Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekending with Friends and Martinis

Wouldn't it be funny if the title of this post said martians instead of martinis? #foodforthought

Anywahy, how was your weekend?! Every other Monday, I have a case of the Mondays, but on days like today I'm thankful for little perks at work. This morning I'll be doing some blogging at Starbucks before getting a pedicure with my mom and a friend. #thegoodlife

I'm not trying to make this resemble a #hashtaghumpday post, it just is and was the #hashtag a double negative that cancels the other out?

OMG, Heather just write your freaking post and get to the weekend.

Friday Night...

I soaked my feet/ankles while finishing up the two book Callie and Kayden series. The second book was better than the first and I am interested in reading some of the other things by Jessica Sorensen. I just used epsom salt and some essential oils (lavender, melaleuca and peppermint) mixed with warm/hot water for about 20 minutes. It was divine! I've been eating bad and I can always tell it in the way my ankles get all cankle'y.


I spent the morning making breakfast and kind of cleaning. I did a real good clean a month ago right before my parents went out of town and I was house/dog sitting. Well, I loved coming in to a clean apartment every time I would stop by and now the apartment has gotten cluttered and messy again so my goal was to clean Saturday morning, BUT all of my motivation apparently got used up last weekend. So it only got about half done and I'll need to finish it chore by chore over the week.

After the breakfast and some cleaning I was off to hang out with a friend that is in town for a couple weeks. We had some girl time; I got to Facetime with the guy she's been talking to and I also found out her Masters program is in something I could give her a few tips on. #score

When I pulled up to her sisters house, I saw some of the flooding that was supposed to be happening around the Tri-County area and had to park down the street, lol. Luckily the rain stopped mid-afternoon and we found stuff to entertain us inside.

Her sister always cooks THE best food and makes us yummy drinks. For lunch I tried my first strawberry pina colada, sooo sweet but oh so delicious.

For dinner we had steak and crab. I didn't have much of the crab because I was full and saving room for more drinks. I also had kale salad for a second time and this one wasn't nearly as bitter. I liked it. Plus, they made this berry vinaigrette dressing, OMG so good.

After dinner drinks were a chocolate martini, which I turned down a second one so I could go home. THEN, they wanted us to try a key lime martini and I was like well maybe I'll just stay the night, lol. Have you ever had Licor 43? It had a mini recipe book on the bottle and had a citrus-vanilla flavor to it. It's about $40 a bottle which can get expensive. I mean, I like me some Patron so I'm not opposed to spending good money for booze, but with all of the things you can make with it and the fact that it comes with recipes, I'm thinking about getting it.

Both drinks were absolutely delicious. I've had the chocolate martini, made with the Godiva Chocolate liqueur before and am thinking about getting the stuff to start marking them myself too!


Since we were up late with drinking and midnight snacking, we slept in late. I could have headed straight to my parents house and showered there, BUT I wanted to go home for a bit before heading over there.

We had the ladies recipe night this weekend and I still had to finish designing my page, buying my ingredients and helping my mom out with finishing up some of the other pages. We got it all done with no time to spare and then spent a great night with friends; eating, crafting and talking.

Treat receipt is back at Starbucks, so get your fix in the morning and a special treat in the afternoon! Happy Monday, friends.

How was your weekend?!

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  1. Total Wine! Haha. Love that store. Looks like a fabulous weekend!

  2. a weekend of drinks? SOUNDS GOOD TO ME! :D

  3. Godiva Chocolate liqueur - yes please!! That sounds delicious! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Umm youre weekend sounds tasty!!! haha to say the least :)

    1. Dear God I need to let you know that was a typo.... "Your" weekend. I would not have had a good day if I left that unsaid haha!

  5. OMG all those drinks sound so fabulous and now I want a 10am. Sounds about right, huh? haha! That foot soak you did sounds so relaxing too!

  6. A chocolate drink is always making my eyes open larger.

    I love your Cinderella shirt :)

  7. Bwahaha to just keep drinking and staying over. Those drinks sound fabulous. Glad the flooding wasn't worse than pictured.

  8. Sounds like a fun night at your friend's house mixing up some martinis! Delish!

  9. Ladies recipe night is a fun idea!


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