Tuesday, August 4, 2015

To Do By: August 11, 2015

Good Morning! We saw sun last night and we're expected to see more today I just can't contain my excitement!!

Last night was all about So You Think You Can Dance...but I fell asleep and almost missed it!! That final Stage piece was amazing!! Do you watch SYTYCD? It's my ONLY Summer show.

So, last week I started something that Ashley had an idea for and that was to share my weekly to do list. Now, sometimes I have monthly link ups on Tuesdays...like next week for All About the Books so I won't be making one of these public but I might still share my results? I don't know, that's the beauty of blogging is it's so fluid!

Let's take a look at how I did last week...
Green: Done
Yellow: Started
Red: Nada

To Do By: August 4, 2015

1. Edit July Favs video for Youtube
2. Make Youtube page channel art

3. Get a total of 60,000 steps over the 7 days - I got around 52,000 which it pretty good considering all the rain.
4. Make more freezer breakfast burritos or something freezer for breakfast
5. Make a To Do List graphic with my own photo
Bonus Goal: Finish a book off my Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge List - I finished Grey and I'll be doing an update on August 21st to see if I finish any others!

And now for the next week goals...

To Do By: August 11, 2015

1. Make a To Do List graphic with my own photo - Since I didn't do this last week, it goes to the top of the list.
2. Attend a Meet Up event. Ahhh, I actually have one of these scheduled tonight and I hate going to new things by myself (shy) but I'm hoping by telling you I won't skip it!! Wish me luck.
3. Edit a Youtube video for Friday. I have two to work on, so hopefully I can get one done and posted!
4. Get my main living areas free of clutter. It's amazing how it just piles up!
5. I signed up for a Workweek Hustle challenge on Fitbit so I need to do 50,000 over five days or more! Since I have plans tomorrow night and we had rain today I'm going to have to really kick it into gear Wednesday - Friday!! Are you on fitbit and want to be friends?! Let me know!!

What are some of the things on your list for the week?


  1. Great job girl - looks like these weekly goals are the way you should keep going! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. i love weekly goals. i need to:
    -really organize my night table. that's been on my list forever
    -get next year's vacation budget started. we have 4 trips planned so needs to get crackin'!

    happy tuesday!

  3. I missed SYTYCD too - I need to look it up on Youtube!

  4. good job on your goals girl! good luck with this week. lets see, this week i need to list stuff on ebay. even if it's just like 2 things, gotta get that ball rolling!

  5. Look at you knocking out some goals! I used to love So You Think You Can Dance....but Chris is so not interested so I haven't seen it in several years. Womp womp. I am with Kristen, I have two Coach purses I would like to sell on ebay and I need to get them listed!

  6. I hope you have fun at your meetup!!

  7. I should really do this to hold myself accountable!! Hope you rock the meet up!!

  8. Breakfast burritos... that sounds really good right about now!

  9. Look like you are doing good. It is hard to get out there when it's raining, maybe a workout DVD you can do inside will help.


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