Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favs

It's Friiiiidaaayyy! And apparently my book review scheduled for yesterday didn't post. #clueless This is what I get for not checking into blog land yesterday!

How has your week been?

This was a four day work week but it's been a doozey. I think when the sun is shining, EVEN with the rain I still would rather be outside than indoors working.

1. Adult Coloring Books
I think my friend Jess first mentioned these and I vaguely was like "oh my mom just gave me a coloring book for my birthday" then I googled it this week to send in a box swap and OMG fell in love with this designer/artist. Johanna Basford puts out great adult coloring books. I ordered the Enchanted one to give and one for myself, plus I can't wait to pre-order her Lost Oceans one. She has a free Hi-Res image you can print out and color on her site if you want to give coloring as an adult a try!!

2. Fav NEW Summer Polish which I mentioned this in my Sunkissed Summer post, because it's my Summer Nail Polish right now, but I am absolutely loving the Orly bright pink Magical Voice from the Ariel collection. You can check out all of the other things they have in the Dare to Dream makeup section in Walgreens at Nouveau Cheap. Thanks to Nadine for posting about these on Instagram!!

3. Fav thing I've been eyeing not to purchase but hopefully a Christmas gift.

4. Fav read this week has been Caught Up in the Touch by Laura Trentham. I've been reading this book for a review coming up next week and it really makes me miss the small town feel and is also making me super excited for Fall and football!!

5. Essential Oils!!
I went to a Young Living house party last night and got to see/smell what is in their starter kit. As for the kit I have, it's another brand highly used in the states, Doterra and I'm thinking about trying a kit from Young living too because you get different oils AND some of the things that are supposed to work "instantly" just don't in the Doterra one for me.

The YL starter kit comes with a diffuser and that's ONE thing I really want to try them with. Have you ever tried either?

What are some of your favorite things this week? What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. Okay, that banner punch thing is amazing... I kind of actually love it! I want that nail polish on my toes as the perfect reminder that it's summertime!!

  2. i love EOs! i have a bunch that i bought from winners and i use them to make soap (liquid and bars), in my laundry etc. i don't use doterra (way expensive!) but a variety of sorts and make sure that they're 100% extract with nothing else in them.

  3. I've got my Young Living Diffuser going right now on my desk at work :) I don't get into oils like some people, but I do like what I use. I have used some for pain in my arm & it really makes a difference.

    That banner punch!!! I could use that for photo shoots GALORE!

  4. That banner bunch looks so cool- I don't know what I would need it for, but I kind of want one too! I keep seeing those coloring books and they look so pretty-- do you use colored pencils??

  5. I really need to start that football series soon, it sounds so good!! And I love the color that you picked out too. Maybe I need to go get that one as well?!?! Every color they had was so darn pretty that it is so hard to chose!!! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  6. That's a great polish color! Adult coloring books sound so fun!

  7. i keep hearing about adult colouring books, i wonder if i would be better at colouring books now than i was a child? lol. love the nail colour!

  8. Love the nail color, and the perfect shade of pink! The banner cutout is such a cute idea! Have a great weekend!

  9. Let me know if you think YL is better. I like doTerra, they work pretty as described for me!

    Love the nail color.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Adult romance novels are a new guilty pleasure of mine. I just read this one and it had a pretty decent plot. I just read this one, it is currently free for Kindle/Kindle app:

  11. An adult coloring book!!?? How have I never heard of this! I need it! So cute!!! And that polish is gorgeous! Perfect summer pink!!


  12. Ahhh adult coloring book?! YES please! And loving that nail color, so pretty!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  13. much goodness packed into one post! I love it! First of all, adult coloring books look fantastic! I've yet to buy one because I just can't spend that much on myself but i'm considering it for my flight to Hawaii on our honeymoon. It'll give me something to do if/when my honey snoozes. I wonder if everyone will think i'm nuts if I do? :)

    That nail polish is on my radar now. I've got to to look for that now :)

    The banner punch, yes please?! I see so many wedding projects I can do with that!

    And essential oils. I love them so so much. I'm such a believer in them. One thing I don't have yet is a diffuser. I found out the hard way that my wax burners just dry the oil out so that's a no go. Now to find the right diffuser!!!

    Happy Monday! Thank you for sharing this lovely post!!!


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