Monday, September 21, 2015

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend

Today I'm supposed to be linking up with all the book lvoers that participated in the Literary Ladies Summer Challenge, BUT it's also weekend recap MOnday around these parts so I'm holding off on that until tomorrow AND that gives me another 24 hours to finish ALL MY BOOKS!!

Let's see what I did this weekend?!


I had a much needed vaca day planned. I slept in, finally got caught up on the sleep I missed out on from traveling last weekend and then I spent the day cleaning. I had A LOT of extra design work last month and definitely let myself get lax in putting things away so clutter was surrounding me. I also hadn't done a really good clean, think shower, since June so I wanted to just get it ALL DONE!

I ended the day with a trip to Ikea and Target. With the traffic I have pockets when I'll attempt to cross town and they are as follows:

9-11 am
1-3 pm
After 7 pm

Well, I missed all but the after 7 and decided I would actually take a shower before I ran my errands after doing cleaning all day so I didn't leave until 8! For a girl that is normally in bed by 10, I felt so scandalous waltzing around Target so late, lol.

Also, why is there Christmas stuff up already? I haven't even gotten all of my Halloween stuff out!


I had a whole plan about what and when things were going to happen, but by 3:00 pm I realized I had missed my chance to go by the post office which closes at 1:00, and nobody was coming over so we could go to the mall. So, I packed up my stuff and headed to my parents to see what the game plan was.

I had purchased the Bygel "bar cart" Friday night and wanted to get spray paint the silver part gold to give it that little extra something and I won't do any DIY stuff at my apartment so I had to do it at my parents. Well, I didn't prep/prime it properly and it was getting scratches so I left it at my parents house to see if we could put some sort of sealer on it.

Saturday night we got caught up on the Great Food Truck Race which is one of my favorite Summer shows and we only have an episode or two left!


Another glorious morning of sleeping in, and then I needed to get my sister up to run some errands and pick up my mom from church. We got everything done, and closed out the day watching an episode of The Last Ship. My sister, who got us started is the only one that hasn't finished the second season, lol.

This perfectly sums me up, haha! Since I also spent the weekend re-reading the Driven series that just went on sale as a complete set!! It's $9.99, but I got the intro price at $4.99 which shared on Facebook, so make sure you're following me there!!

How was YOUR Weekend?!

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  1. My Target doesn't even have Halloween up but had Christmas lights. What the...I don't get why the stores rush the holidays, drive me nuts. I will say that my store (I work part-time at a store) already has Christmas up and people have been buying stuff left and right. It's so crazy.

  2. I cant think about Christmas decor just yet either! I want to get excited about Halloween first. I totally didn't link up for the books today either. Not sure if I will since I didn't finish the challenge. Oops!

  3. My Target just has Christmas lights getting set up & I'm like NOOOOOO!!!!!

    That book meme is hilarious - & true.

  4. Way too early for Christmas decor! I don't even break out my Halloween decorations until October haha

  5. x-mas stuff already out - just not ok!!! Glad you were able to sleep in a bunch! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Sleeping in is the best. I am so the same when it comes to my town since it is a shopping meca, so I like to go on off hours. Just no to xmas stuff already it's too soon!!

  7. As much as I love Christmas and all the decor it's WAY too early for it to be infiltrating the wonderful shelves of Target!

    Green Fashionista

  8. seriously what is with the christmas stuff?!
    that book meme haha hilarious and so true. definitely me as well!

  9. Do they really already have Christmas stuff out?! Gosh that just seems so crazy and unnecessary!!

  10. Our Target has had a small selection of Christmas stuff up for a WHILE. It blows my mind!!!

  11. The store I work at actually has an aisle of Christmas lights already. And I spied an end cap of Christmas ornaments today. Oy. I literally just had my birthday (yesterday) and am just anxiously awaiting autumn on Wednesday.

  12. The store I work at actually has an aisle of Christmas lights already. And I spied an end cap of Christmas ornaments today. Oy. I literally just had my birthday (yesterday) and am just anxiously awaiting autumn on Wednesday.


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