Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekending - Past TWO Weekends

Last Weekend

We moved my sister down here and things just went swimmingly. We hit a few patches of rain, but for the most part it was a long and very successful trip. The only thing we really did that was exciting (besides the move) was eat some food and take a trip to the Omaha Zoo which was pretty cool.


I started off by reading blogs, duh! And Nadine posted about this quiz Which State Does Your Heart Belong To? and I got Hawaii.

You are relaxed and calm. You hate when life is all about being busy, all about the hustle and bustle. You know life is too short to be anything but happy, and your cheerful personality is always a breath of fresh air to your family and friends. Your heart belongs to Hawaii.

Then I was perusing Facebook and saw this article about Carly Rae Jepsen and was thinking she had a one hit wonder, right? I mean she did a duet with Owl City I think but that doesn't really count.

For lunch I went to one of my fav burger and shake places, Culvers. Tried their mint oreo and it was good but I prefer that flavor combo in Blizzard form.

Friday night it was all about getting as much freelance works done as I could so I could have some fun this weekend and I got quite a bit accomplished so I'm feeling good!


After some more freelance work in the morning, I met up with the family at the Yuengling Brewery in Tampa for a tour. No, I don't drink beer but I appreciate it and love learning about how different brew houses operate. Most of my pics are on my new little camera so I didn't plan very well, lol.

Then we went to a pizza shop near my new digs called Mellow Mushroom and sampled four different kinds of pizza. I took pics on my new camera but I don't have my cable with me and haven't set it up on wifi at my parents yet, womp womp.


I finally made it back to church to sing, it's been over two months!! Had a couple of rough moments but overall I definitely felt like I could sing and for a while I was doubting that. So thankful to be operating at 100% again.

Then after a quick lunch at Jimmy Johns which is next door to our nail place, we went in for our pedicures. I wasn't prepared with my own polish so instead of doing a color I went for black since UCF opener game is in two weeks anyway!

Then we did some more shopping and they had THE cutest cookies at Target Starbucks.

Our last stop of the day was PetSmart which is becoming a regular stop it seems and they had POUND PUPPIES!! OMG I just had to get one for Boomer and he sure was happy about it.

How was your weekend?!

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  1. Wait, Pet Smart has pound puppies? I need one for my dogs. LOL

    I'm glad your sister got moved in and settled!

  2. Pretty exciting weekend you had!! o glad you're sister is settled in! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Boomer looks so excited for the pound puppy!!! Yay for pedicures and successful moves!

  4. Cat in a bag! Love it!

  5. Ohhh I think Gracie and Mac need some pound puppies!!!! I was going to grab a Snoopy toy last time I was there, but it was really small and was $7.99. I was like ummmm they will shred this in about 20 seconds. Gracie could have probably swallowed it whole!

    That burger and fries look delicious!

  6. What a fun (and busy) couple of weekends! I got Hawaii on that quiz too-- if only I did live there, haha. Also, so funny, I just read Kristen's post and she talks about Mellow Mushroom too!

  7. I think that baby-dog has a smile even :)
    Cute cookies make me want to eat them more.
    You just made me want to get a pedicure now

  8. oooh yay mellow mushroom! i love mellow mushroom. so so good.
    wow, what a brat carly rae whatsherface is! if you don't want to be recognised, don't work in that industry!

  9. Didnt even know there was a Yuengling Brewery in Tampa. I'll have to check that out one weekend. You just reminded me I well overdue for a pedicure!

  10. So jealous of your pedi. My feet need one BAD!
    We just started getting Culvers around here but I haven't been yet!

  11. I have been wanting one of those starbucks cookies everytime I go in and get coffee -- they look sooo good!

  12. Glad everything went well with your sister moving in. Those cookies are too cute. Pound puppies, oh man I haven't seen those in forever! Too cute!

  13. So much fun! And all that food looks DELISH! Yay for sissie being here now in the sunshine state <3

  14. Looks like a great weekend! I have never been to the Yuengling Factory but have always wanted to go!

  15. I need some of those Starbucks cookies in my life.


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