Monday, August 31, 2015

Low Scale Weekending

Hello, last day of August!

I'm kind of not singing the Monday blues because I had a great weekend and some really exciting things coming up this week. PLUS we're headed into a Holiday weekend in the States, holla!!


My sister showed up for dinner and we had plans to veg in front of the TV with drinks and snacks. We ended up watching Divergent, which she had not seen (but read the book) and tried a different pizza from Mellow Mushroom. Buffalo Chicken pizza was okay but I think I want to try a more traditional pizza from them next time. We each had one drink, and then I ended up with a headache and indigestion. Oils to the rescue, but I wasn't putting any more alcohol into my body.


Saturday we got ready for a picnic for my mom's school. It's one big family so she likes to have hers represented and while I don't go every year, this year was Mels first so I thought I'd go again. Luckily the rain held off and we could enjoy the picnic outside.

We had a little over an hour to kill, so a trip to the mall was in order. I stopped by Victoria's Secret for another Lounge Bra and a cute tank that was on sale. Also picked up some more water resistant foundation for these hot Summer days we still have left.

Then it was time for hair cut!! I didn't know what I was going to do because I wanted to keep the length but I needed different layers or something. I'm definitely pleased with what I came away with and will be styling it non=curly for work so we'll see how that goes!

Saturday night Mel and I returned back to my place and she decided to introduce me to Hulu and The Last Ship with Eric Dane, McSteamy from Grey's. Now I'm hooked and can't stop watching it!


Brunch Sunday at church and I brought chips and dip, form the store. Lame. I finished a project and then I had to film my August favs video and a swap segment.

I may have also watched more episodes of The Last Ship.

How was your weekend?!

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  1. We both had hair cuts this weekend!! Always makes for a good weekend!! Sounds like you had a great weekend and hope you have a wonderful Monday!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Your hair looks adorable!! Also, vegging in front of the TV with snacks is my favorite way to spend time with my sisters. Gilmore Girls and Parenthood. :) :)

  3. Low scale weekends are my favourite! I work most Saturdays so when I have one off and we have nothing planned I'm in heaven.

  4. Love your hair!! Your new camera sounds awesome. And I SO want some of those lounge bras now!!

  5. Yippee for a video - you are too cute!
    I still want that shirt.... & now that pillow... & of course, always the Starbucks steel mug. Perfect for my iced coffee.
    & bless your heart when someone knocks. I'm the same way. I don't like random people showing up at my door.

  6. LOVE your haircut, it came out awesome! And yay for a new camera and time with sissie <3

  7. your hair looks fabulous! that sucks about indigestion and headache :( my favourite pizza from mellow is a mushroom one.. SO good.

  8. Your hair looks so cute!!! I will have to check out this show because hellllllooooo McSteamy!!! Yum! I will have to come back so I can watch your video at home :) Have a great week!

  9. i binged the last ship and now i'm done and my life feels empty without mcsteamy giving me eyegasms. he really knows how to turn it up for the ladies - first in doctor's gear in Grey's, now in a Navy Uniform? YES PLEASE.

  10. Ok so I just watched your video and I freaking love that pillow! So cute!!! You got an awesome deal on that camera. It looks so fun!

    Careful with people knocking on doors at apartments when they are knocking on multiple doors. I would call the leasing office to inform them. It could just be someone who is lost and cant find their friend and no big deal. But we had break ins when people would go door to door looking to see if people were home or not. I used to just turn up the volume up on my TV or radio and ignore the door if it was someone who I didn't know so they got the hint.

    1. And I left that comment with the wrong account, haha sorry.

  11. I loooove your hair -- I noticed it earlier in your video!!

  12. Your hair came out fabulous, I think I need to try out the lounge bras. Great deal on the camera! I saw one episode of the Last Ship and then forgot what day it was on. Need to scope it out again.

  13. low key weekends are the best! Your video is so cute - I have no idea how to do make a You Tube vid, lol.


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