Monday, July 6, 2015

Love, Hate, Tag #lovehate

Enjoying my #july4th dinner #poolside #flstrawberries #redwhiteandblue

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I did some fun stuff this weekend like making a yummy patriotic salad, but that's really all that was picture worthy. I spent most of the weekend reading, watching army wives and hanging out with Boomer.

I was tagged by the lovely Julia over at Grace Makes New whom is also a fellow Floridian and I can't wait to make a blate to meet up with her next time I'm in her neck of the State.


1 Hats. I love hats myself and I love to see women being cute and sassy in their hats! I did a search through all of my Instagram pics to find these, so I think I need a #hashtag to just bring them all up at once, lol. #heahats

2 Pink, duh! If you've known me or followed me on any kind of social media this is pretty easy to guess.

3 Country. Which includes, music, boys and dancing!

4 Sweets. They are so good, they're also the devil.

5 Board Games! I need another board game night in my life soon.

6 Books. Hello HEA, romance tends to be my jam. Love stories, definitely and OMG it must have an HEA!

7 Dresses. I love living in Florida because I can wear dresses all the freaking time and the weather allows it. No hose needed.

8 Party planning. I did not say wedding planning, but I'll help out with those if I'm asked because other parties happen with weddings, bridal, bachelorette and then are sometimes followed by baby showers!!

9 Holidays. I tend to go a little crazy when it comes to Holidays.

10 Making things for people, this includes food and crafts. Also just gift giving in general is so one of my love languages.


1 Traffic. Bad drivers. Road rage. My number one reason for moving was to be as close to work as I could and still feel safe. I recently realized my threshold for being in traffic is about 30 minutes. I'll drive MILES out of my way to avoid traffic.

2 Loud mouth chewers, breathers, drinkers. I have sensitive ears.

3 Waiting in line. This kind of goes with traffic, but as a kid I don't remember waiting in line. Do you guys? Luckily I almost always have something I'm reading on my phone so I just whip out my Kindle App.

4 Brussel Sprouts. I've tried them and I just can't.

5 Being sick. I live in denial when I'm sick until I've been sick for a while and then I'm like I HATE BEING SICK.

6 People, kids and babies.
I know this is awful, but working in customer service I see the not so nice side of people. Children, if they're well behaved and polite I have no problems and at times they're even quite adorable. Babies, they're cute as long as I can look and not touch. So I don't really hate them, I suppose.

7 Being a girl and this "hate" usually falls around that time of the month, ya know. When I get to dress up and look cute I'm all about being a girl.

8 Creepy crawlies and anything living that doesn't belong in my house or around me.

9 Bad Grammar. Not that I'm perfect, by any means BUT I try to avoid using a phrase or word when I'm not sure how to use it correctly.

10 Dating. It was fun in high school and college but now I am very stuck in my ways and I can always find something wrong with all the guys!

I can't BELIEVE I came up with all of those things. I had a running list, but those hates were a little hard to think of. I think of them when I'm in the middle of whatever it is and then poof! back to the happy life.

TAGGING - YOU. Seriously, if I wouldn't have been tagged I already had a list started because it's my blog and I'll talk about myself if I want to.

This is me not following the rules because I HATE tagging people in stuff like this. Kind of like those forward mail things with recipes and socks or undies. NOPE, I won't do it.


  1. Bad grammar is the worst.

  2. ugh the creepy crawlies! no thanks. i can't stand them around me either.

    so i've been asking my husband to build me a raise garden bed so this is his deal: i clear out this specific area of our backyard (mostly, it has some of kayla's old toys ie. this plastic play house etc) and he will build the bed for me and i was like BUT THERE MIGHT BE SPIDERS/BEE NESTS IN THERE! so now i'm debating how much i want that garden LOL

  3. I love all your loves haha ... bad grammer and loud (or open) mouth chewers drive me absolutely insane. So with you on that!

  4. Being sick is the absolute WORST thing ever!! I'm so with you on planning - any kind of party count me in, but you know I love weddings most!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Ew, loud drinkers freak me out. I have a co-worker who will just chug her water at the quietest times and it freaks me out.

  6. Love the fedoras on you. Books is a total given! ;) The summer is bringing out all the creepy crawlers, totally hate it too. Dating in this day and age is so daunting, I feel your pain!

  7. I need to do a post like this :)

    Hats & books... yes yes yes! I love when girls wear hats. Not everyone will do it.

  8. I wish I didn't feel ridiculous in hats, but I do. I dont know why? You love books? Who knew? Hehe! I get all the rage over traffic...and people. People suck so bad!

  9. Crappy grammar is on my list.

    I do love some hats.

    I was tagged for this by Nadine and have it on my list to do in July!

  10. I love hats! But I don't wear them as much as I used to...I need to break them out again. Bad grammar is for sure on my list.

  11. 6 on your hate list made me laugh uncontrollably! I love board games too and haven't had a game night in a long time. If I didn't live halfway around the world from you, I'd say let's get together for one :)

  12. bad grammar, bad manners alldrive me crazy too!

  13. YES to living in FL and wearing dresses year round without the hose! I'm already dreading everyone excited for fall fashion in the coming weeks (which in my opinion is way too early!) because I'll take my sundresses and sandals any day :-D


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