Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall 2015 Bucket List

I've been meaning to post this for weeks, but I wanted to put all of the tasks on one image so I could share it on Instagram and refer back to it as an image. I don't know why keeping track of what I want to be doing is easier with an image, but it just is. I pulled this image from one of the many amazing sites that are available for photos without any kind of attribution. I want to start giving back and sharing photos that others could use for this purpose. Does anybody have a site they contribute to?

Make Sweet Pumpkin Treats

Make Savory Pumpkin Treats

Go to a Pumpkin Patch and I found this Pumpkin Patch list for all States to maybe help you out too!

Make a Leaf Craft

Watch Hocus Pocus

Make Chili

DIY Fall Craft 9/30/2015

Bake an Apple Pie from Scratch!

Go to a Haunted House 10/11/2015

Host a Friendsgiving

Hike a Trail near Tampa

Go to a Halloween Party

Make a boozey Fall drink

Make S'mores A LOT

Fall ends on December 20, so I have plenty of time to get all of these done. I'd even like to have these done before then ebcause December always screams Winter to me...even though we typically attend the Christmas parade in flip flops, lol.

What are some of the things you're planning on doing this Fall?


  1. These are all fantastic! If you need some inspiration for a boozy fall drink, M and I have plenty on our blog, haha. I'm totally with you on hosting a Friendsgiving - I've never done it before but have always wanted to, so I definitely need to make it happen this year!

  2. You have so many fun things on your list-- We've made chili two or three times already, though it got really cold here for a few days already! And yay for Hocus Pocus, such a fall classic :)

  3. What kind of savory pumpkin treat do you have in mind? I love savory.

  4. i don't contribute photos to sites because i don't take nice photos lol, but i love that you want to. i love all the things on your list, especially s'mores and hocus pocus :)

  5. OMG. I had a smore last week.... and it was the most glorious thing ever. I fully support that being on this list. And a regular staple until December 20.

  6. Oh man, send me some of your homemade apple pie when you get around to it!

  7. I always make a fall bucket list because it's my favorite season and I want to enjoy it fully, but then I always end up really subpar on what I accomplish. This was the first year I didn't make a list and I've done more than ever so maybe that's my trick!

  8. Great fall bucket list. My sister loves the movie Hocus Pocus. However, I have never seen it. I know, right? I always thought it was scary so I would never watch it.

  9. I love this entire list!! I have made chili, went to a pumpkin patch and watched Hocus Pocus already. I want to bake a pie from scratch too! I have never done that before and I am super nervous about it. Fall it up I say!!!

  10. I love your list! We ended up at the Humane Society to get pumpkins (since we adopted one of our pups there, and monies go back to them for the pumpkins)...let me know where you end up going!

  11. Makes Smores A LOT - that made me laugh :) That's a great one

  12. I totally intend to have some S'Mores and watch Hocus Pocus. You know i love the hiking one! ;) Looking forward to the boozy drink!

  13. I still haven't watched Hocus Pocus, but I was excited for the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to be on last night. And yesss to s'mores and a great hike <3

    Green Fashionista

  14. I've watched Hocus Pocus 3 times this week!!! LOL Can't get enough of it! I put it in once, and twice it was on TV and I couldn't NOT watch!


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