Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! *throws confetti*

I feel like I haven't done a good ol' roudn up/mish mash of random things I'm favoriting lately so I may have gone a bit crazy with the funnies.

Favorite Shoes

I have been looking for about two years for another pair of all black nike shoes and I finally found them when S and I were in Orlando outlet shopping. Not at an outlet, just a regular Footlocker and they didn't even have any in store specials so I told them I'd use the online 20% discount and wait the 5 days for them to arrive. BOOM!

Favorite Song

Can we say OBSESSED? I have listened to this on repeat for DAYS and in the beginning it made me bawl like a freaking baby! I can still tear up if I'm thinking too hard but I'm no longer drowning in my own emotions. I don't know why it gives me all the feels, but it does!

Favorite Book

I'm working on this review for later today and I mentioned it in my books post last week but it's still my favorite read recently. I have way too much to read but I want to read it again, now. There are also no other announcements of when the next books will be out, but KA has said there will be at least three more, thank goodness!

Fav Boozy Fall Drinks

Since I mentioned Fall boozy drinks on my Fall Bucket List I've been scouring the internet for something to try and this list has so many good ones!! I need to find me some Black Cherry Bourbon and they also mention s'mores and booze...what a fabulous combination!

Favorite Funnies

Thank goodness I no longer feel like this all the time.

I mean this may work once in a while but most of the!

I'm a dog person but dogs AND cats really are just so darn cute and funny on film.

And I'll leave you with this. Whenever I see pugs I think of Steph and the pug my grandma used to have that would eat my crayons. Good times, Chowlene, good times.

Tonight my community is having a Halloween party that I'm going to stop by and see if I can be neighborly. Saturday is a Holiday open house at a local scrapbook store and then a Halloween party that evening so I can't wait to don my costume. I still have a few things to finish up with it, better get on that!

What's on your agenda for the weekend?!

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  1. I like those nikes!!! And that drink looks amazing. Yum!!!! Have fun at the Halloween party. Happy weekend!

  2. Those Nikes are great and so does that drink - i pretty much just second everything Nadine said LOL!! That cat in the mailbox is too funny! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love the shoes!! Smart to use the online code!

  4. I WANT THOSE SHOES! No, I NEED THOSE SHOES! Are they online anywhere??? I'm gonna look! lol

  5. I WANT THOSE SHOES! No, I NEED THOSE SHOES! Are they online anywhere??? I'm gonna look! lol

  6. YES to all the confetti and those shoes! And I may need to make that fall boozy drink this weekend - yum <3

    Green Fashionista

  7. Great deal on the sneakers! I also hate to pay full retail price for things. Have so much fun at the Halloween party!

  8. I just listened to Burning House for the first time, LOVE!

  9. I love burning house too, I have it downloaded. Awesome on the sneakers being discounted.

  10. I'm not a fan of marshmellows - but brown those babies & I'm all in ...

    I think of Stephanie too when I see pugs :)

  11. bahahahaha that cat and the confetti, dying. you made my day! love it.

  12. I have been in love with Burning House too! It's so pretty. And that pug.... I like that pug!

  13. Love that song! Also, have you read the book Hollywood Dirt yet?

  14. What is that drink? It looks soooo good, though I've been trying to hold off on the hot chocolate, haha. Looove those shoes too.


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