Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge - Preliminary List

Never say never, right? I didn't think I would be doing another book challenge because lets face it I basically never finished the last two. I put books on there that fit the challenge, but didn't fit "me" so I'd all but given up on these challenges. When I saw this Literary Ladies challenge put on by some of my girls Kay and Kristen I was intrigued and then Kerry said the categories were pretty simple and I might be able to make it fit with books I have and really want to read.

1. A YA book (mandatory!) - Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

2. Non US Author (mandatory!) - Grey by EL James
What can I say, I wanted to see what was going on in his mind. What I'm hearing so far is kind of similar to the book You (obsession, which we knew) but this is a love story and doesn't involve the possible murders that You alludes to.

3. A book that was recommended by a blogger (mandatory!) - Happy to be Alive, Because by Chelsea Jacobs, aka fellow Florida blogger over at The Girl Who Loved to Write.
I've had this book for months and being crazy addicted to the library it keeps getting pushed back, but no more!! Many bloggers have already read it and loved it so I can't wait to share in the story!

4. A book that has been on your TBR list for a year or more - The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorenson has been on my TBR since it was a Top 20 Goodreads choice for Romance4.n 2013.

5. A book with a kickass female character - Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley

6. A book that is or will be a movie (or TV show) - Paper Towns by John Green. I think I read somewhere it was based in Orlando, which is cool.

7. A book written by a comedian or celebrity – or even a memoir if neither of those are your jam. Spinster by Kate Bolick

8. A book with a one word title. After by Anna Todd- I started this months ago and never got around to finishing it because other books came up.

9. A suspenseful book – a mystery, a thriller, a book about revenge! Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley

10. A book about Summer, with Summer in the title, or in any way related to Summer because this is a Summer challenge! The Summer of Firsts and Lasts by Terra Elan McVoy - I actually bought this because of the pink spine, and it works with this title, yay!!

I started this list and then I got to reading the books on the list before I could post it.

What are some of the books on your TBR right now?


  1. Great list! Looks like there is going to be a lot of books you're going to enjoy. :)

  2. i love that you were able to fit it to your taste. I found that I wasn't finishing challenges where I had to find a book to fit that I didn't want to read, so I wanted to make sure the categories were as simple as possible.
    PS I haven't read You yet - so I guess people die in it? lol. Womp womp.

  3. Great job on coming up with all the books!! I have three in my iBooks right now and I'm almost done with 800 grapes which I really like! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. You have a fun list here!!! I need to get around to Paper Towns. The list just keeps growing, you know? I finally joined the library in my area yesterday while I had off, so hopefully I can score some ebooks from them!

  5. I'm also doing this even though I am not a fan of book challenges in general. I'm too much of a let me read what I want when I want type of reader.

  6. I cant wait to see Paper Towns come to life.

  7. This may sound silly, but I had never heard of a book challenge until now. I like these categories though! I may have to join in!

  8. yesyesyesss love every word! i love reading and I'm always looking for book suggestions! I'm reading Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nelson right now and it is seriously so dang good! I love it!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  9. Great picks! The categories were much easier than other challenges. Glad you decided to do a list. I have heard good things about Grey. I am about half way through my list. Fingers crossed I finish.


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