Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Book Review: The Cowboy's Surprise Baby

Synopsis: After years away serving his country, Cole Bishop finally returns home—with a newborn baby in tow. As a single dad, Cole needs help. But the last thing he expects to encounter at his new job is his high school sweetheart—all grown up and more beautiful than ever. Tessa Applewhite might have broken Cole's heart years before, but she's never forgotten him. And he can wrangle her heart like no one else ever has. But Tessa rejected him when the stakes weren't nearly as high. Can Cole trust her again—and in the process, form a forever family?


Oh gosh, I loved this book. It was super cute, had some good morals and revolved around adults making a difference in the lives of teens.

A cowboy, DILF story, which is weird to say about an inspirational romance and the cover is one of my least favorite things about this book, but the inside was sugary sweet.

It's a second chance romance book where a couple that had planned a future together, much too young gets a chance to see that they might have been right all along. Everyone remembers their first love and whether it's a fond memory or a train wreck, it's still a part of you. I grew up in a small town so I could relate to a lot of the story, but I'm so thankful I never had a very public relationship.

It was very cute and the only reason I struggled with my rating is I had no idea it was an inspirational Romance and all of a sudden the cowboy was talking about the direction of his life and God.

It was all about first love, coming back to your hometown and sticking with your beliefs! That I can totally get behind.

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I was provided with a copy of The Cowboy's Surprise Baby in exchange for my honest review.


  1. oh, it sounds so adorable. you had me until the god part. it's just not my jam. the cover is so cute though!

  2. That sounds like a nice light read. I love when first loves come back. The God part and the cover does sort of ruin it for me too. I know a friend who might like it though.

  3. I saw this book cover last week and I am trying to remember where. It isnt my favorite, I am with you on that. I also didn't know that there was such a thing as inspirational romance. Not sure that is my thing, but it sounds like a cute story none the less!


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