Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekending in the Rain

I'm at the point with the rain that I just don't think it will ever stop and I almost can't remember what it's like to be burned by sunshine and over 85 degrees.


Work all day, blah. A quick stop at Ulta to use my 20% off coupon and then hanging with a friend that's been in town and her sis. We stuffed ourselves silly with drinks and apps at Zim Zari's. After, we both worked on some computer stuff and I finished a project that has been puzzling me.

When I got to my parents for the night because they live closer to my friends sister and I know that route much better than to my place, I stayed there. Anyway I go up to the screen door and there are two HUGE bugs on the screen. It's like 1:30 and that's late for this girl. After I kicked the door neither of them moved so I just assumed they were dead and hadn't been moved.

Turns out one was the shell and the other was the locust that had just come out of it!! OMG, thanks for not attacking me mister locust.


I woke up with every intention of working some design work, but ended up having a lazy morning and then went to the mall with my parents. After I dropped by the post office to return some books that I inadvertently joined some reader program. #hellno #freebooksmyass

At the mall, there were a lot of people. What do Floridians do when it rains for days?! Go to the mall! So many people, but we got some soaps and ate at Red Robin, yum!

I tried their Blue Haze drink and it was so delicious.

They had this bicycle with HUGE monster tires. WTF?!

We got out some old Popsicle molds from the eighties to try a popsicle recipe!! They worked just fine, but I need to get some of my own. Tried a NEW Fit Girl recipe of blueberries, lemon juice, coconut water and honey. They didn't have much flavor so I'm excited to try other recipes they have.

Saturday night was the first of the #EverythingAugust prompts and my Saturday night was nothing spectacular since we're going on over two weeks of rain every single day. Now I know what it's like to live in the Pacific Northwest, except we also have a lot of humidity.

Bonus - NCIS is now on Netflix, OMG we've been waiting on this forever. Or at least since they started streaming shows!!


Finished up the design stuff I was supposed to get done on Saturady morning and then did some more NCIS watching. Made some Ice cream sandwiches with the cookies mom made the day before and OMG they were so good and so easy!

How was your weekend?!

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  1. Ice cream cookie sandwiches are the perfect summer treat!

  2. oh, that's called a Fat Bike....for trails and snow riding. my husband has that....he rode it all winter on the trails in like 1ft+ snow! it's becoming more popular these days and i bet next winter it'll be all the rage.

  3. I'm sorry the weather has been so crappy for you guys - it'll get better! What a perfect way to end the weekend with those ice cream sandwiches!

  4. Aww I miss making popsicles! Those ice cream sandwiches look pretty great too.

  5. Okay, so I think I'll make cookies and ice cream this weekend. That looks awesome.

  6. I keep seeing those bikes everywhere. What the heck are kids riding on? Some sort of obstacle course?

    Those ice cream sandwiches... OH MY WORD!!! YUM!

  7. I am beyond over all this rain, looking forward to Mr. Sun making a reappearance soon! How scary are those bugs, I would have freaked lol. And those ice cream sandwiches look DELISH :)

  8. I am sick of this rain. It's raining again as I type. UGH!!!

    PS. those cookies look fantastic. I want one now!

  9. "Your regularly scheduled happiness will begin again on Friday." haha! So true!

  10. Ice cream cookie sandwich?! YUM YUM YUM!

  11. Those ice cream cookie sandwiches...I DIE!!! I need that in my life right now!!! I love Red Robin! We have one in the city closest to us that we hit up now and then. I should have a birthday burger coming from them, yay!!! That stinks it has rained so much there. We get a thunderstorm most afternoons but it was so dry this weekend and it felt amazing to not be at full on 90-100% humidity for once this summer.

  12. Man, those bugs are HUGE! Kind of cool. And at least they're on the right side of the window :)

    Walking around a mall sounds nice, I haven't done that in so long! Esp. on a rainy day!

  13. least favorite part of living in FL........giant bugs.....and this rain that won't go away!!!

  14. I know the rain killed any outdoor fun this weekend! I'm surprised people even made it to the mall. lol The ice cream cookie sandwiches look delish!

  15. That e-card...bahaha!

  16. Ohhhh I love ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies, the BEST! Ugh the locust thing ::shudder:: I would have freaked out!

  17. Oh my goodness - those ice cream cookie sandwiches need to be in my life!!!!! (Purposefully avoiding the locust!)

  18. I'll take about 10 of those drinks and 5 of those ice cream sandwiches. I may still be on vacation time!! Looks like a good weekend!


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