesday, or not at all such is the case for our trip LAST weekend to the Panhandle.

This past weekend S and I have been looking forward to it for over a month and it really was SUCH a great time! But first, let's talk about my hair that happened on Thursday!


Thursday after work I met my mom, sister and a friend for pedicures. I was in DIRE need and so thankful to finally have them done. This will probably be my last time for polish until Spring so they have a chance to "breathe" and I was so tempted to get hot pink to match my hair but I refrained and used my go to Fall color, La Moss.

Then I headed to my parents house where I set up the hair dying station. My sister got lost on the way home, she's only been living here for about a month so it was bound to happen sometime and she managed to find her way without GPS I don't even know if I could accomplish that, haha.

It took about three hours total including the two hours I left the pink color in. I would have left it longer but I still had to work Friday. When I do this again, (I'm thinking red in December) I'll do it much earlier in the day so I can leave it longer. I used Punky Colours which will not damage the hair and can be left on for a long time without doing any harm, score!


Friday I had to work, boo... BUT it wasn't too bad until I actually left work and hit traffic! It was bumper to bumper all the way out of Tampa and I guess I've never left for Orlando at 5:00 on a Friday because J said that's how it always is. Gross! #ihatetraffic

We met up at Parc Soleil which is a Hilton Grand Vacation Club which was nice and secluded. Sure, I had to drive through some tourist traffic to get there but that's pretty much most of Orlando, all of the time. I stayed there as part of a promotion to learn about their Time Share options which I am in nowhere near a place to think about but it was something I sat through to get a HUGE discount on our stay. The sale pitch is long, about two hours and they want you to think it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Dinner was had at Lazy Moon which I have talked about before and I forgot to take a pic of my yummy slice, but here's one from my very first time and I always get the same thing now. #creatureofhabit

After dinner we made our first stop at Walmart. I'm not a fan of Walmart in general and the lines in Orlando were not fun. Long and I just don't remember waiting in line as a kid! While we were there I saw that the all pink drinks I bought one time were $1 a piece and that's awesome!! Cheaper than a 6 pack and love that you can buy them by a bottle. I've moved on since then and we had to stop at a liquor store for some Patron.


I had to get up at a decent hour to make my 9:00 Time Share appointment and we were done and out of there by 11:30 just in time to make the noon'ish tailgate!! I did not get a pic of my tailgate/game day attire #bloggerfail but it was UCF pink to match my hair!! I did get a selfie walking into the game and then a pic of the final loss.

Since we scored in the final quarter, I was glad I stayed for the whole game even though we lost. Our final stop of the night was a Mexican restaurant that had way too much food, but my favorite food group aka chips and salsa.


We slept in and headed to Joanns so S could get some material for her Halloween costume. I really need to narrow down my ideas so I can start collecting the stuff I need. Then we headed toward the outlets and stopped at Fuddruckers on the way where I tried a buffalo burger and it was delicious!

I bought a pair of boyfriend jeans at Gap Outlet, where the jeans always fit me better and even though we were two hours earlier than planned, we headed to Universal.

We rode a ride and did a little Halloween Horror Nights shopping before heading to the Simpsons to wait for HHN to start. It was a nice, quiet spot to wait and the best part was we got there early enough for a spot at Duff's bar, in the shade.

Since we hat two hours to kill we had a drink, and then we had two more because what else are you going to do to pass the time and get prepared to be scared?

When they finally let us out, which by the way wasn't early enough as there were already HHN only people already entering the park, we headed to the Asylum in Wonderland 3D house because that's the one house she does when she goes and it's typically not as scary as the others. I had no scary moments in the houses, the only time I got spooked was in one of the scare zones and the chainsaws don't bother me at all. I told S to slow down when the chainsaws come because then they can tell you're not scared and she said it's a natural reaction.

This is one of the scare zones during the day and had lots of hay bales people could jump from behind. S did a great job letting me know which side they were going to jump out of and it helped that we were hanging on to each other. Is there any other way to enter a haunted house?

We made it to two other houses, American Werewolf in London and 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem before we stopped to watch the show, The Carnage Returns. It was a lot of blood and mayhem so as much as I love Sons of Anarchy, it wasn't my thing. We rode the Simpsons ride, which was not air conditioned and not fun. Our final stop of the evening was to be the Bill and Ted show but we missed the start time by three minutes and the next one was 1.5 hours away at midnight so we decided to call it a night.

Our contribution to the tailgate on Saturday was s'mores, but we never got around to eating them so we had them ourselves when we got back to the hotel. Did you know you can microwave the marshmallow on the cracker and the only thing you don't get is the charred flavor?! #moderntechnology


We slept in as much as we could with a 10:00 check out time and headed to Universal to get in line for the Despicable Me ride but it was already at 55 minutes so we're saving it for another day again. Since it's at the front of the park, it never has less than an hour wait and we're just not sure it's worth that hour wait!

We still had a fun time after we got some breakfast at the Simpsons land, I mean look at this huge donut!

Our final ride of the day isn't really a ride but most people don't know that I was obsessed with Twister when I was in 6th grade. I would come home from school and watch the movie everyday. When I played with Matchbox cars, I had a dodge truck that I would pretend was my storm chasing truck. I'm sure it didn't help that we lived in Tornado Alley. #obsessed

We said goodbye to Universal and when I got home I tried out a new flavor of nachos. If I would have added lettuce, this would have been BLT but instead I used what I had, added jalapenos and they were the bomb! I had them again last night. I also managed to get some design work done and got caught up with Nashville on Hulu!

This next weekend, while I have some things planned Friday and Saturday, I'll be staying in town and enjoying family time!! I can't wait!

How was your weekend?


  1. You packed it in and it all looks fun. That Simpsons donut is awesome. Very representative of the show.

  2. Sounds like such a fun weekend!!!!! I love your hair :) And ummm I really want that donut, please!

  3. I couldnt deal with those haunted houses. nope. no way. I'd pee on myself.

    that donut!! OH MY GOSH!

  4. Your hair turned out great!
    That donut... there are no words to describe the level of jealousy and hunger I feel right now! lol

  5. Love the pink in your hair. Looks like a fun time. That donut looks huge I don't think I could eat it all.

  6. that huge donut is amazing. i am totally getting it when i go.
    your hair looks fabulous - so do those drinks, yum! i want that blue one.
    i am 99% sure i would pee my pants at this thing. i can't handle stuff like that! such a baby.

  7. Oh my gosh it looks like you had such a great weekend! That peek a boo pink looks so cool! I would love to try going like a super light purple or blue or something but I'm too scared haha and that lazy moon pizza. YUM. I love pizza and need Lazy Moon like now.
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  8. Such a fun filled weekend! Yay for Universal and that food....s'mores and donuts are always a good idea :)

  9. I've been craving a smore since I never got to have one over the bonfire this summer. I may need to try your microwave tip!


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