Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hello, YouTube - From a Beginner

I've mentioned my YouTube channel over the past few months and even though I am nowhere near where I want to be as a YouTuber, I thought I'd share a little about my experience so far and where I'm going.

I feel like I've come a long way from where I started when I was uploading YouTube videos back in 2013. My lighting is much better, I'm no longer using a computer to film and I actually have things like titles and music, but I still have a lot to learn and probably invest in at some point.


I started really wanting to get into making and sharing YouTube videos because I started watching them for a lot of things, but specifically makeup and mail, lol. I've always been into makeup and I even sold Mary Kay once a long time ago. However, I have no training and for the most part am pretty clueless about a lot of things, especially eyes.

I LOVE getting things in the mail and seeing people open their subscription boxes can be pretty entertaining. Plus, video brings such a different dimension than just seeing an image of something and you (at least I do) get to see that person, hear their voice and watch their facial expressions, eye movement, mannerisms, etc.

So, much like blogging for me, as soon as I started watching I wanted to start making videos!


Now let's get into the HOW I film my videos. I am by no means an expert and I have a few things I've purchased that I ended up using for videos and a few things I bought specifically for filming.

Luckily when I went to buy my DSLR for blogging, Europe and just life in general I ended up with one that did video and it is a pretty well reviewed for video. I wanted the lightest one for traveling and thought the video part would be cool. Never did I think about using it to make videos. In fact I made and uploaded at least one video after I got my camera and was still using my computer.

When I first started using this remote I claimed it didn't work and was very disappointed. Well, when I started filming I tried it again and learned that you have to be holding the remote right in front of the camera in a very specific spot to the trigger access. Frustrating, until you learn how to use it and then it's awesome. Instead of starting the video and then sitting down, I just use my remote to start it and there's a yellow flash that lets me know it's started!

SD Card

You need a Class 10 or higher video card to get started filming. When I first started I was using like a 4 or 6 and it would only record maybe 30 seconds, or a minute. Whatever it was, it wasn't near long enough. I just Google'd the problem I was having and bam, within a day I was able to film my videos. Thanks, Amazon Prime!

When I was in art school I took photography and we use tripods, but other than that I don't typically use one. With filming I almost always have mine up, or set to the height I need stored in my closet. My parents had an extra one I've been using so I didn't need to invest in one, but Amazon has good ones for a great price.

I use good ol' natural light whenever I can. I typically set up in front of one of my sliding glass doors, drop a white foam board on the floor and record when the light is as the highest in the sky. I did purchase a cheap'ish light to put on top of my camera not just for video but for taking night shots that some photographer had at a blog event I attended to give light to the bloggers taking pics with their iPhones! However, the light has a buzz that I can hear when I've gone back and listened to those videos I shot using it and that's a bummer. Not a big deal in still shots, but video is a different story.

Lighting is one thing I'd like to invest in at some point when I have more room and more views on my videos.

Currently, I've been using iMovie which came with my Mac. When I was making music videos in 2003/2004 I used Movie Maker because that's what came on my PC and I didn't know any better. Now, there are better options and I'm really struggling with wanting to invest but I've told myself not until I start producing videos, getting viewers and growing my channel because I'm not dead in the water without it. I can make pretty good videos without investing more money at this point.

Things I Want

The things I really want to invest in at some point, as they go on sale or I find that I really need them.

I mentioned this a little bit, but right now I really don't have the space to store a bunch of lighting equipment. Also, since I'm in Florida I'm trying to use that FREE natural light and it'll last me a while, I just have to do a lot of filming on the weekends and I'm okay with that.

Camera Lenses
I have a good camera. The only thing I wish it had was the flip out screen but I've managed to do without that, so I'm not too worried about it at this point. Lenses on the other hand could make a bigger difference in my quality. I absolutely fell in love with this lens after hearing Aspyn talk about what she uses to get all her super soft background bokeh in her shots, but I'm not about to drop $500 + tax on a lens when I have a perfectly good one I'm using right now. I mean I can use that for a mic, lighting, selfie/vlogging camera or more crap to talk about on my channel and this blog!

Background Decor
I have a really cool idea using the cheap Ikea bar cart and gathering cool stuff for each video with a pennant banner or lights, but Ikea is on the other side of town and I haven't made it over there since I moved in and made the one and only run to get my bookshelf. That will change, I'm telling you. I didn't want to spend the $30 then because of all the other moving expenses but now I'm wishing I would have because that was four months ago and I would love to have my backdrop in place!

Ring Light
I'd really love to get one of these, but the shipping horror stories scare me and my dad is making me a nice vanity so I'm hoping to be able to get good lighting for makeup videos using that. We'll see, we've had these plans for the vanity since January 2014 and we've both been pretty busy so someday I'll have that vanity, lol.

I've been researching Final Cut Pro vs. Adobe Premiere. While Final Cut is a larger investment up front, it'll be paid for and you never have to pay for it again after 6 months with Adobe. I'm still using Adobe suite 2 + 4 because I'm not interested in paying $50 a month indefinitely. I just can't do it, it makes me rage when I think about having to upgrade at some point.

Where I'm Going

Honestly, I have no idea. I would never say I'm an expert makeup girl, but I love it and I think watching everyday people put on makeup is fascinating. I love watching the makeup artists put it on too, but mine hardly ever looks like theirs. I want to do things like empties, hauls, DIYs, vlogging, home decor and stuff, etc. I love the monthly favorites videos I do and it keeps me posting at least once a month.

So, hopefully you found some of this info helpful or interesting. I'm really into the Youtube thing right now and love to talk about it, so email me, tweet me and let's talk!!

If YOU watch YouTubers please subscribe to my channel and give me ideas of what kinds of videos you'd like to see.


  1. I 100% think that youtube is harder than blogging because of how you put yourself out there!!! I filmed a video for the blog for next week and we did two cuts of it and it's a lot of work...I'm not even sure I'll edit it lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I didn't know you could take such good videos on a dslr! Sounds like you've really learned a lot!

  3. i want that lens! christmas present goals!! i use a 50mm for mine. 2 soft box lights when it's darker, but i have a huge window. i suggest the neewer ring light. it's tiny but mighty. i use a canon 70d.

  4. I give mad credit to youtubers!!! I am terrified of going on video. I guess because you are making yourself even more vulnerable than just words on a site. I don't think that people appreciate how much work actually goes in to filming and editing videos. I am always fascinated watching videos like applying make up or unboxing things too!

  5. I am not a fan of my voice so I give you a ton of credit. It is not easy and the editing is even harder than picture editing.

  6. good for you girl! i love to get on youtube and watch videos when i'm researching something, be it makeup or whatever. I could never do it though, it looks so hard so kudos to you honestly!! i am currently on the hunt for a new camera - not a DSLR though, because I'm poor lol but I'm looking at a couple of fancier P&S and they have the flip out screen, I'm super excited about that haha.

  7. All the YouTube videos just intrigue me. I wish I could get on board with it because I'd love to join in the fun... but I've got enough with picture editing. I'll leave it to you to become the next YouTube star ;) haha... have fun with it!

  8. I think iMovie works really well, and I don't plan on upgrading to something fancier until I've upgraded my lighting and stuff first!


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