Thursday, September 17, 2015

40 Hours in Washington State for a Stephenie Meyer Signing

We're back!!

We had such a great time, a few bumps but they were handled and we really were able to do everything we "had" to do. It was absolutely gorgeous and the few pics I have just don't do it justice. I've fallen asleep the last few nights and haven't gotten a chance to finish this yet but I was determined not to let the week pass without it happening!


We were surprised to encounter sunshine on our arrival at 10 am and it continued to last throughout the weekend. We did get a chance to see the fog roll into Forks, but of course I didn't get a picture. This is the building Stephenie Meyer was in and the line wrapped back and around. It was crazy!

I was so thankful we stopped at the welcome sign on our way INTO town because by the time we left it was dark and I would have missed this iconic shot for any Twilight fan!

All of our flights were on time and the drive from SeaTac to Forks took the amount of time GPS said it would. We arrived to Forks around 2:30 and got in line between then and 3:00 after refreshing and walking to the line. Everything we read said if you were in line before 4:00 you would be able to meet Stephenie. They delivered, but it took a lot longer than anybody thought it would.

We ended up standing in line for about FIVE hours. Stephenie Meyer was exhausted by the end, but I'm so glad we got to meet her, get a quick picture and our books signed!

On our way out of town we stopped at their Thriftway to get some souvenirs and see the Forks Outfitters where Bella worked in the books!!

One of the things we didn't do much of on this trip was eat. We ate trail mix that we made the night before on the way to forks, a single serving size of Cheez-Its and then found a Wendy's on the way back to Seattle. Lame, I know BUT eating just wasn't a priority which is NOT something I ever thought I'd say. Plus, everything had a schedule and we didn't want to miss anything like the ferry ride, or our free parking time ending.

We got to the hotel around 1:00 am and were told by Hilton that they had overbooked. I was so delirious right about now, sister and I had just had a fight before getting on the ferry and were working on 48 hours of about 3 hours of sleep, lol so I'm sure I wasn't my normal self.

Apparently this is something that happens often for them? We're from Florida and have stayed in Orlando plenty of times but haven't heard of this happening. They did set us up at a nicer hotel next door that was a members only and I have to check the CC statement but I'm pretty sure they comped us the hotel stay since it was on them. Tired Heather doesn't ask a lot of questions, lol.


We slept in a little bit, then we hit the road. I love that we stayed downtown, everything really was within walking distance from Hilton on 6th. When we were checking out from the WAC, the girl saw our jackets and said it wasn't cold but sprinkling. I let her know 70's was jacket weather for Florida and didn't think anything about the rain, forgetting we would be walking and my flats would totally soak through.

I remembered Biana talking about the City Target in Boston and just knew Seattle had to have one. It was straight down from where we stayed a few blocks away, so we got to experience that and I found a cute pair of low heel booties!!

After a few more stops, we headed toward the first Starbucks, that turns out isn't the first but still a unique location at First and Pike. We bought some mugs you could only buy there and overheard directions to the original where the line was a thirty minute wait. Robin helped us out, talked to us about checking the line before we left the area and it might be shorter.

After walking back through the market, we stopped back by and it still looked long but was only about 15 minutes!! So glad I got an original mug because I'm crazy, lol.

We walked down to the edge where you could see the ferris wheel and the stadium so I snapped a pic. We had wanted to visit the ferris wheel, but seeing it was enough this time.

Then it was off to the Space Needle. We talked about taking a cab, but it's not like NYC where they're everywhere and you can just hail one. I hate calling for things like that, not a city girl at heart and just trucked along. We made it and got to visit the gift shop, get some pics from outside and decided it wasn't worth it to go up. I had tried to get reservations but they were booked since I was doing everything a week out and we've been to the top of the Empire State Building where you get to go outside and the line was long.

One of the cool things about Seattle for me was the Chihuly presence. I did a huge study/report of the artist when I was in college and have visited several of his installations. This is a pretty cool outdoor one and I wish we would have had time to go inside and see more.

They did have a really cool 50 year Hawiian celebration just outside of the Space Needle and we got to experience that, plus smell all of the food. We happened upon the Monorail which we had been told to take back downtown and it was the perfect little trip.

Since we're both Fifty fans, we had to stop at Escala and take a pic. Don't worry, we weren't the only ones! Someone before AND after us had the same idea.

Our free parking ended at 4:00 and my sister has a really good friend/old roommate that lives about 25 minutes outside Seattle so we headed out there to see her and sit at the bar where she works. It really was the perfect way to just chill while we waited for our time to head back to catch the red eye back to Florida.

We stopped to fill up the rental car tank, obviously and saw that there was a huge lake just down the street and we had time to stop so we headed down the hill, OMG hills were everywhere! Florida is soooo flat and Kansas is too, so we're not used to hills! Anyway, we got to see the sunset off this lake and it was just gorgeous!

Just a few more scenery pics to leave you with.

The Pacific Northwest was like nothing this Midwest, Florida transplant had ever experienced and I can't wait to go back. We're definitely talking about a trip to Portland because A. it's also gorgeous but B. a lot of the films were filmed there. Twihard Forever!!

Have you ever been to Washington State?


  1. What a wonderful trip!! I have to say I've never been to a book signing but it looks really fun and glad you were able to experience Seattle and more importantly CITY TARGET!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. What a fun trip! I can't believe you stood in line for 5 hours... you have much more patience than I do! lol

  3. You make me want to go to Seattle!!!!
    I love you got a picture with Stephanie & the Forks sign. So cool!
    Oh man, how does a hotel overbook? That's stupid on their part. I'd make sure that hotel bill was covered!

  4. I haven't been but it looks pretty there. It's always tough when you are on a tight schedule. Glad you had fun and they comped your room!

  5. What a whirlwind but sounds like fun! It's so beautiful, I've never been to the PNW but would love to go someday! So weird about the hotel, I've never heard of them overbooking but I guess it's kind of like when an airline overbooks and just expects no-shows?? Glad you got to do everything you wanted!

  6. Such an awesome trip and it's so cool you got to meet Stephanie! I live in the NW but I haven't ever made it to Forks. Seattle is one of my favorite cities to visit though! I just LOVE the flowers at Pikes market!

  7. What a great trip. I would love to visit Seattle and Forks. I loved the Twilight series. Although, I liked the books over the movies. The first movie is still my favorite. So jealous that you got a mug at the original Starbucks, I totally want one.

  8. oh my goodness, what an absolute whirlwind! looks like an amazing time though, and the pictures are gorgeous. love that you got a picture in front of the sign! ps don't tell anyone but i kinda want to reread twilight.

  9. It looks like you guys had a great trip jam packed full of stuff!!! So awesome that you got in line in time and got to meet her even though it took longer. I have never been to a city they sell different stuff?


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