Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites - OMG Forks Here I Come

After the UCF game last night I had lots of plans to sleep in and post this from my balcony with some awesome lazy times BUT plans change and OMG it is just still so surreal. If you have been following my blog for a while you may know that I am a bit obsessed with Twilight, well on Instagram last week I came across some VERY exciting news that Stephanie Meyer was going to be in Forks, WA next weekend for the 10th anniversary and signing books.


I re-grammed the pic and after doing a quick check decided I didn't want to go by myself and that was that.

Then, last night while traveling back IDK why it came up but A and I got to talking...OH I told him I was done hesitating on taking trips because I missed going to Arizona with him for the Bowl game a couple years ago.

I told him about wanting to go to Forks but after the hype died down I decided it would go on my someday list when I make it to Washington. As we were talking about it I realized even though my sister starts her new job she mentioned she'd be off next weekend. Long story short, I've been a little busy PLANNING MY TRIP!! We'll be in Washington for about 40 hours, see Forks on Saturday afternoon/evening and then spend Saturday Night/Day Sunday in Seattle!!!

I've never been THIS spontaneous before and I am just over the MOON *cackles* excited it won't be real until we get there and are in line to meet Stephanie Meyer!

If you have suggestions of what we MUST do in Seattle let me know. Space needle is one, hopefully it's open on Sundays!

2. Why do you tempt me MAC? I've never been much of a MAC girl. We didn't have a store where I lived in KS and I always looked at their selection online as way out there for me but since getting more into makeup I've been really wanting to try some of their makeup. I've only tried the Fix+ and LOVE it! SO, I'm looking at this all in one that looks perfect for traveling.

3. This stylish speaker with great reviews!

4. I mentioned this on my Weekend post, but I have become obsessed with The Last Ship. It's starting much like Twilight and Sons of Anarchy did. I can't stop Googling it and trying to find other fans online that want to talk about it. I even have one of the main characters, Danny as my screen saver. *gasp*

5. Funnies!

I'll be spending the Holiday weekend with family and friends. Lady A / Sam Hunt concert tomorrow night and then some cook out dinner thing Monday!!

What's on your agenda for the weekend?!

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  1. Ahhhhh how exciting about your trip!!!!!!! That is so awesome!!! Ok ok....I am going to tell Chris we have to watch Last Ship. And I keep typing shit instead of ship so that tells you how my day is going. I love that MAC palette it is absolutely gorgeous!

    I think that version of Aerial is my spirit animal! And ummm I want to eat all the bread and suffer none of the consequences. Have a great weekend!!!!!

  2. I am SO jealous and SO excited! take lots of photos.
    Side note - how has it been 10 years?!

  3. THat little mermaid funny is so me :)

    I cant wait to hear about your trip. That's going to be AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!!

  4. Ahhh so much fun!! Can't wait to see your pictures!

  5. Spontaneous trips are always fun, and to get it off your must see list. Okay I think I need to watch The Last Ship now because yum.

  6. Spontaneous trips like this are the best! No time to overthink it. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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