Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Yes, this is the SECOND blog post for the SECOND day in a row. I know book only review posts aren't always the most popular, but when you get something for free you are pretty much required to share it in order to keep getting free books and I'm all about free things, books especially.

I was talking to a guy (online dating) and one of my profile pics is from a Chick fil a campout. This one was an anniversary one so we only had to sit out side for 12 hours, score. In case you didn't know, you get 52 free meals when you do a chick fil a camp out. Ain't nobody going to do that for nothing! He totally thought I was a crazy goof that just wanted to show my support.

My sister is moving down here in 23 days!! I don't know if I mentioned that BUT I'm soooo excited!

She's had some personal things going on...ex, jobs, etc. She really needs her fam and we're 1200+ miles away so she's finally moving down to join us on her own accord and the move is really helping to brighten her spirits.

I have been eating terribly and my body is feeling it. Not just in the clothes either. I wish I didn't like all the stuff that my body doesn't need but I do, and it's delicious. And I'm still not 100% over my sickness(s) so I've been eating what I want.

I have finally realized I may not ever get back to what I was before I got sick and this may be my new norm. Stupid weird sounding stuffed way up and can't blow it out nose.

I've been using the Neti Pot, you know the thing that you stick in one side of your nose and it travels through your sinus cavities out the other nostril. Yeah...I've never done it smiling. Though you do have to breathe through your mouth and it's quite awkward.

I need to go on a spending freeze next month. The struggle is real!

I think one of the only reasons I got my closet done this past weekend was because I didn't have a new book I was dying to start and I had finished all the ones that were sucking me in. Yay for little miracles like that!

I'm starting to worry I'll never hang anything up in my apartment. My sis and I are already talking about getting a two bedroom in my same complex and if I don't have to put holes in and cover them up that'd be the best right?

I can still do an apartment tour even without all the bells, whistles and wall art, right?

I ordered some peep toe heels from the Nordstrom sale. I used to wear heels all the time in college, walking across campus BUT then I put on some weight and the heels became flats.

I filmed the first part of my #SecretSummerSwap video before I sent off the package and I got to use my new light I bought from the Amazon Prime of three things I bought that were actually a better deal for me. I was one of the lucky ones but still felt like the whole thing was quite laughable.

I've been going through my Bloglovin' and cleaning out people I followed for a giveaway. Also, making sure I mark all as read after I'm done reading each day and I'm LOVING it!!

I always feel like I had more to confess before I started and I am forgetting something.

Oh! I designed a book cover for a non-traditional romance that is getting fabulous buzz from book blogs!

Synopsis: Sophie Swenda is accustomed to saving lives on a grand scale. As a refugee aid expert, it’s her job. Now, she needs to save just one person – Michael Nariovsky-Trent, the man she loves.

In the bitter cold winter of 2014, the Soviet Republic once again invades the unified Baltic nations, forcing tens of thousands of civilians into a refugee camp that more resembles Auschwitz than a place of mercy. Under the watchful eye of a vicious Soviet commander, Sophie leads her team into the camp to do what she does every day: save lives under the most extreme conditions.

But for Sophie, this mission is like no other. Michael, a Baltic-born American doctor, vanished months ago after joining the resistance. Sophie believes he’s trapped inside the fences and barbed wire, lost in a sea of freezing, starving prisoners of war.

Despite her long-ago failed romance with Michael, Sophie’s always believed their time would come – no matter how unlikely it seems to everyone around them. His blazing temper, her obstinacy, and their shared brilliance and competitiveness have made the road to love a rocky one. More than a decade after they separated, they’re too stubborn to forgive past mistakes … and still too in love to move on.

Unless Sophie can find him, their long-delayed chance at love will be lost forever. With the world’s security forces deadlocked and the camp’s commander seeking vengeance, Sophie is on her own. She must bargain for the life of the man she loves – and everyone else in the camp – before the commander destroys them all. Add it on Goodreads

I also designed a "price sheet" for my book design stuff and I'm very happy with the way it came together. For some reason, I always have such a hard time designing for myself than when someone gives me their ideas to run with.

Do you have anything you need to get off your chest?


  1. You designed that cover - that is so cool! Also very fun that you your sister is going to be living near you! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. i have been eating like crap as well. why does the bad food taste so good?
    yay for your sister moving down! so exciting.
    i would totally camp out for free meals. especially chik fil a meals. yum.
    that book cover is fabulous! congrats girl :)

  3. I need to clean out my BlogLovin too... so many people have quit blogging lately...

    I used to love my NetiPot but it always gives me an ear infection :(

  4. Wow that cover is awesome, love it!! Yay for your sister moving near you, that will be so much fun! I have been trying to clean out my Bloglovin' feed too, there is just too much and I can't keep up with it all!

  5. I would so camp out for free food, especially since I love the food from Chic fil a so much. I got a kick out of those fist two pics. My daughter and I have been watching The Office on Netflix. Hey, is the second pic, the guy from Avenger's?

    Also, it's so great that your sister will be closer to you. I miss my sister so much, since she moved out of the country, but she'll be visiting me real soon... :)

  6. You go book cover designer.

    I've never heard of camping out for free CFA.

    I'm happy your sister is joining the flock! When would you be able to get a two-bedroom if you decide to go that way?

  7. Ummm, I've never heard of a camp out for CFA but my husband would be all about that!

  8. LOVING those peep toe shoes you ordered, and YAY for sissie moving down - so exciting! And I need to learn more about this Chic Fil A campout, that's awesome!

  9. Love the book cover!!! And the shoes! And the fact that your sister is moving down near you! I have never heard of camping out for CFA? Sounds like it would be totally worth it though!! 52 free meals? Yes please!!! I have been eating like complete and total crap lately. Ever since I went on vacation and came off my grain free clean has been a nightmare trying to go back. I am weak. So weak.

  10. Nice pick on the heels! What brand - I neeeeeeeed!!!

  11. So cool to have you sister move to your city. I wouldn't bother decorating if you are just going to move to another unit together. The book cover came out great!!

  12. Wait, whaaat is a chick fil a campout?? Second wait, what (lol) you designed a book cover??! That is so cool, I love how it turned out!

  13. I would eat Chic-Fil-A for 52 days straight, then!

  14. I totally need to do a clean-up with my bloglovin'. When you live in a world without chick fil a , 52 free meals sounds heavenly. Uhm, that Neti're a braver gal than me!!

  15. I hear ya on the shopping freeze. Lululemon just had a warehouse sale, and they NEVER have sales . . . so that got me. I need to do a Bloglovin cleanout as well. Also, thank you again for introducing me to Blogging for Books! I just got my first book ("I Take You") and I can't wait to read it this weekend. Thanks for sharing your confessions- they make me feel like I'm right there with you! lol


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