Thursday, August 6, 2015

DIY TBR Jar for Book Lovers

I am so excited to be sharing this with you all. Any talk of books and or book projects really gets my excitement levels up!

Let's start with ...

How I found out about TBR Jars

I follow all kinds of people on Instagram, but some of my fav "book" Insta-people, is that what they're called? Instagram accounts is just so boring. IDK, but these are the people you might want to follow if you like looking at pretty, creative book pics!

Each cluster of four is ONE account.

@bookwormboutique and @grownupfangirl

@ohthebookfeels and @bookscapades

@ursula_uriarte and @_bookishneo_

@_halfbl00dprincess and @youngadultbookaddict

Whew! I had no idea I followed so many, and I'm not even sure if these are all the ones I follow but I just love all of their stuff!

I actually ordered some things from @bookwormboutique and I can't wait for it to get here!! They're doing free INTERNATIONAL shipping until Aug 12th, but you have to go through the link in their Insta profile, so check them out!

Maybe six months ago some of these people or book bloggers I follow started posting their TBR lists and jars, etc. I just KNEW I wanted a TBR jar for my shelf.

DIY Part

I don't have pics of HOW I made mine because it's pretty self explanatory. Find a cute container; I just used a mason jar because we have an over abundance of those and they're easy to craft with. Stamped my TBR JAR card and tied it on with some pretty ribbon and tulle. All things tulle, I'm telling you. You should see my tulle collection, you can never have enough tulle.

Write It Down

I actually made a list of all the books I needed to read from the library, a current book challenge and other miscellaneous books that are calling my name.

That's what the different papers represent. I have several Twilight books that I've picked up at garage sales and the goodwill to craft with so I decided that would be a fun one to tear up and use for scraps!

Then I just toss them in and shuffle them around. I try to switch between all three evenly and I do keep a running list of the books I have to read by a certain date for whatever reason. Don't want to end up with a book due before I'm done with it. I hate when that happens.

I actually haven't emptied the jar yet because there are always books to be read, but I imagine if by some miracle I do empty it I'll go through my list of books from Amazon or the ones on my shelf that I haven't read and get started on those.

How do you organize what books you have/want to read? What's next on your TBR list?


  1. Love this idea!!

  2. this is such an adorable idea! off to check off all those 'bookstagram' peeps (thats what i call them lol) as i don't follow any of them!

  3. What a fun idea! I usually just sorta do a random pick from my Goodreads list.

  4. That's awesome, I've never heard of TBR jar!

  5. I love it, but I'll be keeping my list on Goodreads just to always have it.

    BUT now I can blame all the money I am about to spend at book worm boutique on YOU.

  6. What a cute idea!! I don't really have a system for picking my next book. If I have one that needs to be reviewed or whatever, I will chose that. Otherwise, it is usually at random based on what I have or what mood I am in.

    Holy book stuff! That site is a gold mind!! Such fun tops and some of those pillows are so cool!!!

  7. This is such a great idea! I need this for my stack on the end table and I doubt my jar would ever be empty either ha ha!

  8. Love the TBR Jar idea! It sounds like your collection of tulle is like my collection of tissue paper! I always keep the ones that come with Birchbox & other things. Haha.

  9. This is SO cute, love it! I hear about so many great books that I want to remember to get and this is such a great way to keep track!

  10. I printed out my lists from my blog posts. This is so much cuter than my crossed off lists!

  11. Never heard of a TBR jar but this is just too cute!

  12. I LOVE this idea and probably should make one-- I always try and make lists of what I'll read next, but I end up losing them, haha. And I love the idea of different colors.


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